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Description of 4 Pics 1 Word


4 pictures that have 1 word in common — what is it?

Find out why everyone loves this game and JOIN THE FUN NOW!


Can you guess the words and unlock the levels? Countless puzzles from easy to tricky are waiting for you! New puzzles are added continuously for endless word fun!


No registration, no complicated rules. Just start playing and have fun!


Which word are we looking for? Look at the four pictures; find out what they have in common. Win!


There are over 250,000,000 4 Pics 1 Word enthusiasts playing across the globe in 9 languages. Join them!

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lable: Word - Games Current Version:61.14.0 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:LOTUM GmbH

User Reviews


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Seth Booze 2020-12-17

Great game, but the amount of ads is too damn high. I could not get through more than 2 puzzles before I had to sit through a 30 second ad. Im all for advertising, but there were WAY TOO MANY for.me to be able to actually enjoy the game. I actually made sure I paid attention to how many puzzles I could get through before I saw an ad, two was the max. I got spammed with ads after almost every puzzle. And I made through almost 500 of them before I just couldn\'t take it anymore. Not worth it.
john mulholland 2020-04-01

I\'m hooked. Once you start it is extremely difficult to stop. Easy to access and learn to play. It offers you the opportunity to quickly establish commonality without being rushed for time unless you so choose. The only two minor drawbacks are if you are a Canadian, watch the spelling and there are periodic commercial breaks that you must be patient with but that is common amongst most games In the meantime....have fun!
Natasha Pineda 2020-11-28

I really like this game and i never get bored of it but, the only problem is that i want to play multi-player.. Last year i played multi-player with my friends but when i deleted this app and reinstall it, i can\'t play with my friends anymore, please fix this problem. Sorry for my bad grammar but i hope that you get what i wanted to say😄..... ..... 😏That\'s all.
Joyce Patrick 2019-12-11

This is a whole lot different from the other words apps that I\'m use to playing, but this the reason I chose it. The ads are a bit annoying and some of the pictures get frustrating to figure out but all in all it\'s an okay game because I\'m not known to easily quit and none have broken me yet, but I\'m getting addicted already and love a good challenge!!
a. simeunovic 2019-04-20

the game is very educational and ideal for kids.it is also very fun to play and challenge your friends also to play no matter how far they are.the only thing that is annoying are the ads and there are solutions which are switch on airplane mode or turn off your WiFi but you might forget to switch of airplane mode or switch on the WiFi but its still amazing
Bren Jousef Bayhon 2020-07-21

The game is great in general. The UI is seamless, and the gameplay is simple for people who want a casual time. What hampers the experience is the lack of a save back-up option. The thought of having to repeat hundreds of levels when the time comes to replace my phone really doesn\'t do it for me. I hope you add even a sync to Google feature for save data. Other than that, the game is good.
Nick Fingar 2020-12-17

Great game but 1 major issue I have. There needs to be a way to back up progress, like connecting it with Facebook or Google like many other apps do. Every time I replace my device I have to start over again and it\'s very frustrating. I hope this is something thst can be improved. Otherwise I love this app!!!!!
Mammie By The Minute 2019-06-05

So much fun, me and my daughter downloaded it the same time, saw who could get to 200 first! Yes she beat me.😤.. Overall I think it\'s a great game, do have ads, I just hit my back button at the bottom right of my Samsung until the ads disappear, hehehe. Good to exercise your deep thinking for those retired from work, some are ease but some are thought provoking. 🥈😤
Grace Uche Ezemefuna 2020-08-05

Great app. Love it. Would have been 5 stars but I hate the fact that anytime I change my phone. I\'ll have to start from the beginning. I\'ve restarted this game thrice. Now I\'m over level 2000. I can\'t just restart. So... If I lose this phone, that\'s it. Please include a sync option with email or atleast an offline data save.
Sher Cowan 2020-06-28

I\'ve always liked this game. I\'m glad to have stumbled upon it. It\'s a little too easy to get the outcome, which is ok if you\'re just filling up some time. The photography is above average and every once in a while you get a STUMPER. My brain just takes it\'s leave and it seems to take me to a blank scary room. I don\'t stop working it but it has gone into the next day when I finally solve.