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Description of Ahorro - Easy Expense Manager

Ahorro is designed by simple, clear and understandable interface. With the intention of friendly usability design, users now can record and track down his / her daily expenses, monthly income as well as can organize budgets - in furthering to analyze money usage and where it went.

We simplify the add new record feature where it provides users the understandable flow chart to better describe how much money users have spent. There are no sponsor ads in Ahorro to distract you from organizing your treasure box. Just a few quick steps, you can organize your own money efficiently and wisely.

Main function and features:

- Automatic content reading by scanning barcode of receipts (Region limited, Taiwan only)

- Organize monthly budget

- Allow users to manage his/ her frequent used categories

- Analysis function added for both expense and income

- Easy and quick to operate

- Highly security and privacy protection

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More Information Of Ahorro - Easy Expense Manager

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:1.2.5 Publish Date:2022-06-11 Developer:FieC

User Reviews


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Jack Nabis 2016-09-21

Malfunctioning After updating my Nexus 5X to Android 7.0, I simply cannot type in any numbers bigger than one digit!!! So it basically became useless
Muhammad Faisyal Nur Rahman 2017-03-29

Was using this app with my iphone and it was very useful but then i change my phone to android and found out it has fewer functions than the iphone version (e.g can\'t transfer money from one account to the other). I hope the developer can make the android and iphone version of this app has the same function. It was actually a really good app.
Howard 2016-11-24

Bug fix It was a really good app, but it was not fully compatible to Google pixel xl or maybe Android 7.1. The keyboard was reacting but doesn\'t type right in the app. After couple tries, the app stopped working. Pleas fix it and I will rate to 5. For example, if I typed 4, it will show 4.00 directly. If I typed .4 like 0.4, it will show 0.00.4, and then kill the app
Tina Jang 2016-04-20

Widget? It would be faster to add data via widgets. Hope you guys keep up the good work and add some widgets.
Lk Rigor 2017-07-20

I was ready to replace my first choice in financial app for this! Neat flow in adding transactions, simple but fast way in viewing current spendings, multiple accounts possible. However, you there\'s no transfer feature that automatically debits and credits two accounts. Also more reporting is appreciated. Let me know if these features are already available and I\'ll use this in a heartbeat.
Julie Norazreen 2016-01-17

Great design. Simple. But has room for improvement. Especially on the Reports. Perfect if it can show monthly average trendline.
Serene Teo 2020-07-24

I\'ve always loved Ahorro, but somehow after a recent update, I\'m unable to key in any expenses more than 10 dollars. It\'ll bug out and crash after showing (0.00.0) on the calculator screen once I backspace everything away. Please help. It\'s 24/7/2020 and I\'m guessing there aren\'t anymore updates to this app. Sad.
wai keung Hui 2017-03-06

Can not input more than ten and decimal places . Please fix this bug thanks
Charles Teh 2016-08-30

Clean Design By far the nicest app I use to track my expenses. Would appreciate if could have the option to amend the date after an expenses record has been created. Everything else is good. Love the backup and restore function which is convenient when switching devices.
Rie Blanc 2016-08-02

Needs improvement I like the design, very clean and simple but it needs to reflect the total balance for each account, not just budget. Please include this in future updates.