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Description of 8 Words Apart in a Photo

Guess the 8 words hidden in every image by putting their pieces back together !


The rules are simple: 1 pic and a board of twenty or so pieces of words all mixed up.

Guess the 8 words enclosed in each picture by putting their pieces back together.

Once the 8 words are found out, the next picure is unlocked with a new set of 8 words to guess and so on through a brain teaser journey through to various and colorful photos.

Solve hundreds of entertaining puzzles in this brain teaser picture words game specially tailored for letter game and hidden objects fans !

Train your vocabulary and observation skills through a gallery of colorful and various pictures


Animals, objects, cooking, landscapes, holidays, people, sports, travels, art, design, celebrities ...

Hundreds of different images will test your sense of observation and vocabulary.

With a new challenge at every image :

Can you guess each of the 8 words apart ?


With more than 300 beautiful pictures, 8 Words Apart provide numerous levels of difficulties specially tailored for any kind of wordspuzzle and hidden objects fans.

Great for coffee break, train journey, or even in boring meetings!


With « 8 words search » and « 8 crosswords », « 8 words apart » is part of the free download « 8 words » a collection picture word games created by the french based studio YAQUA that totalize more than 2 millions download around the world.

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More Information Of 8 Words Apart in a Photo

lable: Word - Games Current Version:1.1.46 Publish Date:2021-08-08 Developer:Y A QU A production

User Reviews


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Shelby Wilson 2017-04-28

TOO MANY ADS ESPECIALLY WORSE, THEY\'RE DURING THE LEVELS. Which makes it harder to play and keeps going to the okay store because it randomly pops up. Its irritating at least play them AFTER each level come on!
Shannon Bervaldi 2019-01-25

I really like the game but there is an ad everytime you do anything. Had to uninstall because it was frustrating doing a level in a minute and then having to watch long unskippable ad just to choose the next level and watch another long unskippable ad. Twice the time on ads than playing.
Ruth Getz 2019-05-14

I really like this game but I wish you could watch more ads to get more coins instead of buying them or get more coins per ad. some of the ads while waiting for a clue are WAY too long
Flora Thompson 2019-08-10

This is a fun and addictive game. The only problem I have with it is the hints cost more on the higher levels but the amount of tokens you win when completing a puzzle stays the same.
Safia Z 2017-05-27

It crashes tooooooo much, after every level it stops and have to reenter the game!!!! Beside it takes too much space!
Julie Tremmel 2019-10-18

I would say it has the potential of being a 5 star game if I wasn\'t getting kicked out of the game after completing a level successfully and selecting the next round to play. This started to happen after completing level 4 I was able to finally get the game to allow me to enter level 5 after 5 to 10 repeated tries to enter the level but unfortunately I have not been able to enter without being immediately kicked out of the game. if I can\'t get this fixed will uninstall the game
Joelle Cutino 2017-10-19

Too many ads! HOWEVER, more importantly...there are words for things not in the pictures. THIS is what needs to be fixed. Several examples of this at various skill levels in the game. Also, words/items no one has ever heard of. I feel these are there to FORCE people to use hints and BUY coins.
Lena Coleman 2019-11-30

Game comes with a sound on/off option but it does not turn off. I even turned the sound on my tablet off and the game still made noise. Outside of the fact that its noisy it is a so-so game. I will probably uninstall bc its not fun enough to overlook the sound issue.
Hannah Austin 2017-10-24

Way too many ads! You could be in the middle of a level and an ad comes up which puts you off. It\'s a great game but I am uninstalling due to the amount of ads there are.
Lia Parker 2018-03-21

Good concept, ruined by ads. If they were just at the end of a level, I\'d understand. But during levels?! Also it takes too long to move on once you\'ve submitted a word. I\'m already halfway through my next answer before the game decides to acknowledge what I\'m choosing.