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3in1 Quiz : Logo Quiz - Flag Quiz - Capital Quiz



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Description of 3in1 Quiz : Logo Quiz - Flag Quiz - Capital Quiz

Welcome to 3in1 Quiz !

If you interested in test games like this, you came to the right place.

Guess The Logos Of Popular Companies.

Logo Categories

-Airline Companies

-Basketball Teams


-Cosmetics & Cleaning



-Movie Studios

-Food & Drink

-Football Teams


-Social Media




-Music Bands


How many flags can you guess?

There are more than 200 independent and dependent countries in the world.

With this game you will learn Flags of Countries and Islands from all over the World.

Not only flags but Capitals of Countries.

Check out the photos of Capitals.


-Time trial quiz with 3 difficulty levels.

-Guess the colors of flags.

-Find the correct answer in Multiple Choice.

-3 trivia boosts: 50/50 , Change Question and Skip.


-3 different tests.

-Hints! (You can gain a hint if you answer without using hints)

-More than 500 Logo s of popular companies.

-200+ country flag s from all over the world.

-200+ Capitals with Photos.


What are you waiting for? Go test your knowledge!

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lable: Trivia - Games Current Version:2.2.0 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:VnS

User Reviews


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Ellis Ibrahimov 2020-11-26

I have enjoyed playing quiz logo game, it keeps your brain ticking, over and over, and its a game that anyone can play, and I would recommend someone to give it a go and see how many logo\'s you know.
Ella Alexandrova 2020-11-26

This is best quiz logo game that i have play the other gmes dont give you a speeling choice but this give speeling choice which make it better than other and second it give you cents or thing like that whenever you fill a log but the thing that make it hard is that it have many speeling choice but it,s really good and fun game and its good to know some logs of big company thank for this game
Saul Melendez 2020-07-08

the game is good but there\'s a problem with letters in the bottom of pictures how I\'m going to see the other letters if the advertisement don\'t let me this is ridiculous that\'s given only 5 stars
James Ranking 2020-11-26

I like this game too much. Even if your stuck there are hints to help you out. And it\'s fun to play with family and friends to help you attempt the quiz.
John Richard Salvo 2021-01-30

Not all letters can be seen to solve the logo given. Example. Cleveland Cavaliers logo puzzle is missing the \"V\" and \"A\" at times. Needs to be fixed.
Francisco Medina 2020-10-24

The game has errors, and a lot of ads, the capital of South Africa is not Cape Town, that says a lot about the level of research. (do some research before posting the game). Still is a cool app
Marion Clark 2020-09-19

Confused... Once you have completed a section isn\'t it possible to repeat the quiz?
angel fleur 2021-03-03

Just doesn\'t work. Doesn\'t respond and only shows adds
Ric McQuade 2021-03-05

This is quite a fun game. The only thing that bothers me is that you don\'t have an option to switch off sounds. Which is frustrating while trying to listen to music or podcasts while playing
Kopo Kekana 2021-02-27

The first day I played it I enjoyed it but when I wanted to play it the second day the screen went black for no reason