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Description of 3CX

Remote-enable your workforce with 3CX. In combination with 3CX installed at your office or hosted in the cloud, this app allows you and your team to use your office extension from anywhere. After installing the app, scan the QR code shown in the 3CX welcome email (subject: Your User Account on your New 3CX System) or in the web client user avatar at the top right.

Important read: This app is only for use with 3CX v16 and is not a standalone app.

More information: https://www.3cx.com

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More Information Of 3CX

lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:16.7.6 Publish Date:2021-06-03 Developer:3CX

User Reviews


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Matthew Beardsley 2016-07-13

Can\'t add account The accounts section is blank. No add button or edit etc. I also struggled with my cloud pbx trial. I selected Asia but it looks like it was provisioned in an OVH data centre in EU. Selecting what phone I was provisioning wouldn\'t work with the mouse, had to use KB.
Chris Molenaar 2020-03-11

The app is sadly a huge battery drain. Furthermore the UI is poorly made and not intuitive to use. Answering calls sometimes makes them go to Speaker mode. In the Android app it\'s not explained properly how to log out of a queue, difficult to find. Call quality is very poor due to low volume, echo and drops in calls. Could use more options like on Windows OS. I\'m sorry for the poor review, if the app is updated and the issues are fixed I\'m more than willing to change it of course.
Dina 2019-10-09

Not on v16 and don\'t have control over that. I can\'t install the legacy version because it\'s \"not compatible with my device\". Now I can\'t access my work phone because I was auto-updated to a version I can\'t use and can\'t go backwards! Edit: yikes to whomever is responding to reviews. Blaming the customer because you don\'t support a version that was still current only 4 months ago is way off base. Nevermind the unprofessional attitude in some comments...
Russ J 2020-08-14

This app is just a nightmare. Calls drop constantly and it messes with my phone settings to where I don\'t get notifications for text messages or phone calls anymore. I have my email notifications turned off but when I am on a call through 3cx and receive and email or text message, I get a series of loud beeps that last about 4 seconds in which the call is dead until the beeps are done. I wish I had another option.
Sam C 2020-05-27

Android version does not have a turn off feature like iOS does to prevent ringing while in the office or near your desk phone. Cannot answers calls from a locked phone and when phone goes to a black background calls end immediately. App works well besides the above mentioned issues.
Nap Coverdale 2020-02-20

I\'m using this on Galaxy Note 10 plus - all appears OK until I receive a call. Unable to answer using the Galaxy when the screen is locked.I can only cancel the call. If I pick up on the desk handset, the Galaxy then continues to ring. I have also had instances when 3CX on the Galaxy has started to ring for a call that had ended earlier. When making a call - it is hit and miss whether I will be heard after someone picks up - WiFi signal is strong so unclear what is happening here. Same when I answer a call (when lock screen is off), I can hear the caller they can\'t hear me. I have no issue with the web and desktop apps. Disappointed that I cannot achieve full mobility as a result
john p 2019-06-04

would have given it 5 stars but keeps falling asleep in background and misses calls
Shanna V 2020-05-14

Can\'t answer calls in the app, they get sent straight to voicemail when I try. Sound quality on outgoing calls is bad, has an echo. I am only using this as it is what my office has and we are working from home right now, otherwise I would uninstall and I will once we are back working in the office.
David Tschetter 2018-11-06

Now I can see you fixed the battery issue finally. Now when someone phones in it\'ll ring once and as soon as I try to answer it\'ll hang up. Even worse than the battery issue.........
Steven Moon 2018-11-06

New updates won\'t allow android devices to receive calls unless the app is on and active. If the screen is turned off, the calls don\'t come through.