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麻將 明星3缺1麻將–台灣16張麻將Mahjong 、SLOT、Poker APK

麻將 明星3缺1麻將–台灣16張麻將Mahjong 、SLOT、Poker



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  • 麻將 明星3缺1麻將–台灣16張麻將Mahjong 、SLOT、PokerScreenshot 19
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  • 麻將 明星3缺1麻將–台灣16張麻將Mahjong 、SLOT、PokerScreenshot 21
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  • 麻將 明星3缺1麻將–台灣16張麻將Mahjong 、SLOT、PokerScreenshot 24

Description of 麻將 明星3缺1麻將–台灣16張麻將Mahjong 、SLOT、Poker

This is the world-leading Taiwan Mahjong game and all the stars' voices are performed by themselves. Now one of the popular entertainers in Taiwan, KID, is coming as a new game character! Taiwan Glove Puppetry characters including Su Young Man, Man in the mirror, Hey Bye Long June and Chain Wu Chi also play roles in this game! You can see other famous entertainers such as Butterfly Chien and Show Luo in addition.

Winning records:

1. Top 1 of "Top Free in Android Apps" in Google Play for 1 week.

2. Top 1 of "Popular Apps" in App Store for 2 weeks, over a million downloads on the first week.

3. Top 1 of "New Games" and "Hot Games" in Google Play and App Store.

4. Top 1 downloads of game apps in App Store BEST of 2012.

5. Best Mahjong game of Yahoo Games Review 2014.


1. Free to play, free money for the first-time registered player and daily refilled money.

2. Easy to start a match with over 30 million registered players.

3. Easy to start a new match with Automatic Matching Mode.

4. Easy to play for only 3 minutes in particular game mode.

5. Easy to win a variety of rewards in Contest Mode every day.

6. Famous stars like Show Luo and Kai-Le play with you all the time.

7. Famous stars' voices are performed by themselves, play with fun!

8. Playing with friends in the new friend table!


1. Join without registration, Facebook and Yahoo account are supported.

2. All kinds of screen resolutions are supported.

3. Please use in-game 【系統】>【問題回報】to contact Costumer Service Department.

4. The games are intended for an adult audience (21+).

5. The games do not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.

6. Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at "real money gambling."

Welcome to world-leading Taiwan Mahjong game, easy win! have fun! join right now!

*The games are intended for an adult audience (21+).

*The games do not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.

*Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at "real money gambling."

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More Information Of 麻將 明星3缺1麻將–台灣16張麻將Mahjong 、SLOT、Poker

lable: Casino - Games Current Version:6.9.66 Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:International Games System Co., Ltd.

User Reviews


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Tan Kejun 2020-03-12

Very fun and addictive. Characters are changed frequently, now got Kai le!!!
Li Kuan-Hui 2019-03-10

William Yang 2021-03-03

One of the best 16 cards MJ out on android. Unfortunately cheaters are rampant, just do some search on Google. After playing repeatedly since the pandemic, I realized why. It\'s not the people playing on smart phones, I am sure there are too, but it\'s mainly the people who are in playing on PCs. The have back door codes that can do wonders for the player. Having say that, if you are still playing the game, you have no one to blame but yourself, just like me. Happy gamng. Don\'t get too angry😛!!!!
罗英杰 Bruce 2020-05-10

Love the game play but the dialogue is annoying. Interface is too messy. Options are all over the place. And each time i switch the app, it brings me back to the loading/log in screen. Otherwise it has potential to soar well
lol name 2020-01-18

The host or ai always win playing black jack, either we get 12 started and the next 1 the a 10, burst, or 13, 14, then burst. Rarely does we have more than 5 cards, how can always like that, just nonsense, the developer just want us to lost. Not sincere at all. And ai rare ly burst. If we don\'t burst, ai will get more point than us, so fake!
Joe Can 2020-01-28

Very good graphics. Nice game. Best way to past time after finishing my house work. Very entertaining. Interesting. Happy gaming. Better than watching the World Cup.
Ultraman 2016-11-07

Good work! The game finally worked great!
Mark Teo 2020-12-27

Basically a legal casino app. Be warned that its gamed for you to lose. If you\'re a free player, you can just watch ads for more credits, but that just makes you a sucker
Meili N 2021-02-11

新年快乐! 愿3缺1越办越好!谢谢您们给我们带来的快乐! 谢谢哦!
Chin Fei Soo 2018-03-27

烂! 一点都不公正! 那里有连连自摸好牌.我可以从7700 输到0。 你们真的是国际高手! 我输的很不服!