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Description of حسابداری شخصی پارمیس - Parmis Accounting‎

To be an accountant of yourself and your Family. Powerful Software, professional but simple, free and practical for personal and family financial management on your Android devices.

**کسب نشان سرآمد و لوح افتخار در هشتمین جشنواره رسانه های دیجیتال از سوی وزیر فرهنگ و ارشاد اسلامی**

**نرم افزار برگزیده مردمی در هشتمین جشنواره وب و موبایل**

**نرم افزار برگزیده مردمی در نهمین جشنواره وب و موبایل**

Managing Bank Accounts, Funds, Wallet, Costs, Income, Loans and Installments receipts and payments, Debts, Management of cheques, Income and Expenses of each Family member and providing various reports is only a part of the facilities of Parmis Accounting.

Below are some of the facilities have been brought by Parmis Accounting:

Basic Information:

Defining accounts in three levels

Income and expenses

Defining people and relating them to the phonebook

Debtors and creditors

Banks and bank accounts

Funds and wallets


Loans and debts

Assets and debts

Putting an icon or a photo related to each account

Manage the income and costs of family members

Manage the Cheques and notes receivable and payable

Attractive and practical graphical design


Record all receipts in cash and cheques (cash and bank, debts and settlement, etc.)

Management of banks and funds

Full management of Cheques(receivables and payables)

Register costs and incomes

Register all payments in cash or cheques (costs, debt, etc.)

Assigning each receipt and payment to a family member

Cheques information management (payables) with Due

Pass or not to pass the Cheques and the ability to update bank accounts

registering cheques(Received)

Registered loans and installment payments received, with the ability to determine the type of installment fees in both simple and advanced mode

The ability to record all the installments with the first installment date and the number of installments

The possibility of Receipt with the ability to deduct payments from a certain account


The trial balance report

Report billing and circulation thumbnail of each of the accounts with the ability to output to Excel.

Presentation of income and expense account balances with diagram model

Total costs and expenses are reported each day

Total incomes thumbnail by each earning’s report

Report account balance with the ability to display and review any account balance headlines with all details.

Report of performance and remain related to each family member, such as the expenses of each member, the income earned by each family member...

The presentation of income and expense charts

Report of manual installment of loans received or payables.

Ability to manage and send output Excel files (Bluetooth, Email, Dropbox, etc.)


Support tickets system through the App for the first time in Iran.

Quick response to all of the tickets that most of users are satisfied and that is evident in the comments

Continuous updating and adding new features

Automatic backup when exiting the application and manually

Managing backup files and sharing them by Bluetooth, Drop box, email and etc.

Restore database backups

نرم افزاری قدرتمند، ساده ،رایگان و کاربردی برای مدیریت مالی شخصی و خانوادگی بر روی تلفن همراه و تبلت شما.اگر اهل حساب و کتاب هستید و می خواهید از این پس مدیریت حساب و کتاب خود و هر یک از اعضای خانواده را به تفکیک داشته باشیدو به دنبال نرم افزاری قوی بر روی دستگاه خود می گردید... ، حسابداری پارمیس همراه با در اختیار قرار دادن امکانات متنوع و منحصر بفرد بهترین انتخاب شما خواهد بود.

نرم افزار حسابداری پارمیس همراه از سری محصولات موبایل شرکت فناوری اطلاعات پارمیس تولید کننده نرم افزار های جامع حسابداری و مالی پارمیس(فروشگاهی،شرکتی،تولیدی،خدماتی) است که به همت متخصصان پارمیس و با کوله باری از دانش مالی و نرم افزاری بگونه ای طراحی شده است که علاوه بر سادگی و کارایی نرم افزار، استاندارهای حسابداری نیز در آن لحاظ شده است.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:5.7.35 Publish Date:2022-05-29 Developer:ParmisIT

User Reviews


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Kasra Nezami 2019-08-12

i have used the app for 3 years and it is good but after change the phone that has android 9, can\'t restore old database and the app doesn\'t work.
Alireza Ghasemi 2018-10-17

امروز نسخه جدید بروزرسانی شد. همچنان مشکل عدم نمایش پیامکها در برنامه باقی هست. حیف برنامه خوبی بود از وقتی بروزرسانی شده مشکل پیامک رو داره. مرتبا هم باز میشه. هنوز هم مشکل رو حل نکردند با وجود اینکه تیکت زده شده و مشکل اعلام شده
mohammad gilaki 2018-11-02

میخواستم پنج ستاره بدم ولی چهارتا دادم به این علت که برنامه ها معمولا بعد آپدیت بهتر میشن ولی برنامتون بعد آپدیت بدتر شده مشکل پیام بانک همچنان موجوده
Hamid Farahani 2019-04-25

This is very good Application with a lot of features . Thanks PARMIS
amin jafari 2019-05-04

good software but can\'t reach the sms banks so it unuseful
Reza Moradi 2020-01-14

I have been using this app for 3 years now and it\'s an excellent product but recently I have changed my phone and it was really hard to transfer my back up to the new phone. Also on Android 10, the app does not automatically capture new bank messages.
Mehran Khanmohammadi 2020-02-03

One of the best expense managing apps for Iranian users, it has so many options to manage and maintain your expenses, easy to use, the UI could have some improvements but overall it\'s really good. Good job parmis team 🤙🏻
Sirous Taherzade 2019-04-12

All in all, it\'s a very practical app. But, I was really disappointed when I bought new phone and wanted to transfer the database. I tried both cloud space and loading the database file from new phone\'s storage. anyways, in both cases the app jams as soon as I log into the account or load the file. I can\'t access my pay transactions unless I just type them myself.
Reza Nematollahy 2019-10-02

Excelent app for personal finance management.
Masoud Nazari 2019-08-20

خود به خود و بی دلیل بالا میاد برای خودش!!!!