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Description of AcDisplay

AcDisplay is a new way of handling notifications in Android.

It will let you know about new notifications by showing a minimal, beautiful screen, allowing you to open them directly from the lock screen. And if you want to see what's going on, you can simply take your phone out of your pocket to view all the latest notifications, in a similarly pleasing and minimalistic manner.


- Great design and awesome performance.

- Active mode (uses the device's sensors to wake your device up when you need it.)

- The ability to use AcDisplay as lockscreen.

- Incredible level of stability.

- Inactive hours (to save some battery.)

- Enable only while charging.

- Lots of another features such as: Blacklist, Dynamic background, Low-priority notifications and much more.

This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

Privacy policy: https://gist.github.com/AChep/8c14f73817ebc57b8572ab40dee351ab

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More Information Of AcDisplay

lable: Personalization - Apps Current Version:3.8.4 Publish Date:2021-09-19 Developer:Artem Chepurnoy

User Reviews


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Jayme Lyn Cox 2015-10-15

Please remove one thing... The constant \"AcDisplay services active mode, lockscreen\" bar from the notifications panel when the screen is awake. Also the weather icon - I already have one! Can\'t disable yours. Please fix!
Jonathan Ng 2017-04-19

1. WHEN USING LOCK SCREEN FUNCTION WITH PASSWORD CAMERA WILL NOT OPEN. If you want to use the AcDisplay lock screen and a pin, you simply enable AcDisplay on top of your stock lock screen. However, when opening camera from an off display using volume button shortcuts, AcDisplay will be in your way. Also, when using the AcDisplay camera shortcut, you will have to enter your pin before being able to use the camera (versus being able to use camera from the lock screen with the stock lock screen). 2. PHONES WITH FINGER SCANNERS MAY NOT FUNCTION PROPERLY. Many phones such as the Honor 5x, Honor 8, Nexus 5x, and Nexus 6p have a fingerprint scanner that allows you to go from an off display directly to the home screen when your finger is scanned. You cannot do this with AcDisplay, as the AcDisplay lock screen will open up every time your phone is unlocked.
Alex Pagani 2015-09-21

Awesome lockscreen I usually dont like \"defacing\" the stock look of my G4, but i made and exception for this app. I hope the devs read this, because i have a few requests. The app sometimes puts my phone to sleep for no reason. The wave to wake option is sweet, but only works 1/10 times and my hand needs to be really close to the sensor. Other than that, the notifications on the lockscreen are baller, and the active mode is pretty cool as well and works most of the time.
jodie 2018-11-08

How the hell do you deactivate this app? I know, it\'s great, take that as a compliment. But, how do you deactivate this on your device?! It said the app was a device administrator and it needs to be deactivated. I pressed the deactivate button and it still didn\'t work! Please fix this. Or I\'ll report this piece of scam! You need to email me on how to fix it, not to just say stupid things! I may report this app if you don\'t do it. Yes, i agree with the other reviews that it\'s great, but when i got tired of it, i planned on uninstalling it. But it doesn\'t work! Why? Because you need to D E A C T I V A T E it. Right? Please fix this right now. I\'m not begging, I\'m making this app to be responsible on how to deactivate itself.
Nick Christ 2016-02-21

Love it, but.. I used this lock screen for a very long time and loved it, but I had to stop using it because there was a bug with it that would disable/shut off my alarms immediately as they were starting. This, in turn made me late for work on several occasions. If that one bug would or could have been fixed... 5 stars, best lock screen ever.
Conor Hudson 2016-02-09

Like it, not 5 star material Just please add a lock functionality and make it an actual replacement lockscreen like other lock screen apps please 😍
Respond Code3 2015-11-15

Loving it so far This is such an awesome app. It appears we can only place one widget on it though. Unless I\'m missing something. Right now I have the flash light widget. It\'s nice to have fast access to it. The only thing that could make this better is being able to set the wallpaper to something other then our home screen wallpaper. My lock screen was a modeling photo of my wife. My home screen is Cortana from Halo. My wife\'s photo is to busy to be a home screen but it would be great if I could use it as a lockscreen
Alfredo Gemma 2018-11-15

It is a great app that keeps its promises. Simple configuration, several interesting options to tune notifications and overall experience. No downsides, but just one major issue on Android 8.1: sometimes the notifications stop working and restarting the phone is the only choice to make them work again.
G 12 Anshuman Sharma 2018-10-02

This App is not uninstalling man what to do now. It says that disable all the permission i have disabled then also the problem. dont install this app waste of time and nothing
Yancarlos Baez 2015-08-27

Add security please! Will you guys be adding lock screen security in this app, this would would make it 100 percent if it has that for sure. I\'m not too comfortable having my phone without a lock pattern or pin because then anyone can just go through my phone and that really evades privacy.