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Description of AdventureQuest Dragons

Hatch and evolve 12 Dragons in an idle game from the makers of Cookie Clicker & AdventureQuest Worlds!


• Steampunk Dragon

• Fire Dragon

• Green Dragon

• Shadow Dragon

• Three-Headed Dragon

• Evil Lava Dragon

• Gold Dragon

• Lightning Dragon

• Faerie Dragon

• Undead Dragon

• Slime Dragon

• Frost Dragon

Become a master of Dragons. Tap dragon eggs to hatch them, and then collect gems to power-up and evolve your dragons into titanic beasts. Collect and evolve them all.


• 12 masterfully painted and animated Dragons

• Each Dragon has unique upgrades and stories!

• Unlock hundreds of Dragon achievements.

• Your Dragons can play for you, even when the app is closed.

Collect Dragons of every breed! Battle through the storylines where your Dragon will raise armies, create cities, and most likely destroy civilizations while fighting fearsome foes. From an egg to master of the multiverse!

“Dragons, they’re alright.” - Orteil, creator of Cookie Clicker

“Dragons are cool!” - Artix, creator of AdventureQuest Worlds


Dage - Lead AdventureQuest Worlds Artist

Thyton - Lead DragonFable/MechQuest Artist

Oishii - Original AdventureQuest Artist

Yergen - Bladehaven/HeroSmash Master Animator Extraordinaire - And One Handsome Devil


Orteil - Cookie Clicker Creator

Artix - AdventureQuest Creator

Opti - Cookie Clicker Administrator

Cysero - DragonFable/AQworlds writer

The most epic clicker game of all time! As an idle game, the point of the Dragons is to ultimately have the game play for you. Master the art of tapping and not tapping. Easy to do - difficult to master. Become the greatest Dragon Master in all of time and space by tapping (er- or rather NOT TAPPING) your way to glory!

Raise your horde of dragons, Dragon Master!


There is an option in the Options menu to restore your old game data if you lost progress during an update. The game restore option may take several minutes to complete. Please be patient and wait for the process to complete! The restore option will reset your game to its previous state before the last update. So, don't use it if you don't need it!

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More Information Of AdventureQuest Dragons

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:1.0.65 Publish Date:2021-09-23 Developer:Artix Entertainment LLC

User Reviews


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Tausif M. 2015-03-22

Awesome It\'s a really fun game and you guys should try it if you would like to raise your very own dragons, but not just 1 dragon, there are 12 different dragons in this game!! And a new cookie dragon will be released for the game soon!! There are a few minor bugs but you won\'t even notice them. I recommend that you play this game and try out the other PC games made by AE like AQW and other mobile game like Adventure Quest Battle Gems and the new mobile game Adventure Quest BATTLE ON which will come out in a couple of months!! Enjoy!
Joel Wong 2015-07-04

My progress missing again I went back to after a looong while just to find my progress reset, when I tries to restored purchase, it said the link has alrd been redeem, can anything be done about this?
Steve M 2019-04-10

Any fun that you could get from this game is ruined by the fact you have to open the app every few hours or it will not progress. Add to that the loading time, and you will soon decide its best not to open.
Tanner Pressley 2015-08-07

The game is good way to pass the time with several different Dragons. Occasionally the game will have a glitch/bug where I can\'t see the upgrades but other than that I\'ve liked the game so far. Also If you want a free Dragon key enter this code 8i4uqqmj.
Robyn Minter 2015-08-02

Nice dragons, but the AQW founder link up doesn\'t work. Simply says 13: bad juser format: unterminated JSON string. Update: Got the link to work. Apparently my aqw password was either too long or had too many special characters. Changed it and it linked fine. My code is 0ec11z34
Alex V 2015-07-16

Good idle game, needs additions and some fixes The little dragons are cute, once evolved they look badass. The progression is slow but hey, it\'s an idle game. I personally love this, but there are some bugs, like sometimes, the upgrades menu not showing up. So the game definitely needs a few fixes. Also, I thought the addition of a gallery, where you could see the artworks of the dragons you\'ve unlocked, would be a neat little thing? So, in the end, great idle game/time waster, cute and badass dragons, needs some fixes and possibly more features (NG+?).
ChaosShadowWolf 2015-04-06

Doesn\'t want to work For some reason I can\'t get past the loading screen. Shame as I wanted to play this game. :-(
TsunamiDragonPlays 2019-04-08

I\'m curious, will you guys put new and different dragons in? Maybe as dlc? I would like to see a gravity dragon or a poison dragon (slime dragon does not count because while disease and poison are related, they are not the same thing) possibly, maybe a insect hive-based dragon? Anyways love the game! BATTLE ON!!!!!!!
Will S. 2015-07-14

Doesn\'t work Game never gets past the loading screen. From what I can see, others have been having this issue for a while, now. I might consider raising the rating if the bug is fixed, but I\'m seriously doubting the developer\'s abilities based on this.
Grand Rezero 2017-10-15

Artix Games, I love this game. It\'s a great time waster that I can pull out anytime. I have one CRITICAL complaint. I cannot collect the keys that fall with the coins. I tap directly on them, I\'ve tapped under. I can collect the coins without any problems but i cant get those keys. I don\'t want to spend more than the $3 bucks i spent because i liked the game and wanted to support you a bit.