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Description of 360 Feedback: Employee Coaching

360 Feedback: Employee Coaching is an Effective Business Growth Tool for:

• Talent development and recognition

• Real-time employee evaluations

• 360 feedback from multiple managers

• Remote worker productivity

• Performance review preparation

• Management coaching

• Employee reviews and trends

• Millennial feedback and coaching

• Share anonymous feedback

• Self-evaluations

• Team building and training

• Team motivation

• Suggestion Box to share and vote on ideas

Motivate Employees with Instant Recognition and Feedback for Professional Development

360 Feedback: Employee Coaching is the time-saving management coaching and talent development tool to help managers, employees, and remote workers quickly document and share notable work performance with each other. Managers share continuous feedback through in-app notifications or email to recognize employee achievements. Employees and remote workers log self-evaluations in seconds to track their own performance, and share feedback with each other and managers. Plus, the Suggestion Box allows everyone to share ideas across the entire organization. With Udex 360, companies increase employee motivation and engagement and reduce turnover with quick and helpful feedback.

The Best Way to Document Work Performance

Use this affordable HR software, ideal for small business, and managers and employees will never forget moments of accomplishment and opportunities for improvement. Provides reliable back-up with date and time stamp to log employee issues.

Managers: Motivate your employees just like a coach by showing your keen interest in their growth and development by documenting and sharing feedback on the spot. Include details from these learning moments for better performance reviews.

Employees: Jot down quick Self-Evaluations to recognize what you are doing well and what you need to work on. Share these Self-Evaluations with your manager or use them for your own personal growth and development. Provide constructive feedback to your colleagues and managers to help them improve. Share ideas in the Suggestion Box to make your company better and vote on everyone’s suggestions.

Flexible Subscription Options - Free Trial for 1 Manager & 2 Employees

With a single paid subscription ALL employees download the app free and may perform self-evaluations and view feedback from managers within the app, and share feedback with each other and all managers. Invite multiple managers to share labeled or anonymous feedback with all employees to create a true 360 review of employee performance and engagement. Standard subscription allows one manager or owner to invite an unlimited number of employees, document and share unlimited feedback, and access 2 years of management reports and performance trends. Premium subscription allows access and use for multiple managers, unlimited employees, automated performance notifications, and access to 3 years of management reports and performance trends.

A Real-Time Performance Improvement Platform

360 Feedback: Employee Coaching helps everyone in an organization improve performance and productivity. It is a powerful communication tool for effective talent development, employee engagement, and more frequent performance reviews. The most useful performance reviews include specific examples to help employees clearly understand where they are exceeding or falling short of expectations. This app helps document these performance examples in the moment, making the reviews much easier and more meaningful for the employee. Plus, employees reflect on their own performance and capture opportunities for improvement, achievements, and accomplishments.

Everyone across the organization improves through real-time, helpful feedback.

Subscriptions are required after adding more than 2 employees or using multiple-manager access.

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:6.2.11 Publish Date:2022-02-24 Developer:Udex Software

User Reviews


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David Nelson 2019-04-09

The most useful performance reviews include specific examples to help employees clearly understand where they are exceeding or falling short of expectations. This app helps me document these examples in the moment, making the reviews much easier for me and much more meaningful for the employee. I recommend this for managers looking to get the most from their team.
A Google user 2020-02-11

New version that includes employees using the app is a game changer. Positive accountability across the company!
Troy Pittock 2019-09-11

Easiest way to keep up with your team. Highly recommend!
A Google user 2019-03-01

best app. good things..
Dilly Tahana 2020-11-29

Always Dilly is very good 👍 but I think it\'s worth The best thing about this game was that it 👌 a great place to live in our community and we are very happy to have you in my Whanau and your future endeavors in this world
josh lewis 2020-06-12

This app is kind of what I am after, but before I purchase I have a few concerns. I cannot delete any feedback or employees? I made a few test ones but now stuck with them unless I archive them? The app does not support holding space bar to move cursor. *Update: issues addressed swiftly, and great communication from the Udex team to address my concerns. Great service 👍 Running pixel 4xl Android 10
Sy Bounds 2020-05-04

In my opinion it is very difficult for me to see any reason why this powerful coaching tool should be in every serious, legitimate coach\'s bag of tools! It is worthy of a youtube tutorial in my opinion!!!!
CountSpacula 2019-03-23

A Stewart 2020-06-19

Great Idea, Subscription a bit much. With yhis basic version you can only add two employees. Which for an add driven approach, I feel more should be allotted.
Justin Timm 2019-04-18

kind of confused on the reasoning but we will be ok our team will not stop until greatness has been obtained thank you