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Description of Age of Colonization: Economic strategy

Age of Colonization is an exciting geopolitical strategy people play in the whole world. The game doesn’t require Internet connection.

Become a ruler of one of the largest countries in Europe. Are you ready to battle with the Roman Empire, powerful France and England, aggressive barbarians? There are more than 40 medieval countries in the game.

Main features:

● Build an army and a fleet;

● Take on espionage missions and diversions;

● Attack other countries to annex them or to take their resources;

● Defend your territory from other countries;

● Enter into peace agreements;

● Produce food, resources and military equipment;

● Sell the excess products to other countries, buy products you need;

● List of historically accurate events;

● Ordain laws;

● Organize international meetings, promote your suggestions for voting;

● Choose an official religion of your country;

● Increase the amount of produced goods thanks to researches;

● Appoint the commander of the fleet, land army, the commander in chief, chief for collecting tribute, building and trade;

● Colonization;

● Fight separatism on conquered territories.

We are constantly working on improving the gameplay and interesting updates are coming soon.

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lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:1.0.35 Publish Date:2022-06-11 Developer:Oxiwyle

User Reviews


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Rusher 2021-02-12

I used to play this game alot but now I can\'t remember when I last played, the reason I no longer play is 1 thing: that you need gems to speed up building instead of gold. It takes to long to build when you run out of gems and because late game you have a booming population it becomes impossible to keep up with demands, your popularity falls, and you lose. Literally everything else is great but now I don\'t play knowing that I can\'t win anyway.
Alessandro Sitopu 2020-03-30

it starts with HUGE deficits in the food production that cannot be solved unless I build food production buildings using gems. I watched HUNDREDS of ads just to earn gems to build them, to start the Day 1 without any deficit. it was enjoyable after, but it is just too slow (the food production and the mines). the number of mines and food production buildings are limited by the number of population. but the population growth is just too SLOW although the excess of food are PLENTY.
Thet Thet Zaw 2020-12-29

When I start playing this game, I didn\'t understand a single thing about the game so I uninstalled it. But I feel bored during these CORONA lockdown days so I try it again. Now I am very addictied to this game and can\'t stop playing. I will give 5 stars if time taken for research and army marching is shorter. However, if you are fan of strategy games, I recommend you to play this one.😉
Namet angelo Natri 2020-12-01

This game is nice espicially when you add the battle i just have suggustion please add bunkers or defence walls when defending the state to add advantage when being attack by any state because when you are defending and you have average power to your enemy they will get the advantage because they attack first destroying my units and giving me disadvantage when its my turn
Cruno04 2019-06-11

this game is very nice i like it but i suggest please add family tree or council elections or should we say advisor and if you want you can change your government style... this game have a very big potential
Joshua Henderson 2020-04-19

I love the game and if you are thinking to download this game start as Japan it has good food resources and I userly spend over half of my gems on building mines at the moment I have conquered at least 6 other countries and I\'m still going good I love this game but it could do with some improvement like u can raise an army in s conquered state making it easier if u are on a world conquest. Well done I love your games keep making more like on that u play as ancient Egypt or other countries.
Mister E 2020-10-14

You can\'t enjoy the game without spending at least 100$ as everything is rigged to tremendously slow the player down, dominating Europe would take a month in this game, with full 16 hours a day of dedication, not to mention any bigger goal, it\'s impossible without spending money which is a pain in the ass because the game is free. My advise to the developer is to just make the game 10$ or something instead of making it free for the sake of milking everyone.
rafi suvo 2019-10-16

Saw mill to produce lumber and stone cutter to produce stone. I don\'t know why this game is so centered to this 2 stuffs. Too much amout of these 2 iteams needed to upgrade ANYTHING in the game. Makes almost impossible and boring.
That Guy Online 2020-04-17

I think it\'s a really great game you can conquer everything but there is one problem...the cattle farms and tailorsshops deplete fast and I had 56 tailorshops and the barely made any clothing and same with everything thing else like cattle and stud ranches they produce nothing not even the salt mines do anything! fix this plz
Jorge Inacio 2020-09-20

You start off with your county that has no real encomy and you need to fix it by rushing to build everything. Maybe I\'m playing wrong but viewing ads to increase monthly income in what is trying to be a historical economy game doesnt make sense. The trade doesn\'t make any sense you buy for 3-4 times what you sell for. I\'d like to be able to buy a bunch of a resource and hold and sell them later. Maybe a crisis triggers price increases.