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Description of 10-21 Police Phone

Free 10-21 app users can:

- Call citizens from local numbers

- Receive and respond to callback requests

- Direct citizens to dispatch for immediate assistance

10-21 Police Phone Premium subscribers can:

- Set your outbound caller ID to "LAW ENFORCEMENT"

- View the citizen's caller ID in callback requests

- Send an automatic follow up message via SMS

- Retain call records for the life of your subscription

10-21 (radio code for "make a phone call") is a Police App for making free* calls to citizens that GET ANSWERED. Calls are made from local (not blocked) numbers without revealing your personal number. Stop getting sent to voicemail!

For example, if you call a citizen in Miami area code (305), they will receive an incoming call from a local (305) number, regardless of where you are. They are more likely to answer that call on your first try.

If the citizen calls back, rather than bugging you off-duty, they will be prompted to "Press 1 to Request a Call Back" (via Push Notification) or "Press 0 to Reach a Dispatcher" (connects to a non-emergency number that you provide).

When citizens request a call back, you receive a Push Notification on your phone rather than a phone call. At your convenience, simply tap the notification to initiate a call back out to the citizen.

*Calls are made over a VoIP data connection and do not use your cellular minutes. While the data used is minimal, data usage fees from your provider may apply.

Terms of Use: https://app.10-21.com/terms/phone

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lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:3.0.0 Publish Date:2022-03-13 Developer:Callyo

User Reviews


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Jason Fessel 2017-08-15

So far I cannot make any calls using the app. I enter the number and hit the green \"call\" button. The secondary screen flashes up (with the red \"dial\" button) and immediately goes back to the first screen, not making the call. So far not usable or impressed. UPDATE: I emailed support and got a return e-mail fairly quickly with how to fix my issue. As of now the issue seems to be fixed and working properly. I have updated my rating mainly based on how quickly support answered to try and fix the issue. As long as there are no further issues, I will update my rating to 5 stars.
Cory Boudreaux 2020-07-06

Love this App! Im always always calling people on the job. This app allows me to call anyone and not have to worry about them having my number. Its also a great app because people usually answer the phone seing whatever number it selects, and the person is more likely to answer the phone due to it not having a blocked or private phone number.
Brian 2016-12-25

Previously one star, now a five I previously voted this as a one star app due to not being able to contact 10-21 while they do their verification. Now that I\'m approved it is a great app. Nobody expects you to be who they are. And the \"off duty\" features are nice.
Chad H 2018-08-21

I really want this to work. Love the idea but it\'s just not there yet. I have not had a call work very well yet, they either can\'t hear me or there is a horrible delay. Hopefully they can figure out how to make this work because it\'s such a great idea for officers. **Update 8/20/18*** Since writing this review this app has been working great for me. I\'ve used it countless times and haven\'t had any further problems that I described before.
Sean Vazquez 2020-04-11

This app used to work fine until the subscription update. Now all of the calls that I make fail to connect making the app worthless. I\'ll just have the desk make the calls for me, or just dial *67. There are also plenty of free apps still around. Update: The latest update to the app must have fixed whatever the connection problem was, so it works again.
Patrick Walls 2019-09-17

The app never works. Will not connect calls and when it does, after a few minutes, it cuts out and my reporting person can no longer hear what i am saying.
Ryan Robison 2017-05-12

Love the app. But needs to add texting abilities.. A must have
Anthony 2019-09-15

Was having connection issues but they corrected that after a few days. Very useful app. It makes my work a lot easier. It would be nice to get a permanent number that I could give to people to contact me later.
Garrison Kruse 2016-11-01

Great asset Great asset, have been using for months, even with the option of directing non answered calls to dispatch....very valuable
Anthony Barlowski 2018-07-13

Cop in new Jersey and this app makes life so much easier. When. Dispatch connects calls to our cell its atrocious and no one can hear each other. This app blocks my number and the sound is crystal clear. The only time I dont use it is when I need a conversation recorded