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Description of 3D Designer - 3D Modeling

3D Designer is the easiest app to create models in 3D.

Create anything from scratch, or collect pre-existing 3D models and rebuild them using the step-by-step guide, or import and combine models to create scenes with many characters, objects and decorations.

Build whatever you want by creating and grouping basic shapes, like cubes, balls, cylinders and many other shapes, and using different sizes, colors and orientations.

You can make it look normal, or as crazy as you want, use your creativity and freedom!

The easiest way to start is to recreate a table or tree first. The 3D step by step guide will show you the first element to create, then the second and so on.

Then create other included 3D models, or use your imagination and build whatever you want, with no waiting times or limits.

I created 3D Designer so that everyone could have the chance to easily create virtual 3D creations and for us to gradually build a nice and fun 3D world. Use and develop your creativity, and start or improve your 3D design and artistic skills!

The interface is simple and contains very practical tools, such as the possibility to choose an image to use as a model to reproduce it in 3D. This allows the correct proportions to be used and better results to be obtained. Use your own pictures or collect pictures from the internet as a template.

3D Designer is designed as an arcade game. You throw 3D shapes to create them, use paintballs to color, and shoot to destroy things!

In addition, each action and tool plays a different sound, which makes the 3D building experience more enjoyable.

On Instagram, you can see examples of images created from 3D Designer:


Every time you start a new creation without a 3D guide, the app offers you ideas. Little by little, you will have more advanced suggestions. You can also try the challenge of the day in this 3D modeler. It's a new topic every day that is the same for everyone.

Participate to contests to become the best creator in the leaderboard.

If you want, you can export as an image and share or post it directly to Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media.

User interface works horizontally and vertically

You can select and modify several elements at the same time to go faster.

Change the background to any color or use an image.

Finally, you can improve the rendering by changing the orientation of the lighting, using one or more lamps, and orienting them differently to rotate the shadows, especially before posting a photo on social networks. You will then get better results!

Try it now, let me know your ideas and have fun!

PS: I love seeing what people create with my app, so I will be very happy if you send me pictures of what you have created in 3D. For example, you can send me images of your creations by email, or Instagram, or write to me and tell me on which social networks you have posted images of your 3D creations. Or directly by participating to the contests!

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lable: Art & design - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2021-10-20 Developer:Fun with 3D

User Reviews


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Lanre Oloke 2021-01-09

The last upgrade flawed the app. Why should I the user, after using the app for a few minutes and then it does not function unless I watch a video and if I don\'t I\'ll have to switch off the app and wait for God knows how long till the app finally functions again. Note that this process as ridiculous as it is, makes progress really slooowww !!! Fix it The ads requires Data. I don\'t use data as frequent and the reception from where I reside in is poor. So if i can\'t enjoy a data free app then it\'
Goos 2020-12-10

This app is really cool for something that\'s not meant to be done on a phone (coming from a Blender user). I think we all know the people giving 1-2 stars are kids trying to make roblox and minecraft animations, but failing to follow along
Daniel Chung-Rigby 2020-08-28

Absolutely spectacular! I honestly expected some pre-asset and default interface that someone just slapped together for a quick buck, but this app is actually fun to use! It has so many different features that other apps on the Play Store don\'t have. I know this is early in development, but all it really needs now is a camera object and an animation feature!
Francois Duchemin 2019-12-20

A very promising app! There are some very cool models. There is a learning curve to learn how to create the designs but it\'s worth it. And the app is being improved. Keep up with the good work!
hackers life 2021-01-30

3D Designer becomes the simplest application to get started in 3D modeling! Indeed, animations explain each tool, but above all, you can now also build 3D models by following a step-by-step 3D guide! This shows the complete model in transparent, and first of all the first part to be created flashes. Once created, you move on to the next one and...

Takes a bit of time to learn how to make things. Better than paying £199 or £500. Really good. I\'m making my own models with no task because I dont like being restricted to a challenge. I\'m a sandbox sort of person
Wii McConsole 2021-01-05

This app is a great time taker if you are bored and it\'s really fun for kids, it\'s also kind of like roblox studio but for mobile players! Great app and continue making more good apps.
suheera Binte Hasib 2020-09-30

Good I really like the app and I think you should and a feature where you draw a line and it will be 3D and another is where you can draw a line and then you can pull the line and it will make a circle when it you pull it and kinda like a custom shape so that will be good to
Benini Waltz 2020-12-22

I\'m so sorry, I didn\'t really see all the things you could do! It\'s a really good app I consider getting.The animations are good and the app functions really well.
Christopher Webb 2020-10-09

This app is above avg for 3d designing. Connecting group drawings as a single unit is helpful. Color choices and shape changes or distortion is simple enough when you get used to the tools.