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Description of 3D Measurement App - Plumb-bob+

3D Measurement App - Plumb-bob+ is a laser level, a tape measure and a protractor, bundled together in the same app.

Thanks to 3D Measurement App - Plumb-bob+, you can verify vertical and horizontal alignments, measure distances and measure angles.

It's a great tool for interior designers, architects, and DIY enthusiasts.

3D Measurement App - Plumb-bob+ is an augmented reality app which displays a virtual frame on top of the camera image. This frame remains vertical regardless of the orientation of your device. The frame dimensions are displayed in real time.

There are multiple frame shapes that are suitable for a variety of measurement use cases:

- height and width measurement,

- vertical or horizontal surface measurement,

- cubic or cylindrical volume measurement,

- slope angle measurement with respect to the vertical,

- centering measurement,

- checking proportions by increasing the number of frame columns or rows.

When you take a picture, you can move around the frame, to measure any object visible on the screen. A magnifying glass allows you to make precise measurements.

When you're done with your measurements, you have the option to save your work as a 3D scene in the app library, to save it as a standard picture in the phone gallery or to send the 3D scene to another device running 3D Measurement App - Plumb-bob+.

Please make sure the free version is working on your device before downloading this application.

Compared to the free version, this application provides the following added features:

- no limit to the number of 3D scenes saved in library,

- more plumb bob in 3D shape (cylinder and cones),

- a horizontal frame split into 2 parts that can be resized independently to check that something is properly centered,

- estimations of surfaces and volumes,

- increase the number of rows and columns of the grid up to 20,

- a higher sensor refresh rate which allows a smoother animation. The rate can be adjusted with the preference menu,

- the possibility to customize colors and font size.

If you wish to add a new feature, do not hesitate to send an email to describe it.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:06.15.00 Publish Date:2021-10-10 Developer:Assysto

User Reviews


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Matthew Kona 2016-01-03

Controls lacking. Good for rough estimates. Margin of error ~10% (yes, accurately calibrated). Controls for fitting dimensional grids over imaged structures are cumbersome. Would like ability to (1) enter multiple known true measurements, (2) independantly adjust all grids lines, and the red axis on a static image, and (3) rotate volume grids in three planes.
Josh O\'Niell 2020-09-06

simple but effective comes in handy try the free version see if it will work for you has save volt for later reference great to see what will fit in certain places worth having a look Large range off possible from a coin to a garage this seems to give a reasonable reference to size
Ze Za 2019-01-27

Excellent... no complaints... no issues.
Vincent Law 2020-06-10

Very good. Set a defined camera height and will give accurate dimensions. Very capable thanks
Joseph Marshburn 2019-02-24

Its great would like to see inchs to display.
Lawrence Sayles 2019-02-10

uninstall all google app because of ads of extortion
Bob P Wilson 2017-12-11

This is an amazing, well thought out, built around the user and a users need to keep measurements of their personal items using photography. NTS - I own Pro family version and Pro ruler.
Isaac White 2016-05-22

Seems to work good
Safwan Hamid 2015-11-20

Great but Not a good app on the go if you\'re in places with poor internet reception because it took ages just to \'checking license\', rendering it almost useless.
Damra Rogoş 2016-01-31

I refunded You cant turn the lines i mean i see no point of using this app. I couldnt calculate anything, didnt understand anything at all. The calculated sizes were always wrong no matter how hard i try.