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Description of 네이버 웹툰 - Naver Webtoon

Check out new webtoons everyday on NAVER Webtoons!

All webtoons are sorted by popularity, view count or update so you can easily find the one you're looking for.

Use your reading history under the menus to continue reading from the last page you read, or '48-Hour Temporary Save' to enjoy webtoons offline. You can also use 'Notifications' to get notified as soon as your favorite webtoons are updated.

If you have any questions or problems while using the app, please feel free to leave your inquiry on NAVER Webtoons Customer Center ( http://me2.do/FIvD1Tli ) or Settings > NAVER Webtoons Customer Center on your app.

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More Information Of 네이버 웹툰 - Naver Webtoon

lable: Comics - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-10-06 Developer:NAVER WEBTOON

User Reviews


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Siti Fatimah Maulina 2019-02-19

guys, FYI this is the official version of naver webtoon, so OFC IT\'S IN KOREAN. you could download LINE WEBTOON if you\'re looking for the other languages version (english, chinese, Thailand, Indonesian, etc.) definitely satisfying. i just need to read stories when i\'m tired over the hectic-stressing days and this is really helping it!
Lydia lastname 2020-03-26

Attention all English readers! Stop being stupid! There is not an English option and there will never be! They have an entire app dedicated to English readers, they are not going to add it to this one. If you want to read the comics featured on Naver Webtoon, learn korean. Other than that, this app is absolutely amazing.
Han 2020-07-17

To people complaining about it being in Korean: If you can\'t read Korean, then don\'t download the Korean version. There\'s an English Webtoon.
Katy is here 2019-08-13

I\'m learning Korean and this app is really motivating me as I read on the English version of the app every day!
Ananda Yunika 2020-05-27

Unfortunately this app can\'t change to English, so I\'ve been frustrated to capture it then translate it to English. Very inconvenient. Please update it! You know there\'s a lot of people outside Korea want to enjoy webtoon too? Consider it, and add an English language! I give 3 stars because finally I\'ve find a way to buy cookies for foreigner. And also I have favorite webtoon on it, but for apps itself? NAH. SORRY NOT SORRY.
Rain Romanos 2020-10-28

I\'m not fluent in Korean but there are some words I am familiar with. I love this app so much. I have so many Manhwas that I have read already! And they have nice storylines. I recommend to other people to use this app if that person loves reading stories. 5 stars for me! And if it\'s possible, I\'d rate this so much more!
Hannah Jalepno 2021-01-04

I really like the English version of webtoon, so I decided to download this to improve my korean. It\'s pretty good! I\'ve read a few reviews that says it isnt in English, but theres a entirely separate app for that so if people wanna read in english you can go there. One thing is it\'s hard to get coins but its reasonable the authors need money, so 5/5!
이Sunshiine 2020-12-28

Really good, the artists are so talented, and it also help me a lot to improve my korean vocabulary..👏👏For people who are disapointed because this app is korean, there is also a Webtoon app with some others languages (English included) 😊🖒🖒
Natasha Buenviaje 2020-07-20

It\'s actually better than the english version of the app, don\'t download it if you don\'t understand korean,i like it more because and it\'s more organized.
Judelyn Pagurayan 2019-11-09

There are lots of amazing comics the but the problem is i can\'t understand the language used and also i don\'t know to change it