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Description of Account Manager - Personal Ledger Book

Accounts Manager app keep track of your daily money transactions by storing credit and debit history. It makes accounting easy to manage and user friendly easy to use. You can take backup and restore your transaction detail. This app is also password protected so you can keep safe your daily income and expense transaction detail. It eliminates the need of carrying a pocket diary and does the balance calculation on its own.

App Features:

- Add your accounts

- Add your daily income and expense transaction

- Generate PDF and Excel file

- Password protection

- Multiple currency supported

- Share all your transaction detail with pdf and Excel file

- Add, Update and Delete transaction detail

- Backup/Restore functionality

- Completely offline app

- Chronological sorting supported

- Backup reminder and other settings

Accounts Manager app can be used to track your daily income and expense transaction as per your need.

Easy Entries: Account Manager App is easy in adding, deleting and canceling a credit or debit entry. For Edit and Delete entry click on entry or long press on entry.

Simplicity: Account Manager App is very much simple to use and does not require any training.

You can send feedback because your feedbacks are very important. Feel free to send your feedbacks, suggestions, views.

Use of App

- Add account of Party, Person and Employee Related to the Project.

- Add transaction entry like Credit or Debit.

- Easy Edit and Delete entry with long press on transaction entry.

Note: This app is totally offline works. So, Periodically takes backup of account data which will help to restore some situation.

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:3.2.3 Publish Date:2022-05-26 Developer:zLinkSoft

User Reviews


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imranul haq 2020-08-25

Assalamualaikum. This is a very useful and necessary application. Through this we are able to keep a very good daily account. But I think it needs to be improved a bit more. Then I could feel more comfortable using it. For example, if there was one more subdashboard inside each dashboard, it could be calculated separately every month. I hope the authorities will think about this. Stay well. Thanks.
Sajid Khan 2020-12-29

Everything is great. But I have an A/C in which there are tons of transactions recorded. Now to see the most recent transaction, I have to scroll down to the very end, which is annoying. I wish I could sort this upside down. So that I would have all my latest transactions right on top. Secondly, that would be great if you could make an app that supports double entry system along with this so that people don\'t know can still use this. Because it\'s not there I have to make entry in both A/C.
X L 2019-09-29

Can\'t edit previous records, a very simple task this app failed to provide. No commas and very limited customization. Uninstalled immediately.

It\'s an awesome app, but (1)bill attachment features should be added. So we can attach the bill which is in photo format(like jpg, pdf) in the concern particular date for more details. (2)balance column should be added Otherwise it\'s the best app..👍
Luke Wong 2020-09-10

Quite satisfied. Please consider adding a transfer between two accounts. That will eliminate the need to make a credit entry in one account and a debit entry in the corresponding account. Also, consider displaying a zero in the second decimal place, e.g. $12.50 rather than $12.5. Make the font size smaller in the Home page summary so that more accounts can be viewed on the screen. Consider creating a reports function. Thanks. LWong
evance omosa 2020-03-14

Please improve the app by enabling sync option with a google account. Just in the event of one losses a phone, it is easy to recover your data through the google account sync. Even though the concern above is yet to be addressed, let me highlight another issue. Enable monthly records so that one can keep track monthly expenses and income.
Tina Webb 2020-11-14

I\'m helping someone else manage their budget, and this app has been incredibly helpful. It\'s very easy to use! I would really recommend this app to anybody whether you can\'t balance a checkbook or are a novice. It\'s all in the palm of your hand and you can share the charges/budget for those you\'re helping!
A Google user 2019-02-07

app is very much useful to maintain several accounts at a single place ...please add the ledger balance view after every transaction
Manish Gohil 2020-06-06

Very Excellent Simple Accounting App. I rated it 5-star. But I have Suggesting more function can be added. 1) Categories 2) Payment method 3) Individuals viewing Categories, day, Month, & Year wise & multipal accounts Reports Showing. This is excellent app 👌 Thank you for your team 👍
April Morehouse 2019-05-25

Not user friendly. i mistakenly entered an amount from one account into another couldn\'t delete it without deleting the whole account. i was not going to reenter all that data. ugh.