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Description of 6 takes!

6 takes! - Wolfgang Kramer's ingeniously simple card game with "bullheads" - now as an app.

The aim of the game is to avoid getting cards. Each card you have to pick up costs you points for each bullhead on it. The player with the fewest bullheads at the end of the game is the winner. It sounds easier than it is, players will need some great tactics and perhaps a little luck.

6 takes! is regarded as a modern classic among card games and has been sold all over the world.

It has won the German "Games Prize" and has also been nominated "Game of the year".


- 6 takes! Singleplayer mode against up to four computer opponents.

- Three levels of difficulty

- Multiplayer mode for up to four players around the same device

- Interactive tutorial

- Quick game or first to 66 minus points

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:1.38.0 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:Application Systems Heidelberg

User Reviews


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Michael Easterbrook 2015-11-27

Missing popular variant and too few players This is a great game and the interface is smooth. But the fact that it doesn\'t support advanced variant (cards on left) means i will not play it. It also doesn\'t support a 6 player game, which is considered the best setup. Regret buying it due to these shortcomings.
Mireille Riemens 2015-10-17

Easy to learn hard to master Excellent game. It appears simple, but the more time you spend with it the more you will develop your game strategy.
Karan Shah 2018-07-05

a good game spoiled by poor ui. the bull icon on the card background makes numbers unreadable. needs a clear card-face option and needs to utilise screen real-estate more optimally.
Neil Meffan 2020-04-22

Bought for multi player. Why is it local only? Why doesn\'t the information page mention that? The entire point of an app version of a card game is so that you can play the game with people not in the same place as you. Very silly of the developers and disappointing.
Sandy Andrews 2020-01-28

This is now our favorite game to play as a couple while we are waiting for one thing or another. The only downside is that it is pass an play. (NOTE TO DEVELOPERS: we would pay a bit more for a bluetooth version) Great game play. Liked the game so much we bought the card version... our kids liked it so much, they ordered the card version. And the computer opponents are quite skilled. Play smart!
Who Conquers 2017-05-10

Great game, but... unfortunately the fact that only the tops of my hand of cards is visible, the game is unplayable on my 7\" tablet
Sarah Schmidt 2020-09-19

Good game overall. If you have the screen orientation locked it ignores that, which is a small negative. The big issue is that multiplayer only works as pass and play. With this in my family library, I was hoping my husband and I could play against each other, but pass and play is too much. That being said, very simple game with a lot of Strategy still. Goes quick so you can play a few rounds at a sitting. Overall happy with the game. True multiplayer and it would be top 10.
Malfunction Smithers 2015-02-10

Ok for the odd short blast, soon gets boring.
Timmy Burden 2020-04-11

Works and looks very good. Rounds go quick and sound and graphics are good. Gameplay is easy once you play 2 or 3 games. Reminds me a little like gin rummy. You have to plan ahead to win. Fun game.
Brian Pangtay 2019-10-15