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Description of 3D Fox Pro, Printer Controller

Print G-code files directly from your Android device via Wifi, Bluetooth or USB OTG/Host port.

3D Fox is simple to use, has a clear and meaningful log screen and works great on small/inexpensive devices as well.

Developed with a Reprap Prusa i3 with Mega2560+Ramps+Marlin+Slic3r, Wifi module ESP8266 and BT module JY-MCU, it should work with many other HW/SW combinations.


• Before buying this version please download the Free version and make sure your device and printer are supported, and that your are happy with the app.


• Web interface to upload and print files from your PC/Tablet browser over the network.

• Take back control of SD card printing jobs after losing connection with the printer. You can use this feature to manager several printers with the same device: start a print job on printer A, then do something else on printer B, finally go back to printer A and take back control of the pending printing job.


• You must put your G-code files in 3DFox directory of your Andorid device. Use a file manager (we recommend ES File Explorer) to move files from their original location to 3DFox

• 3D Fox does not work with MakerBot or other printers using a proprietary communication protocol.


• Android device must have a USB OTG/Host port: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB_On-The-Go

• Supported printer USB-to-serial chips:

- CDC ACM (eg Arduino Mega)

- FTDI (eg Melzi, Sanguinololu)

- CH34x

- CP210X, PL2303

WIFI MODULE ESP-01 (ESP8266 chip) succesfully tested:

• Firmware: transparent bridge 'esp-link' by JeeLabs: http://github.com/jeelabs/esp-link

• Baud rate: 250000.

• Upload speed: 1 MB transferred in 100 s (with Mega2560+Marlin), comparable to USB connection speed.

• Antenna: performances boosted with this improvement: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1665680


• Bluetooth module JY-MCU connection and configuration: http://reprap.org/mediawiki/index.php?title=Jy-mcu#A_simple_way_to_change_BT_module_settings_-_apparently_using_ftdi_chip.2C_but_not_recommended


• For questions or bug reporting do not hesitate to write to Elisoft3D@gmail.com.

• For bug reporting please do not use Google Play Review comments as they do not allow an effective interaction with our development team.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.4.18 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:EliSoft 3D

User Reviews


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Valens Hernandez 2019-07-13

This app has been very helpful in testing and calibration of my printer. I haven\'t used it for printing and advanced functions but connectivity to my Printrbot from my Galaxy S8 using a usb c otg cable has been consistent. This gives me access to moveme t, fan, extruder, and M code console without a PC. I\'ve repaired 2 printers with the help of this app thanks!!
Ausama S. 2019-04-14

One of the best useful practical apps, now it\'s time for it to use an internet service to control a 3D printer over a distance Like esp32 connected to it like blynk or esp link etc..
Brian Hillard 2018-08-05

Excellent for adjusting my 3D printer amongst other useful things on my Marlin powered Anet A8. The app is in need of a facelift though. UI feels aged on my S8 Plus. But well worth buying the pro version
Claire Heinritz 2016-09-23

Excellent App Nice app, easy to use, with everything I need to run my printer. The macros are really useful. The app is very responsive, the connection to the printer seems to be really solid. The developer is also very responsive. Highly recommend this app.
Airbrush Guy 2017-06-12

Simple connection to board via USB, programmable buttons and responsive developer - lots to like.
PowerMechGuy 2021-01-14

This app helped to change my perspective of what android is capable of. By using this app, I am able to stream a gcodes directly to my Tronxy. This allows me to send my files to the tablet instead of having to place them on an sd card. Not only does this app speed up my workflow, it allows me to control things like temperature and bed postioning. This app is simple and straightforward, yet powerful and reliable. I HIGHLY recommend.
Mike Louaillier 2020-04-01

Powerful app succeeds where other apps failed.
Kaan Parr 2018-01-26

Great app, very useful for sending G-code to printers with my tablet. Very responsive developer. I fully recommend this app.
Ronald Alcantara 2019-12-13

For couple of weeks I did nothing.until now.and always notified that need to restart the application and the baudrate 250000 from firmware and 250000 to application is not same,₩+#!!!
Ronald Alcantara 2019-12-13

For couple of weeks I did nothing.until now.and always notified that need to restart the application and the baudrate 250000 from firmware and 250000 to application is not same,₩+#!!!