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Description of Aces Up Solitaire

Aces Up Solitaire is a simple to learn & fast-paced card game that requires a little strategy and a little luck to win. If you enjoy playing the classic patience solitaire, then Aces Up Solitaire is a game for you.

Mobilityware’s version of Aces Up Solitaire has added a wild card so players can rely more on strategic moves to win, and not luck. Aces Up Solitaire is the perfect combination of easy to learn and challenging to master, which both casual and strategic gamers will love.

This puzzle card game brain teaser is a variation of the classic patience card game and is also known as Idiot’s Delight, Once in a Life Time, Ace of the Pile, Rocket to the Pocket, Loser Solitaire, Firing Squad, Aces High, and Drivel.


The goal of the game is to clear all the cards from the game board, except for the four aces. To clear cards from the game board you must find cards of the same suit on the board, that have no cards sitting atop of them, and tap the smaller value to be removed. If you get stuck and there’s no card moves available, tap the stockpile to place another card face up in each column. Once you have removed all the cards from the gameboard and the stockpile, except for the four aces, you win!


Earn wild cards by clearing the cards from the game board. The wild card allows you to discard any card from the game. Each game, players can earn up to 3 cards. Wild cards help avoid situations where you get stuck and have no moves to make! No one wants to be dealt a hand they can’t win. Each wild card you save grants additional bonus points for that game.



- Love classic Solitaire, Spades or Poker? You’ll love the free brain teasers in Aces Up Solitaire

- Classic Solitaire Feel w/ whimsical animations

- Strategically use wild cards when you get stuck with no moves

- Fast & Addicting strategy game to train your brain

- Balloons show your progress in the game. Launch all 4 balloons to win.


- Card Puzzles: A new Daily challenge puzzle is added daily designed to challenge your Solitaire Skills

- Strategy is key to win! Use logic and strategy to solve each puzzle

- Too Easy? Try to win a game without using a wild card!


- Complete the card puzzles to gain XP and become the first to claim the title of “Aces Up Legend”

- Track performance on your personal leaderboard and develop new strategies

- Are you competitive? Check the global leaderboard to see how your score stacks up against others

- Complete challenges to earn trophies that will sit nicely in your trophy room

MobilityWare makes the best card games to keep your brain sharp: the #1 Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Mahjong Solitaire, Freecell Solitaire, and Addiction Solitaire games. Take our newest card game, Aces Up, for a test ride today.

Aces Up Solitaire is ad-supported, but only between deals. We won’t interrupt your card game with an ad!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? We would love to hear from you! Reach us at http://www.mobilityware.com/support

Aces Up Solitaire is created and supported by MobilityWare.

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lable: Card - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:MobilityWare

User Reviews


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Gillian Burdett 2020-05-23

Yes! Yes! And many more yes..... es! A real find for me that i haven\'t played in years but has stood the test of time waiting to be found on a spring day and to bring back many happy memories. Many thanks to the dev for bringing this gem of a game back! The rules are simple, the way you play full of skill, leaving this game on a par for any of the other solitaire games. I have to recommend this to the newbies and experienced alike!
Barbara Street 2020-10-07

This game is pretty awesome I thought I played about every card game out there guess I\'ve been fooled it\'s a good game to play anytime and anywhere if you\'re on the go or if you\'re just sitting around the house you guys have really got to try this game it\'s really different from any card game I\'ve ever played MobilityWare keep up the good job guys I have Aces Up Solitaire, Heart\'s and Spades downloaded on my phone so far.... I\'m going to keep looking out for the next good game from mobilityWare
Lee K 2020-05-17

This game is so fun. Like most Mobiltiy games they are classy, classic and quailty. I always love the animation play off at the end of the game thanks. I have thoroughly enjoyed Mobility games over the years keep up the excellent work.
Andrew Wilkinson 2020-07-09

Used to play this game \"manually\" 45 years ago, but without the \"remove card\" function, the chances of winning were a lot slimmer. Also used to play with 2 packs of cards. The object to have no cards left at all at the end.
N H Daly 2020-06-06

You keep doing it, mobilityware! Will always check to see what\'s new from you before anything else!! Aces Up is tricky to learn but a real winner among my limited number of games. Have you thought of adding a Daily Challenge?
Lin Art-Tin 2021-01-02

I just happened upon this game & never played it, for that matter I haven\'t seen nor heard of it either! So, I downloaded it & the rest is history, really though, I\'ve enjoyed playing it since, which like most of the games, they\'ve got bills, there are ads but not obtrusive. Good spin on Solitaire guys& gals!! Hats off to the Developers!!
Vicki F. 2020-06-01

The wild cards offer some great opportunities for strategic play! Sacrifice a wild card earlier in the game, or save it for later? Another really great game from Mobilityware, with creative options for game play.
David L. Craig 2021-01-19

This is well-balanced, all deals are winable. Can be played one-handed. Software crashes are infrequent using my S4. Takes a while to figure everything out, though.
I am Steve 2020-05-24

I want to thank the MobilityWare developers for doing ads right in all of their solitaire games. I have yet to see an ad that can\'t be exited after 5 seconds. Ads never interrupt the game play. Good job!!
Valerie Sutera 2021-02-07

So much fun, I love it!! It has gotten to the point that I don\'t even play any other card games except those made by Mobilityware since they are far superior and their animations at the end of a winning game are amazing and unique.