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Description of 3Commas: Crypto trading tools

If you’re tired of switching between crypto exchange terminals and getting red eyes monitoring the market’s ever-fluctuating prices while trading - you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you are a rookie diving into the world of Bitcoin trading, or a professional trader that wants to enhance their trading toolset — 3Commas is exactly what you need for crypto trading!

3Commas is more than just a Bitcoin app. It’s an all-in-one trading platform and the ultimate crypto app that can act as your Swiss army knife of trading tools on one platform.

✅ Your favourite crypto exchanges in single app

Connect your favorite crypto markets using API keys. We support trading on all major crypto exchanges like Binance, FTX, ByBit, Bittrex, and many others.

✅ Place orders on multiple crypto exchanges in one window

Use our trading terminal to buy or sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and many other digital assets instantly or base on pre-set parameters. Take advantage of the trailing mechanism to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies at the most advantageous price. There’s no other crypto app or exchange terminal that offers these trading features.

✅ Increase profits and minimize risk

Use our Take Profit and Stop Loss mechanisms - close a deal on exchange when the specified price is achieved while closing the deal when the BTC or other cryptocurrency price drops to or below a specified level.

✅ React to crypto market changes

Everyone’s heard of crypto market volatility. Set up Trailing for Take Profit and Stop Loss orders to automatically change the closing value of a deal when the Ethereum or other crypto prices change. For example, when the price rises, Take Profit and Stop Loss orders increase simultaneously, which makes crypto trading more automated and simpler.

✅ Let our Crypto Trading Bots work for you

Consider setting up a Trading Bot as if you were giving someone instructions on how to buy crypto on your behalf. This will make your trading experience significantly easier Select various investing strategies from ready-made templates or control every bot parameter if you want - Trading Bots get the job done either way.

✅ Practice with Crypto Trading Simulator and learn cryptocurrency trading without risk

Use a Paper Trading account to practice cryptocurrency investing, experiment with stock market strategies, and buy and sell Ethereum or other coins all without losing any real money. Paper Trading simulates real-life crypto market prices and behavior in order to provide you a genuine crypto investing experience!

✅ Manage your crypto portfolio easily

Set your crypto tracker to monitor crypto asset performance via real-time coin market prices over a specified period of time using price line and candlestick charts.

✅ Don’t miss a thing

There’s no need to monitor your trades and trading bots performance on exchange 24/7 — you’ll receive a push notification when any significant event takes place.

✅ You’re not alone

Along with the broad 3Commas crypto trading community, you can always rely on our support team, which is available via in-app online chat or email.

Stay tuned for more updates from 3Commas!

Our blog: https://3commas.io/blog

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/3commas.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/commas

Twitter: https://twitter.com/3commas_io

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:1.9.26 Publish Date:2022-03-28 Developer:3Сommas - Cryptocurrency trading terminal and bots

User Reviews


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nick king 2020-06-08

The app is much easier to use than the website, for a newbie to the bot realm, I found it difficult to navigate and could use with some more simplified onboarding but gets easier once you begin to understand its functionality. The fees are an issue as the investment ROI required to offset costs is around 10k with a monthly return of 5% for the premium charge at a 50% discount. Possible but prices many out of the market. In short, great app if you have some coin to play with.
Light Raigne 2019-11-30

great app no problems just hope they add bybit at some point.... review edited**** they no longer offer the free account for trading accounts under $500 so yeah I\'m giving 1 star as I tried to log in and got an error, after checking back at there site it seems they\'ve scrapped the free account.
Rakesh Sharma 2020-06-13

You won\'t get any notifications or a clue if your account is liquidated or its some error, the chat support talks in cryptic language and responds in hours, haha you need to keep the chat window open for hours and wait them to reply with incomplete info, I still not able to figure out where my $1300 gone which was in my account a couple of hours ago, all the bots showing profit still my account is wiped out, the bot stats shows wrong value they just show green values to fool you.
Buster Scruggs 2021-01-01

Awful technical support-- Been waiting over 3 days. When I sign in with facebook I get the paid version, I paid $49 for. When I sign in using the same e-mail that is also affiliated with the same facebook account, but not thru facebook it says it\'s the free version.l, and I don\'t have the subscription I paid for. If they don\'t have an answer, they forward you to an imaginary department that doesn\'t get back to you. Unsecure, and shady so far. Will update
Pretend 2021-02-28

This all is the fkn bees knees. I use multiple trading platforms - bc some offer trading orders that other don\'t and some contain certain assets that others do not. 3commas allows me to link ALL of my platform into one central location, which is incredibly convenient. No more moving money back and forth, or having to constantly be swapping between platforms.. from the 3commas platform I have control over EVERY aspect of my trading. HIGHLY RECOMMEND FOR EVERY TRADER OUT THERE!!!!
Albert Polanco 2021-02-13

I love the ability to create trades you cant do on exchanges but its missing more support for margin trading on different exchanges only binance is allowed right now and alot of people cant use binance. It all works well but is a bit confusing on when setting up smart trades more could be done to make it easier to understand what each part of the trade options will do. Brilliant product just think it could be slightly made easier to understand.
Benjamin Akinyemi 2019-09-28

I love this app. It does everything I need it to do seamlessly. One of my concerns is that the balances on individual coins in the homepage has some delays in updating in the pie chart. Also, it would be nice to be able to buy/sell a fraction of open positions on each coin instead of all. Overall, wonderful app. I love it! ***Edit: New dashboard changes fixed my concerns . I love this app!
Adrian Koay 2021-01-10

Great app to keep an eye on my trading bots. Would be nice if I could also edit my bots through this app instead of using a desktop everytime. Edit: The developers have improved the app and I can now manage my bots. The devs are also very responsive and helped me to sort out my deactivated Binance Trader account. This is a great team and I have no regrets subscribing to this service.
Joshua Wellington 2020-10-07

I\'m really frustrated! On one hand I like the software. I purchased the wrong plan and paid a year in advance. I thought the advanced plan included the DCA.. When I realized I had purchased the wrong plan I contacted customer service via chat. They would not give me the same discount plan that I had just been offered earlier that day. They said once I used the code that. That you can\'t get the same deal again. I think this is pretty messed up especially it was within 24 hours since I purchase
Colin Shaffer 2020-04-24

Good app though it seems they aren\'t able to properly match up their last price showing with the exchanges last price. There seems to be a time lag which translates into less profit. Even when you show them screen shots from both desktop and cell phone versions of the exchange screen and graph/price and 3commas screen and graph/price they will still deny it, say there is no problem and do nothing. To close a trade you end up losing money or you have to go back to the exchange to try and close at the better price before the price changes.