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250+ Solitaire Collection



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Description of 250+ Solitaire Collection

"250+ Solitaire Collection" is a collection of 253 solitaire games.

The collection contains favorite solitaire games such as Freecell, Klondike, Canfield, Golf, Spider, Scorpion, Pyramid, Tri-Peaks, and others, as well as a lot of original games.

For each game, there is a demo. You can view playing card games demo with a step-by-step solitaire guide. So trying new solitaire games will never be a challenge again.

This free solitaire app has a text description of the rules for each patience game. Rules describe a game purpose, foundation and tableau piles, stock regulations and placement.

You can modify the rules of most solitaire games.

Also, you create a new solitaire game of types: Freecell, Klondike, Algerian Patience, Scorpion, Canfield, Pyramid, and Golf.

If you are a board games fun, you’ll love application settings agility. It can be customized for any kind of card player. You are able to set common game options, animation, game table background, cards style, and their back view. A player can manage the application visual theme, sound scheme, and language. Backup functionality added to make your patience game stable, calm and pleasant on phones and pads

The program requires Android 4.0 or higher. This collection gives you solitaire no wifi needed.

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More Information Of 250+ Solitaire Collection

lable: Card - Games Current Version:4.18.6 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:Alexei Anoshenko

User Reviews


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Carol Lager 2020-06-16

I\'ve been playing this game for years, but I really hate the latest version. They removed banner ads option and made them full page ads after every game and ads plays annoying sound even though I turned off sound. Ads are getting worse, won\'t allow you to back out so you can quit. You have to wait for an X to show up to close the ad.. If developer doesn\'t put back option for banner ads and get rid of the sound, I\'ll have to uninstall.
Vlad Spellbinder 2020-05-25

I really liked the banner ads because they were not in the way of my game and every so often I did see something that caught my attention. But now the ads are coming up after every game and I stand by that being and instant uninstall, so that is what I\'ll be doing. If you can stand having a full page ad after every game this is a great Solitaire ap but of you are like me then just don\'t bother.
Valerie 2019-10-18

Ditto the reviews. Made a fun game unusable. I used to play Algerion solitaire. Instead of only the top card showing on the draw pile, it partially shows the one behind it as well. Very difficult on the eyes. Also, when touching the draw pile, instead of showing the cards, it automatically assumes I want to play one. Tired of looking through options to try to turn something off / on when the choice is not even available! No developer response when I reported this.
Tricia Riddell 2021-02-17

Almost all the games have been changed. They made it much harder to win. When it use to be I was playing, that was fun. You always knew you would get it eventually bec they gave you multiple draws. But now they made it too compatible. They made a lot of them not fun anymore. I don\'t like people who try to win all the time. I hope you find a higher power so you will be happy and want others to be happy.
Cindi Rice 2020-02-20

I\'ve been using this app since I got my first smartphone in 2009 & I love it! It\'s simple w/o a bunch of unnecessary junk. Large variety of different Solitaire games. You can even customize the background & the cards. After ea game you get a pop up ad that you can close immediately... No waiting 5-30 seconds. Only hv a couple of min? This app is perfect, it loads fast, you can get right to your game & p/u where you left off. I can\'t say enough good things abt this app... Go on, give it a try 😉
Darrel Stuart 2020-09-22

Love this app, one of the best i have found. I have another solitaire app that i bought and the 250+ is still better and i don\'t mind the ads their not intrusive, also i really like that the app is now being updated more often.. Thank you all for such a great app... Sincerely, D. Stuart.
Grant Warning Sr. 2019-07-19

app has changed and has a bug. cards don\'t move fluidly. was my favorite, now doesn\'t work so good.
A Google user 2019-03-07

The app is fine, but I paid to remove the irritating ads which have now reappeared after the latest update. Will be deleting from my device.
Gene Zajicek 2021-02-15

Tried playing this after a couple of months. The ads are still full page but some of the ads have a delay before you can close. Have no idea how long because each ad has different times. Spend multiple times trying to close with no results. On some ads had to close the game to get my screen back. It is worse than before. I would give this a zero if possible.
Dawn Rumley 2020-11-28

i have had this installed for several years. The game play is great. Once you have ended a hand an ad pops and the alternate the x out spot so you can\'t just skip. They also have a delay so even if you think you found them spot you may not have. I understand the need for ads with \"free\' games but the lag time is excessive. Also it\'s always the same advertisers.