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Description of 2 File UI

2FileUI is the Mississippi Department of Employment Security's unemployment insurance mobile app. Login is required, use your current MS Unemployment system login. If you do not have an unemployment login click Create New Online Account in the app for assistance.

Features include:

Submit Weekly Certifications

Add Work Search Details

View Claim Information

View Notices and Correspondences

Make Repayments

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More Information Of 2 File UI

lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:4.8 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:MS Department of Employment Security

User Reviews


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Corey Smith 2020-05-24

Being extremely generous with 4 stars and only because they made an effort to provide an app. Basically, it\'s only use is for filing weekly certifications, as long as you have enough patience. When tapping an option, you must wait 5-10 seconds for the app to respond, otherwise it will freeze up with repeated tapping. This has been my experience on my device but I doubt I\'m alone.
Chandra Brown 2020-08-02

This app minimizes the time spent completing the weekly certification. The only problem that I\'ve run into has been when the site is down for maintenance or for whatever reason, the app doesn\'t give you notice of what is going on with the site or that it is down. It just constantly reboots the page making a person think that the information that was entered was wrong. If the app gave some kind of indication of what is going on, or tells you to try back later, then it would top notch.
B.S. Tuskan 2020-01-27

This glitch has NOT been fixed! The glitch? After tapping on \"Weekly Certification,\" it doesn\'t open, so you must tap 2 or 3 more times to open it (this happens often and is annoying). When you begin to answer the first question, it says \"Answering question one is mandatory.\" You CAN\'T answer question one, because you have to hit the back arrow once, twice, three times to answer question one. FIX IT.
Grenade Happy 2020-04-27

Most likely the worst app I\'ve ever used. The only reason I still have it is because I need it. Each time I have logged on or tried to log on, I have been met with nothing but crashes and errors. Today after I had finally got it to log on only to have my session time out before I could file my weekly report because the questions never loaded. This app is in need of a lot of maintenance because it is nothing but flawed.
Iretha Savage 2020-07-12

I have been using this app since I installed it and don\'t get me wrong it\'s simple, clear and easy to use. The only problem is it keeps jumping back to question #1 for you to answer when you have finished. I have to go through the whole process twice to finish filling my claim. The app is easy to use but just needs work on the errors.
Kayla Epperhart 2020-04-20

This app is constantly crashing. It gives me the error message, \"Alert! An error occurred while processing your request.\" when I try to log in. Or, it log me out before I can view correspondence or file my weekly claim. It is a terrible system.
Janice Jackson 2020-09-20

The app is still difficult to login to . Now with the questions added my work search records are needed to be input again? I dont get this process, plus by the time you go back and forth to re record my job searches the app times out and i have to start over. I had 11 job searchs. I always get an error msg and have to close out app several times just to login. The answers I select dont show and i have to repeat selections at least six or seven times before i can e sign my certification.
Mary Ellen Murphy 2020-05-24

Today i experienced this same issue listed below, but even worse than in previous weeks! The answer to question 1 seems to register every time i hit yes, but after question 5 it says an answer to 1 is mandatory...numerous times! Every week, it takes numerous tries to get my answer to question #1 in weekly certification to register (usually 3 to 10). It shows as answered every time but when i fiinish #5, it says i must answer #1 and i have to start over.
Kris28_ Hatten 2020-10-19

This app is decent most of the times, but can have a very bad defaults. Sometimes this app freezes, not able to submit work search at times, and constantly kicks you out the app leaving everything blank and causing you to start over from beginning. Ugh! I hate when that happens!!!!
T Shepherd 2020-06-30

Only thing I don\'t like is it has no search to where you can type a question to them. Other than that , I\'ve been very happy with MDES and their services.