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فندق - بازی فکری حدس کلمات‎



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Description of فندق - بازی فکری حدس کلمات‎

با فندق به یک استاد واژگان تبدیل شوید!

فقط با کشیدن دست بر روی حروف، کلمات بامعنی بسیاری بسازید و به یک استاد واژگان تبدیل شوید!

برای استاد شدن تلاش زیادی لازمه، پس وقتشه که رمز و رموز موجود در کلمات را بیابید و ذهن خود را چندین برابر ارتقا دهید.

ویژگی های فندق

- ساده، آسان و گیم پلی اعتیاد آور!

- بیش از 900 مرحله و هزاران کلمات مخفی منتظر شماست!

- قابلیت بررسی مراحل قبل و کشف رمز و رموز آنها!

- هر روز یک چالش جدید تجربه کنید!

- از اعضای خانواده و دوستان خود برای کمک به یکدیگر بپرسید!

- گرافیکی جذاب و قابل توجه!

- موسیقی زیبا

- کشف کلمات پنهان در مراحل!

- حدس کلمه با تقویت حافظه

- حدس کلمه مناسب برای تمام سنین

فندق یک بازی طراحی شده برای آموزش مغز و یادگیری کلمات جدید است که در هر زمان و مکان میتوان بازی کرد. با اشتراک گذاری فندق همه از این بازی لذت ببریم و به رشد هم کمک کنیم. Become a vocabulary master with hazelnuts!

Create meaningful words just by touching letters and become a vocabulary master!

It takes a lot of effort to become a master, so it's time to find the mysteries in the words and upgrade your mind many times over.

Features of Hazelnut

- Simple, easy and addictive gameplay!

- More than 900 steps and thousands of secret words are waiting for you!

- Ability to check the previous steps and discover their secrets and mysteries!

Experience a new challenge every day!

- Ask family and friends to help each other!

- Attractive and impressive graphics!

- Beautiful music

- Discover the hidden words in the steps!

- Guess the word by boosting memory

- Guess the word suitable for all ages

Hazelnut is a game designed to train the brain and learn new words that can be played at any time and place. Let's all enjoy this game and help it grow by sharing hazelnuts.

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More Information Of فندق - بازی فکری حدس کلمات‎

lable: Word - Games Current Version:6.21 Publish Date:2022-06-17 Developer:Plus9Games

User Reviews


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reza rasi 2020-09-16

Useful for passing the time ❤
leila SS 2020-06-01

It\'s a good app and game but sometimes has eror. Please fix this
Kevin Haratian 2019-08-08

it is a nice try to create an educational game similar to word connect etc. there is an issue and that is so many incompleteness. there are many persian words which does not exist in the game directory and also there is no place for new words rather than game words. anyway thank you for your attention to this area.
samira sohrabi 2019-04-11

its a good game and makes you forget anything and just play and play
Leena Haidari 2020-05-08

Its good but sometime didnt recognize the right word.
Parisa Parnian 2021-01-03

This brain teaser is great for boosting memory and my family and I love this game
m j 2019-05-17

its so booring game😟😟
Nader Alishan Karami 2019-10-28

So nice! It helps you improve your creativity
Majid Afshari 2019-08-18

It is good game for a short period but not long time.
Shadi Shaddel 2019-06-13

Its funny and interesting but words are really limited ...