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8 Ball Pool(69M)

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Lisa Kesselmark 2021-01-07

I love pool! and have played every pool game that\'s available. clearly my sites are much higher than the people that make pool games. I\'m not saying by any means that this one is perfect, however, the flow of the balls Etc seems to be pretty accurate. I also, really like, the variety of pool sticks. I\'ve held off on giving a 5-star rating. I got to give them something to work for and be better!
Demonofive 2020-12-25

Wow I must say great game. But they are annoying u all the time about buying stuff. It\'s like they are begging me to spend a few bucks. Really cash grabing. But I must say. Ads will not be a problem probably because of this. And i think the free spins are rigged. I don\'t think it\'s fully on equal chance of getting good and bad stuff. I cannot tell u how many time I landed on 150 free coins instead of legendary box or 25,000 free coins. But that is all holding this game back. It\'s fairly good.
James Betts 2020-12-22

Extremely fun and addicting gameplay. But every time you exit to the menu the \"arena\" your challenging changes to the highest price one. In addition to the constant ads for its own currency shows just how much money this game is trying to rip from people. It wouldn\'t be so bad if it wasn\'t for these constant reminders that you should buy coins. Sometimes closing out of the ad brings up another ad and that\'s just pushing it too far.
Donald Kelley 2021-02-07

The first time I tried this game, the physics were not right to me. Now that I have played enough to have mastered it, you better not scratch! Some of the items for sale are way too expensive for a game like this! And, the stats for Win Streak don\'t make sense: I can\'t tell you how many Win Streaks I have won (even naturally), but my Win Streak stat is 0. Blaaah
Joe Graybar 2021-01-21

The game itself is awesome. The problems though are numerous. The menu selection with high stakes allows for error in execution very easily. Secondary \"are you sure\" screens should be inlaid. There is no filtering for offensive photos and names. Most importantly the ability to accept a challenge from a friend or otherwise works less than 10% of the time. This game is nothing if it doesn\'t take the user\'s feelings into account first. If you choose to accept a challenge the game should start.
Cheryl Weinald 2021-03-09

Used to love it. Still like it, but in the past month the game has stolen over 300,000 in coins. Even when I won matches, the game would subtract anywhere from 12,000 to 50,000 from me per game. Very upset. If I wasn\'t cheated, I would have 1-2 million more coins than I do right now. Too bad I love shooting pool so much. Otherwise, I would have stopped playing this game. You need to stop cheating me or I will quit and find a different app to shoot pool. It is still cheating me 100,000s. MAD
Zazu Banashleyramos 2021-01-19

If the review will allow no stars. None. This game always rips me off and the owners arent catching it. After i spend a few dollars on it something so foul happens. I either play players way higher levels, or when im winning suddenly, they make me wait, because the connection is slow. I wait. Connection returns. Bam!!! I lose because i ran out of time. I dont get a chance to play at all sometimes. It will do that the entire game. Or i dont receive my wins. Still hoping i get a reply. Nothing.
Papa Hut 2021-01-29

I\'ve played for years. Love it. Fun game. Meet people from all over. Mini games are rigged, but good other than that. I spun 88 times. 150 or 250 every time. Wheel will spin half way around to land on something small. Stops quick sometimes, but will slowly go all the way around to keep from landing on a big prize. That part of game is nothing but a joke. Rest is ok
Ric Menjivar 2020-12-17

Constantly hangs up. After an update the program became worse. It only allows me 2 seconds to play and then switches players. It does not record a ball made. It replayed the same player when i chose not to. It never allowed me to play, it hanged up for 3 minutes and it ended the game and the other player won. I\'m ready to abandon this game. DO NOT INSTALL THIS GAME! As of Dec 19, 2020 this game is creepy. You win the game and it gives it to the other player. The timing is the worst.
Artur HP 2020-12-22

One reason I\'m giving it one star and it\'s not the fact that is so clear that the game wants you to spend real money. The reason is bc of the popups. It\'s just tooo much and it\'s all the time. Everything in this game creates a notification or a pop up message. Why do I need to know that some person WAS online and challenged me?! Why would that be relevant? None of us can play with each other if we\'re not there..And the game even creates popups to suggest that I challenge someone. Anyway, 2 much!