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Description of Agent Action - Spy Shooter

Who’s that suave handsome stranger in the suit? 🕵️‍♂️

Action’s his middle name. Actually, it’s his only name, and he’s the all-action star of this all-action shooter. Landing right in the heat of the action on his heli-umbrella, Agent Action’s a sharply dressed sharp-shooting spy with a license to do some absolute carnage and an awesome 🔥 range of ballistic weapons.

Race through exotic locations, chase down the bad guys on land and water, and bring down colorful supervillains in epic boss battles, all with dash of old Hollywood style.

🚡 A fast-paced shooter with smooth retro stylings! 🚡

★ Ready, aim, fire! Agent Action offers bite-size chunks of adrenaline in multiple action-packed levels of shooting mayhem. Dive straight into the action, pick a target and let rip against an endless stream of bad guys.

★ Hold to shoot! Neat game mechanics make Agent Action easy to play but endlessly entertaining, with enough tactical challenges in weapon selection, targeting and fire-rate to keep more experienced players engaged. Between levels, you’ll have the choice between health boosters, armor or more awesome firepower, and your choice could be the difference between victory and death.

★ Classic spy-caper style! The game’s slick graphics and funky soundtrack recall a host of classic spy movies, as you blast your way across deserts and the decks of cargo ships, along railway platforms, through train carriages, and into the high-tech lairs of supervillains, all while retaining the ineffable cool of an international man of mystery.

★ Follow that boat! Car chases, boat chases, and a series of heavily-armed bosses keep Agent Action on his toes and ensure plenty of variation in the game.

★ Nice arsenal! Complete levels to gain dozens of perks in the form of shotguns, sniper rifles, SMGs, RPGs and all the other deadly initials, as well as a host of pyrotechnical explosives that open up a variety of new gameplay options. You can also customize them to your own personal playing style.

★ Make friends on your travels! Every action hero needs sidekicks, and Agent Action has an address book full of useful contacts. Get cash for completing levels and use it to unlock these colorful playable characters, all paying tribute to classic Hollywood heroes and heroines.

A world of action at your fingertips!

Easy to play but as gripping as any classic spy movie, Agent Action’s a game that brings big-screen thrills right to your phone.

Indulge your inner international man of mystery, download Agent Action now and start saving the world one dead villain at a time.

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lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.6.1 Publish Date:2021-09-24 Developer:SayGames Ltd

User Reviews


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Alex Robertson 2020-10-23

Been playing this game for weeks, fun game, but for some reason the ads have started to be after every level! To me thats a bit much! Some levels, depending on weapon is one or two shots and then another ad. Its getting frustrating, and I might have to give the game a break. I\'m not knocking the game at all, just the amount of adverts thrown in my face! Reduce them and ill probably start playing it again.
Julie Marie Totsch 2020-10-20

I like this game. It\'s a fun little time waster. I bought the ad free version. You can still get extra items for watching ads. So why the 2 star review? Because the starting agent is male and the only way to play a female agent is to purchase her. The developers must be male to not consider allowing a gender choice at the beginning of the game. It\'s 2020 and women play videogames. I\'ll change my review when they grant a choice.
Bob Rob 2020-09-05

Cool so far. Redo: I got to a high level & now every time I play and get to the point where you choose items, 100% of the time when you are given two things you can have, the second one says: \"app not loaded\", or something like that. It\'s a defect. And most times now, if my agent dies and it gives you a chance to continue, it gives same message and you have to close out the game and lose out. I deleted the game and try again but pissed off I lost everything when I got to the high level.
Preston hwang 2020-11-19

Great game ! Although it does get a little repetitious after 600+ levels. You get every rewards, all the coins, upgraded everything, and nothing else you can do with those coins. I have 400K coins, 1220th level, and the only real money I spent was about $3.50 CAD, to avoid watching the ads ! The graphic was okay. In conclusion, this is a great little time killer.
Andy Sullivan 2020-07-16

Last update broke the game, no longer any rewards for finishing missions and the game stops working at the end of every mission. Also all the weapons have been reset to beginner levels i.e explosives only have 1 instead of 3 and machine guns only have 5 or 6 rounds instead of 30 or 40 Second update since this issue, game still broken. Please fix so you can carry on after completing a mission Another game update, problem still not fixed. This is now 4 updates and STILL problem not fixed.
Asim Kumar Garai 2020-09-24

Good game. All the missions are also interesting,very cool graphics,super cool guns,better agents. Game performance is excellent. But there are some defects. Sometimes the agent throws his base weapon in his area only. And the most bad thing is \"add not ready yet\". And all fhe levels are repeated. Good timepass game for lockdown. I have crossed 300 levels and have buyed all the agents except the S.A.M. 01 with its lighting gun. But stil I am not getting the agent in the 4th picture and few guns.
Jeannette Keys 2020-06-14

Didn\'t expect much upon downloading. Gave it a shot and actually was very thrilled with the game!!! It\'s cool simple to learn and you can blow tons of hours playing it. So far upgrading without having to spend money has been pretty easy. But spending my money on this game is well worth it. I don\'t typically spend money on mobile games however this has changed my mind. Great job on this unique and exciting game!!!!
Houston Mayzik 2021-01-25

I did love the game since when it started, and then you guys had the update for upgrading weapons and everything, but the problem on top of it, i can\'t get a loot from the $500 earning for getting an upgrade for my weapons doesn\'t want to exist for me to Access my earnings, i had to give it 1 star because of it, just for a polite way of saying this, just fix that problem and I\'ll give you 5 stars, thank you
Frank Henderson 2020-06-26

NO STARS!!!!! absolutley! After reaching level 265 & earning over 97k. game glitched with upgrade. Just like the 100s of comments suggest. No boss reward, freezez, lost gained ammo amounts. Contacted developer & no response. Apparently no one has received a response. With no help, info or response. I hoped uninstall & redownload would do the trick. It did game no longer freezes I get the boss reward.....BUT I had to start over completely! I lost all my agents cash & weapons. Give it back!!!!!!!
Satish Shewale 2020-09-01

First i love this game but there is one problem. I am at mission 84 and that is impossible. You get shot by the guys who are on the boat and in the plane guys get 1 shot every time. You cannot live in that mission. And my character is shooting somewhere else instead of shooting the enemies. And the update is hell too good. Plz do something. Love the game.