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Description of Adventures Story 2

Everyone has a weakness, our Chingu has two! Sleep and Candies. So what happens when he sleeps and dreams about candies.

Jump into a world of total fun and adventure, from a Green Island to a Pirate Ship and from the Bunny Land to the Candy Land. Chingu is all set to glide through his super cute candy dreams. They say dreams come true, but so do nightmares.


• Experience an exciting mix of fun and exploration.

• Lots of bosses and super cute enemies to defeat.

• Set off on a dreamy adventure with amazing visuals.

• Smooth controls.

• Funny animations give life to all the characters.

Explore a unique candy adventure with our hero Chingu in Adventures Story 2. It is an adventure platformer that comes among the top platform games and adventure games on Android.

There are many challenging and fun levels to explore in this 2d adventures game with your pets and companions. Fight for survival in this fantasy world. There is a special BOSS mode where you have to battle against bosses to reach the next level for exciting rewards. The fun in this platformer game is never-ending!

Show your skills by completing levels and be the hero! Collect all the candies and use them for power ups to gain lives, health and much more. You will face many enemies on your way to complete your mission, so get ready for an epic adventure!

Adventures Story 2 is a simple platformer game with easy controls and fun gameplay which is very easy for everyone to pick up and start! It has a classic platformer game style with wonderfully designed worlds and levels.

If you love platform games and adventure games you will definitely love Adventures Story 2!

The game is free to play so download this candy adventure game now!

Contact us on support@renderedideas.com if you need any help!

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More Information Of Adventures Story 2

lable: Adventure - Games Current Version:234.0 Publish Date:2021-11-02 Developer:Rendered Ideas

User Reviews


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Jeanette Simmons Simmons 2017-01-26

Happened upon this game and loving it. I\'m very picky about my games and if I don\'t uninstall in 5 minutes then I know its a great game. Guess I will be keeping this one for awhile. Thumbs up to the developer\'s..
Illusion ! 2020-07-20

Nice but need some improvement the song some time won\'t stop it\'s buzzing sound I glitch it automatically plays can\'t hear the music and sometimes if I off the music also it doesn\'t stop acctually it\'s in all lever every time in middle of the level the music starts automatically and I can\'t stop it until the level is completed
Rama Krishnan 2020-09-08

This is my best game in the world. I love collecting candies and jumping or throwing water on enemies and this is also my favourite game. And i also became a fan of this game also and the game play and graphics were superb and the controls are easy and smooth. And you should also try the game and play it. Thanks for reading.
Computer Mobile 2020-11-17

Very very nice game. Game s features is so cute. Nice an best graphics. Unique an pleasant sound. Powerful an easy control. Very enjoyable game. One of the best game. Superb 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Bre Mujadzic Maya 2020-07-19

This is the best adventure game by far. I love all the hidden worlds with candies. I love the levels. I just wish there were worlds. I finished all of them. Im playing the same levels over and over. Other than that the best adventure game.
Donna Heim 2018-03-20

Fantastic graphics, adorable characters with various actions along an interesting trail! 1 of the Best Platform games I have ever played! Never know whats next, lot\'s of surprises keeps it exciting😄😃! Now I want to go back and get the first one. Many THANKS 👏to all the great developers, can\'t wait for the next one! (THANKS for not making the game timed, much more fun and relaxing this way!!) Download this NOW! 😍👌👍💚💛❣
Jim Brown 2020-03-11

I dont know why they took the first adventure story away... that one was the best and definitely way better than this one! That one was so fun! Please bring that app back and i\'ll rate you guys 5 stars. For now, i\'m rating you 2 because i dont think this app was that great.😑
Archana C 2020-10-28

Very good! Much better than the other adventure games I\'ve seen. Lots of levels and characters! I recommend.
Carrie Wunder 2020-08-25

Very cool game. Easy to play and fun levels. Graphics are spot on. Challenging but in an addictive manner. A must play game.
Lenovo Tab 2020-10-07

Nice game! I really enjoyed it alot! The next thing I like is that it\'s not inapurchase. Thankyou for making this game