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Description of 5 Minute Meditation

5 Minute Meditation - mindfulness for relaxation, happiness and stress relief

Take a 5 minute break and experience a sense of calm and serenity - perfect for those with busy lives.

Easy to use interface - just press play and listen.

Over 20 quick meditations to give you a moment of peace when you don’t have time for 5 minute audio meditations. Designed to bring your attention back to the present moment allowing you a moment of a calm and mindfulness during a busy day.

Regular meditation has been shown to have many positive improvements including increasing the grey matter volume in the brain, reduced stress, improved concentration and attention and a greater empathy for others.

5 Minute Meditations is a quick and simple way for anyone to enjoy the meditative state of mind and all the potential benefits it can bring. Download now!

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:1.3.0 Publish Date:2022-05-25 Developer:Olson Applications Ltd

User Reviews


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#1 Frog Dad 2016-07-30

Pretty good This app is cool but like most forms of meditation, it brings the thoughts in the very back of your mind up to the surface. It brought my worst fears up in the form of a nightmare!😑
Jake Diefenbach 2017-04-04

The app is fairly good, but the audio recording needs to be normalised. The recording volume of the female speaker switches between loud and soft and this is very distracting. I\'ll probably move onto another app because it\'s too distracting.
Brandon K 2016-08-11

Pretty good For a novice this is a good starting point for meditation beginners 101. I suggest increasing the length of time to 10 minutes. Then 15. And if you can get up to 20 terrific! Just give you a pretty good taste of what\'s to come. However, I would look for a lengthier and more detailed apps
Ashley Cunningham 2017-03-03

This is a great app to help guide you through a 5 minute meditation. It would definitely be something I would recommend to my clients, I just wish it gave more free sessions than the one. Otherwise I would have given it 5 stars.
Natalie A. 2016-08-24

Very deceiving After you download the app you get one single meditation practice for 5 min and then they ask you to give them a 5star rating to get another free 5 min or you need to pay extra. Not worth it
L. Arockia Lourdu Dass 2017-01-30

Very nice app. For 5 min you were instructed while breathing and the time goes soothing your mind n soul n feel fresh. I liked the bell sound to wake you up. Excellent
André Galvão 2018-10-17

Bait and switch, you download one and then they tell you to download another.
Sourav Som 2019-06-15

A little longer (like 10 Minutes) would have been better e.g. the bell-sounds period in breathing meditation could be extended by 5 minutes... so that some real time could be spent to actually do the meditation, rather than listening to instructions for the majority of the time span... But the quality of the tracks: the approach and voice were all very good, without cheesy background sounds. So, it\'s refreshing.
LOHA 2019-02-06

Amazing, this is my first time meditating and I can feel that the pressure on my body has significantly reduced !
Cyndi Lovett 2017-11-25

I feel amazing love this app