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Description of 1 Giant Mind: Learn Meditation

Learn to meditate in 12 easy steps, then take the 30 day challenge to make meditation a daily habit.

With 1 Giant Mind, Jonni Pollard, a master meditation teacher, author, and founder of the 1 Giant Mind Teacher Training Academy will teach you how to learn a 'Being' meditation technique. With 4 years of in-app research, this app has proven to reduce stress levels and generate overall better well being for users.

The 1 Giant Mind app is for anyone who wants to feel less stressed, more calm, present, and experience greater health and wellbeing. Our approach to meditation is easy and effortless. and no previous experience is required. Anyone can learn this technique in 12 short steps and begin to experience the benefits immediately.

How the 12 Step ‘Learn Meditation' Course works:

▪️ Each step only takes 15 minutes and builds upon the previous step

▪️ Step by step video and audio tutorial instruction guides you

▪️ A journal and set-a-reminder tool to help you keep track of your progress and assist in making your practice a daily habit

▪️ In-depth practical explanations to further deepen your knowledge of the technique

▪️ Access to a ‘Review Your Experience’ videos that help you better understand all of the different experiences you can have

▪️ Videos can be streamed or downloaded

▪️ Unlock helpful content and rewards as you progress

▪️ FAQ library that answers many questions that you may have as you learn this technique.

▪️ At the end of the 12 step course you will know how to meditate anywhere, anytime, and experience deeply restful and rejuvenating meditations.

30-Day Challenge

▪️ Once you have completed the 12 step course you will unlock the 30 day challenge.

▪️ Take the 30 day challenge to make meditation a daily habit

▪️ Choose the length of your daily meditation, do it with or without music and with or without guidance.

▪️ Access the journal and set a reminder tools

▪️ Unlock content and rewards to inspire you to complete the 30 day challenge.

Meditation Timer

▪️ Once you have completed the 12 step course you will unlock the meditation timer.

▪️ This is a great tool to keep you on track

▪️ Choose between 10, 15 and 20 minute meditations, with or without guidance and/or music.

▪️ Choose a male or female voice to guide you

▪️ Keep a journal, and set reminders.

▪️ Track your Mindful Minutes in Google Fit

6 Key Points of this Technique

- The 1 Giant Mind Being technique is effortless to practice

- This technique is perfect for people with busy minds

- The technique requires no concentration or controlling of thoughts

- It can be practiced anywhere, at anytime, sitting comfortably with your eyes closed

- It doesn’t require any belief system to be effective

- You can feel benefits immediately

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User Reviews


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Verity H 2019-09-10

I used to use this app without any problems (although signing in every time is really frustrating) but now (despite uninstalling and installing many times) it doesn\'t work, telling me to check my internet connection despite being connected. I simply can\'t use this app anymore. I\'ve emailed support but haven\'t had a response.
Tee Pee 2020-08-20

Updated app Aug 2020 after contact from 1GM. Still unusable. Sorry, no coming back again. ___ Such a shame that this app no longer works after the update a couple of months ago. It seems to have bugs in so many places too numerous to list. I\'m not the first to comment on this but no response from the developer. I may have to look elsewhere. Edit 11th October after update. App now doesn\'t open at all. The update has made it even worse! Developer not interested and no reply from 1GM. Uninstalled.
A Google user 2018-10-13

Edit: now can no longer log in at all. Shame on you. The foundations that funded the development of this app should be demanding their money back.//You have RUINED one of the greatest apps on Google Play. Forcing users to sign in every time?? No longer allowing access to ALREADY DOWNLOADED content when not online???? This was my single favorite app, a significant source of peace in my life - used every day, usually more than one - and now it\'s a source of major frustration.
Rian McCarthy 2019-06-12

Could not register my email address. The app notification told me to either check my internet connection or that my email address has already bern registered (it hasn\'t). I could not log in using Facebook either. Disappointed.
David Aiken 2018-11-11

I have tried a few meditation techniques prior to trying the 1 Giant Mind technique, but I always found them arduous and they quickly became somewhat of a chore. I find the 1 Giant Mind technique both soothing and effortless. I actually look forward to doing it every day! The app itself is well layed out and the technique is delivered masterfully. Thank you!
Jon Scoltock 2020-07-01

I absolutely loved this app, but it recently stopped working and, despite reinstalling it, it still doesn\'t work. Apparently it may now be iOS only? Really disappointing if so. It was the best meditation app I had found. Great if you have an iPhone, but useless to anyone else. Poor.
Eleanor Fynn 2018-11-28

Would of had a 5 off me. But not anymore. Been using this app for over a year now and loved it. However, I have been unable to log in for the last month or so. Even tried changing password, still won\'t let me log in. Such a shame, this probably was my favourite app I\'ve ever used, and has helped me so much, but not anymore! Happy to give a 5 star rating if it gets fixed, but I\'m getting very stressed not being able to meditate with some assistance. Will have to look elsewhere soon!
zadgaitsagaan namduu 2019-08-27

I used to really enjoy this app, helped me quite a lot, unfortunately it is not working anymore. Can not login, even via FB, can not register says either i have a problem with internet connection, or my email is already registered, and when i say reset my password they promise to send an email to me vut never recieved, quite annoying
Farhan Qazi 2020-08-11

Update: App is fixed and smooth now. 5 stars. ____________________________________________ Would\'ve been 5 stars but as of this morning, the app has started to crash for no reason .. reinstalled at least 4 times now but to no avail. I wish i could find the audio tracks somewhere.. the app was always buggy but now it is refusing to work altogether ..
Leo Law 2016-11-14

Absolutely brilliant I couldn\'t say how useful this tool and meditation course has been for me. Easy to use and understand. Better than any other mindfulness or meditation I have ever done. I recommend everyone I know to try this app. I have been struggling with anxiety and Un wanted thoughts for a long time (4 years) I now find I need less and less medications. My wife now has it. It is extremely professional, concise and effortless. Love it, love it, love it. Beautifully done application. Kudos to the developers.