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Miss the 80's? Then you'll love this game! Over 550 levels of celebrities, movies, TV shows, artists, fashion, pop culture and much more. Relive some of the best moments of the 80s!


The best quiz on the 80s a click away. Over 550 pictures including Arcade Games, Rock Stars, Actors, TV Shows, Collectibles, Movies, Fashion and much more! How many can you answer?


Free. No registrations or complicated rules. Just install and enjoy.


Updated regularly with new levels! Download and have fun!

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lable: Trivia - Games Current Version:3.5 Publish Date:2022-06-02 Developer:Goxal Studios

User Reviews


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Anne Candelaria 2019-09-23

I have a *slight* obsession with the 80\'s (or so I\'ve been told haha) so I decided to give this game a try and I LOVE it! I\'m brand-spankin new to it but have encountered no glitches or anything thus far! Great for all of us stuck in the 80\'s!!!
Scott Jenkins 2019-10-22

I was enjoying it, and then it proceeded to eat multiple GB of data while not being used at night. Uninstalled, and as far as I\'m concerned, this company owes me $30 for unnecessary data overages. I would rate this zero stars if I could.
Terry Riley 2020-03-07

Love the game itself. Brings back memories. However, it costs too many coins to get a hint or to pass on a question yet you receive only a few coins for a correct answer. You are given the chance to watch a video instead of buying coins but the ads won\'t always load so you can\'t move forward in the game. Stuck on level 98. Would love to keep playing but cant go any further without buying more coins. Unfortunately, I have to uninstall.
William McGarvey 2020-04-19

Nice game. I\'m a product of the 80\'s and I love all things 80\'s... except this game! Show a picture and give letters at the bottom of the screen to fill in the blanks... problem is... your ADS are at the bottom of the screen making it impossible to see half of them! FIX THIS... and I might raise my rating.
Beth Hayman 2020-11-15

Nice reminder of the great things from childhood. Easy to get more coin if you need more hints with out spending money if you\'re willing to sit through the adds.
Debbie McCuddy 2020-04-14

You can\'t even choose from the bottom row of letters because of an ad strip for Google play. There is no \"x\" to close the ad. This game is worthless. And I mean completely worthless. You literally cannot play this game because of that ad at the bottom.
Selena Sevy 2020-08-05

Was enjoyable for a minute that was until 1. I came up on the Jon Bon Jovi answer. I knew it immediately but it refused to take the i. I had to lose coins to skip and 2. When the one for Frogged came up, it refused to take the r...no matter what I tried, it refused to take it so in my eyes, the game is a bust.
Karen bueno-belcher 2020-01-13

Very fun! Enjoy this game. Only problem is you have to keep watching ads over n over for coins if you don\'t know the answer.
Air Lar 2019-06-02

waaaaaaaaay too many ads, couldn\'t take it anymore, haff top uninstall
Andrew Retrocollie 2020-11-01

Very nicely put together. Only problem is, unless you\'re American I don\'t think you will get some of the answers and like me will have to watch many vids to make the points to skip.