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Description of Advance Auto Parts

Get ready for fast and simple shopping with Advance Auto Parts. You can quickly find the right part, check availability online or in store, and easily order parts for pickup or delivery.

Choose SAME DAY DELIVERY to get your order fast

- Order by 3 PM, delivery by 8 PM.

- Available in select markets for in-stock items until further notice. New markets added weekly.


- Save vehicles to easily find parts that fit.

- Quickly check availability for pickup or delivery.

- See product ratings, warranties, and descriptions to help you choose the right product.

- Pay your way with credit cards, PayPal and Advance Auto Parts Gift Cards.

- Scan a product bar code to easily see product details, reviews, and order.

- See our product recommendations and make sure you have what you need to complete your project.

- Order with ease!

MANAGE YOUR SPEED PERKS REWARDS Get points on every purchase.

- Check your member status.

- View and redeem rewards.

- Not a member? Sign up today with ease and save more with hassle-free, easy-to-redeem rewards!


- Sign in to view your online order history.

- View your current order status on the Home screen.


- Check store hours, call ahead, and get directions. Save your preferred store for free, in store pickup.

- Plus, stop in and receive personalized care with services such as check engine light scanning, wiper blade installation, and battery testing and installation, and more.


Choose the option that works best for you:

- Scan your VIN code or VIN number

- Enter your VIN number

- Enter your license plate number

- Select your year, make, model, and engine


- Contact Customer Care to get help with your order.

Download now and start shopping for the parts you need.

You can tell us about your experience, ask questions, give feedback and make feature requests by contacting us at customerservice@advanceautoparts.com.

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More Information Of Advance Auto Parts

lable: Auto & Vehicles - Apps Current Version:1.11.2 Publish Date:2021-12-02 Developer:Advance Auto Parts, Inc.

User Reviews


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Steve Wolfe 2020-08-21

Pretty good, with a few annoyances. Mainly you have to login every single time (and you have to go out of your way to do it), and it doesn\'t store credit cards or hint to android to use a saved card--so every purchase you have to enter it again. Outside of that it\'s pretty good--search is painfully slow but that\'s the same on the website, so I wouldn\'t fault the app.
David Ciolko 2021-01-10

The app is great and easy to use. You can log into your existing advance Auto parts account and use your perk rewards as if you were on a desktop. I\'m giving this score because I can\'t see a reason why I shouldn\'t be able to screenshot or screen record this app. This is very inconvenient when I\'m asking an employee to pull up items via part number. I\'ll change my review when this update is made.
Shut Up 2020-06-06

Issues with the app: Can not run in background. Switching to another app causes it to crash, and needs to be started again. Vehicle selection randomly changes after an app restart. Being asked if I want to make a new store my default every time I order gets annoying after I press no 50 times. Orders get cancelled for \"billing reasons\" half the time, even though my credit card company says it\'s not on their end. Rewards don\'t get reissued and have to contact AAP to reissue them.
Dylan Hargis 2020-05-06

Should have saved the money on developing an app. and just updated there site. The only differences from the site are that coupons can be scanned and looking for other locations, if your the home store doesnt have the part, is a huge pain. I am going to delete the app. and just use there site, not my problem if there employees have to type in my coupon rather than scan it off the app.
Bernie Hartopp 2021-02-23

Not very impressed with the app/loyalty program at all they offer discounts on purchases but only if you make the purchase online for same day pick up at your local store or have it shipped to your home which takes 7-10 days. The process of going online and searching your part and placing the order takes much more time and I\'d imagine for customers that aren\'t as knowledgeable as others could be impossible. I have much more to say but apparently 500 characters is all that matters to them.
Luis Valdez 2020-07-15

It works good but I really wish it saved your billing info, everytime you make a purchase you have to re-enter your payment info. It would also be nice if it automatically searched parts for the last vehicle that you searched for instead of the first in your saved list (for those with more than one vehicle) and lastly they should show you which store has the part you need when your store isn\'t supplied with such part.
Kross Knight 2020-09-17

The app worked rather well before the previous update, and now it\'s useless. No matter the vehicle selected, or if I\'m signed in or not, if I search for any part, bundle, tool, or the like the search takes forever and says that 0 results were found. The most recent update has bricked the app and made it a literal waste of space on my phone. Until the issue is resolved use the vastly more reliable website, and avoid the waste of time that is this app.
Miguel Ruiz 2020-11-14

I will rate it 5⭐ when these 2 issues get corrected. Number one store availability even though products appear as available at your local store when you proceed to purchase they appear as not available at your selected store and it does not give the option to only show you where they are available without you entering zip codes. Number two Payment options no more PayPal which makes it very convenient when you don\'t have your card. Would be nice to save your credit card like any other company
tim dattilio 2021-01-11

Total disappointment from the moment iplaced the order. No support. Literally. I needed the part so I can drive to work tomorrow. They tied up my money so I couldn\'t just go get another fuel pump and I was on hold over an hour before finally selecting a ccx all back. Which never happened, text chat was not reliable and not a word on my part that was guaranteed (that\'s what the fine print suggested) I\'m done wasting my time here. An immediate refund would be nice so I can fix my car
Mark Myers 2020-08-13

Overall the app is fine, but the search engine is absolute garbage. I FREQUENTLY search things I KNOW Advance has, that won\'t come up, or I have to reword 7 times to get to the correct result. Many things have to be worded EXACTLY the same or they won\'t even show up in a search they should. This happened just yesterday with a 3/8 drive 1/2\" socket. Obviously Advance has it, but your search engine is not at all intuitive. Major downside, as it ruins the main functionality and entire point of app.