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Description of A Manual of Acupuncture

This is the latest Android mobile app version of the foremost points textbook in the Western world - A Manual of Acupuncture by Peter Deadman & Mazin Al-Khafaji, with Kevin Baker. The ultimate acupoints index for acupuncturists/acupressure/shiatsu practitioners etc., and much more!

We hope you will enjoy the following features (please note, listed below are the full ‘Pro’ membership features. Downloading the app gives you a free ‘Lite’ account with full access to the Lung channel, and samples of other material. You also have the option of a 7 day free trial of 'Pro' membership access):

• Every channel point and extraordinary point from A Manual of Acupuncture textbook.

• English and Chinese point names, point category, location, location notes, detailed illustration, needling instructions and cautions, actions, clinical application and combinations.

• Each point includes Chinese tones, printed Chinese characters and calligraphy as well as audio of the Chinese pronunciation.

• Videos and commentary for every point showing location and needling technique.

• Videos of Primary Channel pathways and important surface anatomy.

• Illustrations for all primary, luo-connecting, divergent and sinew channels, the eight extraordinary vessels and the body area illustrations.

• All the main point categories (e.g. five shu points, xi-cleft points, back-shu points) for easy revision.

• Create your own point groups which you can use to tailor study and reference.

• Self-testing module to aid learning of points and point categories as well as self-created point groups.

• All points listed anywhere in the App are live links allowing easy browsing/reference.

• Add your own notes to any points field (e.g. location, location note, needling, actions, indications), channel pathways, and more.

• Sophisticated search function, allowing you to limit results to specific channels or fields within points (e.g. actions, indications etc.)

• Indexes (Point Names, Combinations, Indications, General Index), Glossary, and Chinese Dynasties.

• The 12 Cutaneous Regions and Areas Reached by the Channels.

• Reference pages including: functions of the channels, about point categories, cun measurements, location and needling guidelines and much more.

• Access the material included in your membership level via our Online Edition at no extra cost with the same login details.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:3.2.0 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Journal of Chinese Medicine Publications Ltd.

User Reviews


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M Hall 2020-09-02

I have waited so long for this app and it was so worth the wait. It is the only acupuncture app out there that is exactly what is needed for points. It has the video explaining, where the location is, and even how to needle the point, and you can add your own notes as well. It still loads fast and looks great on my Galaxy Note 20 plus and I can even zoom in and out. I have deleted all my other \"point\" apps since this is all I need now. Update 2019 Still the best since my note 4 first review.
Jenniffer Marun Wu 2017-09-07

I am an acupuncture student and like many others was very excited at the prospect of having a handheld reference for the textbook. I am however frequently frustrated when using the app because images sometimes do not load. There is no rhyme nor reason to this. I thought this was an issue because I had the Note 4 Edge however even after upgrading to the Note 5 and making sure my software is up-to-date I am still experiencing these issues. I do sincerely hope that this is soon to be rectified.
Milena Ivanova 2020-06-28

Super helpful! A must-have app for any student or practicing acupuncturist! Most of the information available in the big, heavy print version, is quickly available here. I have tried the free week trial and I loved it. I have just updated to pro and I cannot wait to continue using it. Thank you, team, for making all this knowledge so accessible!!! I have used both iOS & Android app. I find the iOS version working more smoothly, but as an overall, I have not experienced technical issues.
M. Trieu 2020-08-08

Wonderful, I don\'t understand the negative reviews. It\'s extremely useful and has all features one can dream of. My only three concerns: (a) how to sync my point groups etc between web and app? (b) not directly evident that one time 30 bucks unlocks half of functionality and then another 30 for full. I happily pay 2*30 since it\'s worth it, just not clear from the start. Then (c) I don\'t see a way of contacting them other than leaving a review and praying that they explain how to sync.
Melissa Guardiano 2020-10-01

I\'m not sure why I have to \"restore\" my purchase. Its asking for proof of purchase, its been years, I don\'t know where that is, especially because I\'ve switched phones since. So if someone wants to reply and tell me where I can find that, that\'d be great.
Steve Thorne 2020-02-07

Im writing this because i bought the app in 2012 or 13... now they want me to pay for it again... it was supposed to be a one time enrollment. Now all the things pretty much that i had access to i can\'t unless I pay again. Thanks guys its now useless to me, strongly can\'t recommend. The app historically has had many glitches and finicky, just buy the text book, at least you will own that and \"It\" I must say say is Very Good. After all this time they could have improved the app instead of + $$$
Chris Middleton 2018-11-12

The app isn\'t perfect (it\'s getting there however!) but I\'m elevating my rating to 4 stars due to the phenomenally responsive customer customer service that helped me through what was a bit of a rocky update process following their rebuild of the app. Keep up the great work. Keep responding to your customers feedback and refine this app even more. My one suggestion is a search feature. It would be an amazing tool to be able to search indications for points by key words. For instance, points that treat hypertension or clear Wind, etc. This would become the hands down go to app and easily deserving of 5 stars if you could find a way to incorporate something like that. Edit: Turns out I\'m just blind, there is a search feature! 5 stars.
Anna P 2019-02-03

Terrible. Bought it in Sept 2018 for my android devices after having it on iphone. Worked really well for a couple of months and then i couldn\'t log in or access any of it. Contacted support but no help was offered. I\'m so fed up I want a refund!!
Lisa F-S 2018-10-19

I previously wrote a poor review. This is a happy update. The customer service has greatly improved. The app has reloaded properly today, and seems to be much faster, and all the pictures show up when they are supposed to. The app is now much more robust, and I can easily use all the features, which wasn\'t the case in the previous version. Thank you JCM for fixing the problems.
Jonathan M. Fields 2015-10-22

Love the App but Freezes a lot Whenever a point opens, it usually freezes for a while and takes forever to load or won\'t load at all. I have to swipe left or right for next point, wait for that to load, and then swipe back. Wastes a lot of time and is not useful for clinical practice. I\'m a student on Galaxy S5. Please fix ASAP....