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Description of 3D Bovine Anatomy

Visualize all the systems of a cow in 3D, its nomenclature, structures and placement. The software allows for viewing of the cow’s systems either one by one or in any combination of systems. The 3D bovine anatomy can be viewed from any angle and from various zoom levels.

The software is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Latin.

The Software is intended to be a supplemental educational resource and should NOT be used as the only source of educational information, nor should the Software be used as medical/veterinary advice or for medical/veterinary diagnoses.

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Roberto Petit 2016-02-12

Muito Bom. Para ser ótimo ainda faltam alguns refinamentos e correções visuais. Uma sugestão é a de se adequarem os nomes da família de aplicativos em Português e Inglês : 3D Bovine / Feline / Canine / Equine, com seus devidos correspondentes ... 3D Bovino / Felino / Canino / Equino. Espero que ocorram atualizações!