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Description of 94 Degrees: fun trivia quiz

You’re cold, you’re getting warmer, you’re burning up…” Does that bring back memories?

Dive into this totally addictive game and have fun while testing your general knowledge!

Following the success of 94s and 94% with almost 30 million downloads, check out the third game from SCIMOB, 94°, the trivia game for testing your general knowledge!

A game with simple rules and no registration: one image with one hot zone and it’s up to you to place your pins! The closer you are, the warmer you get! Yep, you guessed it, the correct answer is at 94°!

Play more than 1,000 levels with questions and puzzles about varied topics like world geography, brand logos, the human body, astrology, historic dates, geometric figures, musical instruments and lots more!

The game gets progressively harder, with different quiz questions like:

- Where is China?

- Where is the guitar?

- Where are the triceps?

- The average weight of a hippopotamus?

- The colors in Google’s logo?

- The maximum speed of an eagle?

- The height of the Statue of Liberty?

- The location of the stigma on a flower?

You can’t know everything (at least before you play), so to help you, we’ll give you two jokers:

-The compass, if you’re lost, to show you the path to follow.

-The dice that, once rolled, hint at the exact location of the response.

Not convinced? Come and try it! It’s free, and even though it’s crunch time to study for exams, come learn something new with 94°!


You can play in French, English, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese or Portuguese.

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lable: Trivia - Games Current Version:3.2.9 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Scimob

User Reviews


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A Google user 2019-03-15

Why can\'t we just play a game these days? I play for a little while, having a good time but then I have to wait 5 minutes or watch a video or buy something. I had this game for about 15 minutes and I\'ve already deleted it. Fun for a little while but then they screw you, just like every other game maker
Luna Maier 2019-09-16

Not only is it completely stupid having to wait for pins, but even the tasks are bugged as hell. Most of the time if you have a question, to which you can\'t give an definite answer (for example \'where is 3/4 of this rope?\') you can put 10 pins in the same spot and it\'s still only \'burning\'. I\'m so disappointed.
per min 2019-08-18

Why 1 star? Because of the following phrase: \"No More Pins\". You literally have either to buy more of these things or to wait 20 minutes to play. This is absolutely disgusting
Le Magicien Annonyme 2019-06-09

I installed this game after viewing during 4 years many of my friends plays this, and I wasn\'t disappointed ! The gameplay is very intuitive, and we don\'t wait 3 hours to play after losing all our pins. BTW, I finished the game very quickly (in ~1 week, playing 4-5 times per day), and the 2 player mode isn\'t available, so I\'m waiting for next updates ;) I think there is just one thing missing : there is too less \"Challenges\" and is why the game is too short
Bryan Mah 2019-10-29

Pretty fun game and trivia questions aren\'t too easy or too hard. However there can be a ton of ads if you play with data/wifi turned on.
Diane Mitchell 2019-03-22

I feel whomever made this game needs to change a few answers on here, the top speed of a giraffe is 37 not 34, the speeds of the animals so far are the only questions I\'m seeing wrong, otherwise this game is super fun and quite educational, I\'d personally recommend this to kids around middle school, good game.
Olivia Vuyancih 2015-06-14

Addicting My brother and I both own this game and we are glued to the screen playing this game! It is so fun and you actually learn while playing it. Some answers I have had to look up on Google but only because they were challenging for me. But other than that I love this game!
Kiril Boyanov 2015-03-06

Used to be great now it\'s just meh This is only my second app purchase so it must mean I am pretty much delighted with the game. It is addictive as some people say, but it is so in a good way. I normally don\'t play games, especially on my phone but this is the exception! Update February 2015: there are now far too many pop ups, which is extremely annoying. I was forced to use the dice even though I didn\'t want it need it... Overall not so good anymore
Iona Westaby 2019-04-03

I love this game and I\'ve had it for 10 days and I\'m on level 766 already! My only problem with it is the special level which you get every 94 levels as mine always skips levels which means that I struggle to complete the special level :-(
Alice Benner 2019-07-04

Good game, i just hate that you have to wait or pay to play it for longer, because you need to collect pins. Other than that its a pretty good game.