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150+ Card Games Solitaire Pack



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Description of 150+ Card Games Solitaire Pack

Welcome to an endless solitaire card game for free and explore more than 150+ Free Solitaire Card Games to keep challenging yourself. Play FreeCell, Gypsy, Half-moon, Indian, Jubilee, and much more solitaire card games with our solitaire all in one app. Check your last played game, favorite ones, and in-progress solitaire suite only with our smart solitaire gaming app. With 150+ card games, and a solitaire pack, play as much as you want, all for free.

Give your brain a little shake when you play solitaire games free. With over 150+ card games in a solitaire pack, indulge in a world of endless offline card games. Become a master of playing cards with an unlocked solitaire pack, all free. Play unlimited classic card games to climb the top of the leaderboard and preserve a rank. Play spider solitaire and other classic card games like Alaska, Crescent, Needle, Poker Squares, Yukon, etc. Excite your brain and mind with awaiting challenges only at these free solitaire games.


Rule over your friends and family when you master playing solitaire classic with our classic card games. Respecting the social distance, we introduce the best 150+ Free Solitaire Card Games for everyone. Download this app and start playing the solitaire suite. With smooth functionality and offline assistance, become a solitaire hand pro now! Features of this game are:

Free card games: Enjoy playing card games with up to 150+ card games solitaire pack.

Offline card game: In this paid world, 150+card games solitaire pack is hard to find, but not with our offline card games app.

Become solitaire pro: Play solitaire dree with an advanced solitaire collection made for professional players.

Discover solitaire card games: Discover solitaire pack like Sultan, the Wish, Royal Cotillion, Poker Squares, etc.

Resume and continue: Check your last played solitaire pack status and start playing a new solitaire classic game each time you open the app.

All in one solitaire app: If you have an addiction to the solitaire game, download our solitaire all-in-one app.

Play solitaire 2: Invite your friends to play these classic card games and become masters in no time.

Addiction of Solitaire

If you have an addiction to solitaire, our game will rock your mind. With immense customization of background and card, playing card games is more fun than ever. Play over 150+ card games solitaire pack with smooth functionality. Our offline card games easily optimize every cell phone type and let you play with focus. Enjoy playing all the solitaire free.

Sections of solitaire 2

Hours of enjoyment await within this solitaire suite app. Discover classic and new smart solitaire card games. Our solitaire collection is divided into two different sections. The first one is unlocked and has a 105+ solitaire pack. The other one is locked and contains additional 125 double solitaire games. A user can start playing the solitaire games free and unlock more moving forward.

Solitaire All in One

Explore free card games for adults with the solitaire pack. Play with immense users side by side and become a double solitaire pro. Our solitaire all in one pack takes up less space, adjusts to your phone, and brings a reality experience. Play solitaire free at the comfort of your home with features like:

• Leaderboard and achievements

• 150+ card games solitaire pack

• Smooth functionality

• HD solitaire suite experience

• Unlimited undo and redo

• Optimized for tablets and phones

Play our card games free and discover a whole new smart solitaire experience. Our solitaire card game app is optimized for tablets and phones. Our solitaire card game app quickly gets oriented on any phone or tablet model. With smooth function, anyone can play 150+ card games solitaire pack with no buffering. Start playing spider solitaire now and invite fun to your lives. Become a solitaire 2 pro now!

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:6.1 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:RikkiGames Limited

User Reviews


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Candice Tew 2019-08-01

Help! Audible Ads a No-go. Since the last update all ads between hands are LOUD and very disruptive when I am trying to sneak in a game of solitaire while my husband sleeps. I won\'t be able to continue using this app unless there\'s a way to permanently silence ads.
Paula Render 2019-04-09

This app periodically blasts me with loud music for stupid apps I don\'t want. I don\'t mind ads but I will NEVER buy an app that blasts me with music out of nowhere. I would buy an ad-free version happily, but that doesn\'t seem to be an option. The ads have become constant and relentless. I am de-installing.
mel2k 2019-05-04

One of the better Solitaire apps I\'ve tried, and it looks good in either portrait or landscape. I only play 3-card Klondike solitaire but the app makes it easy to ignore games you don\'t play. There\'s room for minor improvements. I\'d like to see automated card collection after winning a game. I\'d also prefer the Back button to Undo instead of displaying a games list.
Marc Richardson 2019-07-22

awesome job! great having so many choices in one app. very entertaining. games of skill for times you feel challenging and games of luck for when you just want to kill some time. there is not anything that i would change. i personally would like to thank the creators and developers of this app for their commitment and time for it has helped me keep my sanity durring trying times. sincerely, kita jo mccleary 07/21/2019
Ally A 2020-08-25

I did love this app and play all the time. The previous issue with the unclosable Lending Tree ad has been solved HOWEVER... Did the NRA give you a bunch of money to aggressively push their ads? I can\'t for the life of me imagine why else 90% of my ads would be to ask me to support them. At least I don\'t have to wait 10-15 seconds and can close it immediately, I suppose.
Shelagh Clark 2019-10-31

ZERO STARS REALLY How can you win if the cards are not there in the pack , played a few different sets (each with an ad BEFORE a set ) not worth the effort so off loading
Aline Peed 2020-04-21

Besides the games I already know (Pyramids, Tri-peaks, Addiction, and Clock just to name a few), I\'ve also learned some new ones thanks to this wonderful app. Some of the games have a very high win average, and some are almost impossible to win. The main thing is if your looking for a great time waster and/or an app to challenge yourself, you\'ve found it.
Victoria Spencer-Keene 2020-05-26

Love this app. I\'ve had it for years, longer than four phones, so that should tell you something. Very few ads (and it\'s only a couple dollars to remove them) and usually not bad ones. The game is addictive if you play solitaire. No weird worlds that make it harder to play. Just hit new game. The more stars you earn, the more games you unlock. Simple as that. (Addiction is the best solitaire game ever).
28k Subscriber Challenge no videos 2020-07-24

You aren\'t fooling anyone. At least not me. I\'ve played and enjoyed these games for years until recently when ads began. I do not at all object to the ads. It\'s how you\'ve rigged them to be losers about every 4th game so that players are forced to open a new game to guarantee an ad will play. I had an 85% win rate in over 5000 games on Eagle Wing which I\'ve seen drop quickly to 81%. Good for you, making money, but it\'s no longer fun or challenging to lose so often. I\'m very disappointed.
Eileen Beckert 2019-08-12

Amazing variety of solitaire variation. Appreciate the \"help feature\" providing explanation of how each one is played. Only thing I would do differently is instead of alphabethical listing, I would prefer ranking them in terms of difficulty (odds of winning) starting with easy to difficult (and then you can do alphabetically).