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Description of 🏰 Dragon Climb - Spiral Tower

If you’re a lover of running jumping & climbing endless fun games, you just found the perfect one with the right amount of adrenaline & adventure! Meet Drogo, the baby red dragon. Help him to conquer the peak of the tower castle, so he can claim it as his new home! As he’s not a powerful and fierce dragon like the other huge monsters on his tribe, his parents sent him to a mission to claim the small castle tower of a peaceful realm. The habitats of the castle will resist to go out, and they’ll try to fight back! They’re a peaceful community, so luckily for Drogo, their attacks won’t be thru lethal weapons, but throwing rocks and other obstacles. You’ll have to jump, dodge and sort the gaps of the spiral tower stairs.

✨🏰✨ Help your cute little friend to make his Ville proud! Reach to the very top of the castle to claim your new home! Download NOW Dragon Climb - Spiral Tower for FREE on Google Play Store!!! ✨🏰✨

Everyone knows that dragons are powerful beasts, that spit fire and protect castles. Drogo is a homeless dragon, looking for castles to claim. He’s just a baby, and he still can’t spit burning flames or fly very well, because his wings are too small yet. The only thing he counts with is his runner skills and you to help him with your reflexes to jump and dodge on time all the obstacles before they smash him. On the endless road, you’ll come across some spread strawberries. The easiest way to collect every strawberry, is jumping to eat them. This delicious fruits will help Drogo to keep his stamina & build his strength as he grows to be the pride of his family of dragons.

🔥🐉🔥Every rolling rock ball that hits you, takes a heart away! Wounds take time to heal, so be fast and don’t let the rocks smash you! Enjoy hours of dragon’s adventures with Dragon Climb - Spiral Tower Free for Limited Time Only!🐉🔥

This addictive journey to conquer castles & towers ll the way down to the spiral stairs will require you to put your focus & timing reflexes at their maximum! We designed tons of entertaining levels for you to explore. Once you help Drogo to conquer a town castle tower, the adventure continues! Conquer other castles in a different city, with snow and many other weather conditions that will make even more difficult the climb to the top. Unlock amazing upgrades, achievements, and of course, more towers with lots of addicting levels. Pay attention to all the helpful resources to cross those tricky gaps, like powerful rubber jumping tables. Connect the game with Game Center to keep record of all your achievements.

⚔️🏯⚔️ Help your cute friend to be the new hero! Conquer as many towers as possible to make your dragons family proud! Start your path to become a legend NOW! Download Dragon Climb - Spiral Tower for Free!!! ⚔️🏯⚔️

*** Features of the Game***

🐲 Tons of Addictive Levels

🐲 Different Lands & Castle Towers to Conquer.

🐲 One Touch Friendly & Responsive Controls

🐲 Low Battery & Memory Usage

🐲 No internet required to play!

🌟 Start writing your own dragons story! Become the best castle conqueror, Download NOW Dragon Climb - Spiral Tower 🌟

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lable: Adventure - Games Current Version:1.07 Publish Date:2021-10-09 Developer:11Sheep

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