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Description of ACL, Knee Replacement Curovate

Have you had an ACL injury or surgery, a Knee Replacement or a Hip Replacement? This App, developed by a Physical Therapist with 20 years of experience, will help you reduce pain, motivate you to do your daily exercises, and keep you engaged with your recovery.

Curovate allows you to chat directly with a licensed physical therapist through the app to have your health care questions answered. If you need more help you can also schedule a video physical therapy session with a licensed physical therapist through the app.

Curovate provides daily video guided physical therapy exercises based on the best knee and hip surgery rehabilitation protocols and guidelines. The exercises within Curovate are based on the best evidence, as well as the clinical experience of a Physical Therapist with 20 years of experience.

Curovate can measure your knee or hip joint movements (i.e, range of motion), at home with no special equipment. Curovate requires nothing more than your phone to give you an accurate range of motion measurement in a few seconds - watch the video to see how simple it is! The app also provides progress tracking for every repetition and set of exercise that you complete, shows you your achievements daily, weekly and monthly, and rewards you with badges for your hard work.

The ultimate goal of knee and hip surgery is to return to the sports and physical activity you love and to get back to your normal life and Curovate can help you achieve these goals.

ACL Injury or Surgery - Curovate can be used by people after an ACL injury by selecting the pre-surgery option in the app, or if not planning to have surgery, by selecting the non-operative ACL option in the app.

Curovate is a physical therapy app for people who have had a patellar tendon graft or a hamstring tendon graft used to repair their ACL. Many people also have had a cadaver graft, or a graft taken from a deceased person, or a quadriceps tendon graft. All of the research states that the rehabilitation and exercises that people need to do after a cadaver or quadriceps tendon graft for an ACL repair is the same as a patellar tendon graft rehabilitation protocol.

Total Knee Replacement - this is when your entire knee joint is replaced with artificial parts. This is done for people who have osteoarthritis in their knee and they are limited by pain and inability to do their daily activities. If this is you, then Curovate can help.

Curovate provides specific daily and weekly physical therapy exercises to help you recover. You can also measure the exact angle or range of motion of your new knee joint to make sure you are meeting your goals and staying on track for your recovery. The joint replacement of your knee is just the first important step to achieving pain free function of your knee. Now it is crucial that you continue daily exercises to get stronger after surgery. You can do this by starting your knee replacement rehab at home.

The exercises in the app were developed from rehabilitation guidelines and knee replacement protocols all clearly referenced in the app and 20 years of clinical experience from a physical therapist. Tracking your exercise repetitions, sets and your overall progress is also done by the app so you don’t have to track your daily recovery on paper. If you have questions about if this app can help you after surgery, please email the physical therapist and CEO of Curovate, Nirtal Shah at nirtal@curovate.com

Total Hip Replacement - the main purpose of the surgery is to eliminate the pain that people feel from osteoarthritis of the hip joint. There is a great deal of rehabilitation and recovery that has to happen after your hip replacement. If you have had this surgery, Curovate can help you recover. Curovate simplifies the process of rehabilitation.

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User Reviews


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Sirana Hanwongrith 2019-08-08

Great app for ACL rehab!! the exercise and the measurement help encorage me to do the exercise and track my profression. love the way that give you a variety of exercise. most of the exercise I can do before surgery. however, some of the exercise here will be more advance than your knee can tolerate after the surgery. But for sure you will be gradually increase the exercise based on your recovery. it would be great if the app can put some more detail or caution for post-op people like me.
Rae-Ling Lee 2020-07-08

My ACL was torn earlier this year when I was playing soccer. Started using the app a month before my surgery, and had the surgery in April. You get your morning, noon, and evening exercises and tips to help manage pain and swellings. The exercise videos are helpful. Def recommend 👍
Prateek Gupta 2018-05-15

The app is very easy to understand and navigate. Provides the feeling of a game and completing exercises/day rewards you with various badges; therefore, there providing us with incentive to complete our exercises. The one thing I had some issues with were on the registration page. I selected the option of \'non-surgical\' treatment; however, was unable to complete registration unless I chose a surgery date. I have not undergone an ACL surgery.
Lynn Lynn 2018-09-22

Thank you so much for this app! The person who made this app is a wonderful person.
Pranjal Malik 2020-04-08

Tried installing it but it\'s stuck at login page and not moving ahead. Tried both options via Google and direct sign up! Edit : it required a uninstall reinstall cycle and a very fast network connection to go forward. App looks believable for my physio sessions and the customer care is also responsive for your queries!
Andre Monteiro 2021-01-30

I had an ACL reconstruction and during my rehab the physiotherapy sessions were cancelled due to Covid. I then installed Curovate and I couldn\'t be happier. The app is really easy to use, and create a personalised rehab program taking into account the type of procedure, the grath used and how far in the rehab you currently are. Furthermore, Nirtal, the physiotherapist behind the app, offered a really useful free virtual PT session to go over the program, answer questions and ask suggestions.
Anne-Marie Castro 2020-01-04

Just tore my ACL on holiday and can\'t see a specialist for a week. This app has totally saved me by helping restore mobility in my leg. Thank you. Awesome work.
Kashyap Shah 2020-09-02

It\'s a great app for the Rehabilitation after Knee Replacement Surgery including important exercises for becoming fit again.
lokesh loke 2018-10-01

This is a good time to recover your knee
Joshua Roy 2020-11-07

Installed application, but was unable to use right away. Started app for my first session, and it states trial expired, and tries to charge me money. Useless.