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Adobe Photoshop Sketch

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Description of Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Draw with pencils, pens, markers, erasers, thick acrylic, ink brush, soft pastel and watercolor paint brushes to create artwork that can be sent as layered files to Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

Artists tell us they love the:

• Access to 11 tools that can adjust size, color, opacity and blending settings.

• Ability to create an infinite variety of Sketch brushes using Capture.

• Ability to add multiple image and drawing layers they can restack, rename, transform and merge.

• Flexibility to organize their favorite tools and colors in the toolbar

• Ability to send their sketches to Photoshop or Illustrator with layers preserved

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Search for and license high-res, royalty-free images from inside Sketch. Incorporate quality imagery into your work.


Get easy in-app access to your assets — including Adobe Stock images and brushes created in Capture.


Send a file to Photoshop or Illustrator with layers preserved. It automatically opens on your desktop, letting you effortlessly build on your idea.


Adobe CreativeSync ensures that your files, fonts, design assets, settings and more all instantly appear in your workflow wherever you need them.


Publish your work to the Behance creative community and get feedback without leaving the app. You can also share through Facebook, Twitter and email.

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lable: Art & design - Apps Current Version:2.2.321 Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:Adobe

User Reviews


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GlacierPlayZ - 2018-09-28

To be honest, I don\'t really think much aout these kinds of apps. I mean, you advertise it as a god send of an app where you can make these beautiful pictures. But in reality, they were just painted on a computer and then pasted on the advertisement for this. If there are any actual good ones, then it was made on a touchscreen chromebook. If you are reading this and you do not own a chromebook with a touchscreen, please do not download this application. Thank you for reading this all the way.
Ur Mom gae 2019-04-13

this sucks, rotating isn\'t an option. it\'s worse than flip a clip rip offs. please fix the fact that most of my time is wasted on trying to make the brushes work. add better zoom, i cqnt zoom close enough to add details.
Rachel A. Spellman 2020-09-07

Let\'s be honest here. This is a gutted version of an Adobe app that you would find on iOS. There\'s such limited control over what you can do with this, and it\'s frustrating because I know what Adobe is capable of. You would be better off sticking to Autodesk (which I personally think is also severely lacking) than wasting space with this app. If Adobe ever tries developing seriously for Android, I\'d be happy to revisit – right now, this is just shameful.
Daniel the first 2020-10-03

Overall, this app is pretty good for some casual drawing. Most certainly not for for anyone trying to do something serious, but you can make some cool stuff nonetheless. I have a few issues, such as the slow speed of the undo button, the limited zoom, and the slightly intrusive size of the left panel. Honestly, this is a nice app to use. But a stylus is a must. 7.3/10
Anthony Patterson 2019-12-19

They did a good job making photoshop something you can pickup and quickly do a few specific things. This sketch version of photoshop is relatively light weight (file size), and focuses on what tools you\'d mostly need to sketch something out quickly. And yet, powerful enough to take more time with that same sketch to develop a polished idea you could present anywhere.
Atanas Magdalinchev 2018-10-19

I love the app but... Some things are missing. Suggestions: More shapes (example: 3D shapes, teardrop, etc.) Features from Adobe Illustrator Draw Text Input Bug fixes in brush saving(in Adobe Capture) Custom canvases (example: Screen size) Custom background Suggestions email Screen Rotation More tutorials Gestures Connection between Adobe Photoshop Sketch and Adobe Illustrator Draw Other small things :3 I love the app and I would love to have most if not all things from above !
Catie Spencer 2020-09-20

This app has really good options, despite the lack of pencils and pens. I love how the pencil works and how smooth it is. My biggest problem with this app, which is pretty big if you\'re an artist, is the lack of canvus control. This app won\'t let you change the canvus size or let you rotate your image on any devices besides IOS. As soon as that changes, I\'ll gladly leave a 5 star review.
Bevin Liang 2019-05-21

This app has been great so far. Would have been nice with some s pen integrated functions for the s4 tablet, such as using the button to switch to eraser mode but it\'s not a huge deal for me. As a super stripped back version of Photoshop i think it does what it needs to. A few more photo manipulation tools would have been great though.
That_Random_YouTuber64 2020-06-07

This app is pretty easy to use, but it is frustrating. Say I\'m erasing something and I make a mistake while erasing. I undo the erase and I see white lines or boxes, so I have to undo until they\'re gone and then redo everything. Then, sometimes the layers won\'t move, so I have to wait until later to move them. When they finally move, I find out that the colors look bad and I could\'ve fixed it earlier, but the stupid layers wouldn\'t move. This is very frustrating when you\'re doing a timed drawing
jobowisheshewasnomo 2020-03-20

If I were to have rated it a couple months ago it would have gotten at the very least 4 stars, however, after using the app for what I guess to be about maybe over half a year it has some glaring issues. The longer you use this app the worse the experience becomes. Sooner or later you won\'t even be able to open multiple layers, it will lag, crash or sometimes lose the entire project you were working on. I only wish that Adobe actually cared about this app, because for some this is all we\'ve got.