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Description of AIB Mobile

What’s online banking without a mobile app?

With the AIB Mobile on your phone you have access to:

- View up to 2 accounts without logging in: press that Quick Balance button!

- Share your IBAN & account details

- View & export up to 7 years of statements

- Report your card if it is lost or stolen (it happens!)

- Freeze/Unfreeze your card

- Reset your PAC or recover your Registration Number (it's hard to remember everything!)

- View & cancel your Direct Debits and Standing Orders

- Apply for Personal Loans while on the go

- And much more...

To use the app you need to be registered for AIB Phone and Internet Banking.

The app needs the following permissions to work on your phone:

- Identity/Contacts – we need the device name so you can unregister (ie. remotely wipe the app) from AIB Internet or Tablet Banking

- Phone - so you can call our help or product numbers directly from the app

- Device ID & call information - to read phone status and identity

- Calendar - so you can add reminders to your calendar when serving notice on Online Notice Deposit savings accounts

For more information visit our website http://personal.aib.ie/ways-to-bank/mobile-banking

For information on our Loan products visit http://personal.aib.ie/our-products/loans

AIB Mobile is available 20 hours a day, subject to our terms and conditions - we have some nightly maintenance needs you see.

Transaction fees and charges, and transaction limits may apply

Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c. is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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More Information Of AIB Mobile

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:5.51.3 Publish Date:2022-06-17 Developer:Allied Irish Banks, Public Limited Company

User Reviews


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Kyle Murphy 2019-09-14

Since the last update I haven\'t been able to access my online banking, instead I\'m greeted by a message advising me that my phone is rooted. I have never had my device rooted, I even installed a root checker which confirms this. I tried to access internet banking instead but was unable to do so, as it requires me to access phone banking for authentication purposes. Also tried to get through to customer services, but gave up after 20 minutes on hold.
Padraic Sisk 2020-11-26

App worked perfect until the recent update. It\'s now stuck in a constant update loop. I just updated the App today 26/11. It worked for my first login and then back to the same issue. As it stands I cannot access any payments or money transfers. This is beyond ridiculous. There doesn\'t seem to be a whole lot of response from AIB here.
Deep Water 2020-12-02

Dont what you have done lads, but everytime I log in now, I have problems. Once pin is entered it flicks from screen to screen to screen to screen. Yup that many. Then it asks me to update, so I do, more often than not everytime I log in, then fails with a technical error. So I try again, sometimes 5 - 6 times with the same result. It was fine up until the last update so something needs fixing.
Aine Wynne 2021-01-17

The app is almost unusable since the last update. I contacted AIB about this in November and they claimed to be fixing it. It worked OK for a few weeks, but now (December 2020) it\'s back to the interminable log-in/security update/loading icon loop. Update, January 2021: I contacted AIB again. They advised uninstalling and reinstalling the app and adjusting the time and default browser settings on my phone. It\'s made no difference: still can\'t log in most of the time.
Deborah Odwyer 2020-11-08

A.I.B. Bank ,seriously is this the best you can do for your customers??? Have had this app for a little while and it worked ok for a while but for the last two weeks like so many other users on here have said over and over again I CANNOT LOG IN AT ALL it keeps saying to click on the security update which I\'ve done a hundred times IT DOESN\'T WORK it keeps telling me it\'s a technical issue .this app is completely useless, can you please sort this out or I\'m taking my business to a bank that actually provides the basics ,its 2020 not 1980 .A.I.B have answered comments on here regarding this so I\'d imagine you\'ve had plenty of time do something about it ,ye are quick enough to take you\'re fees and bank charges from your customers, so at least provide a decent service.
Marshell Swart 2020-11-23

This app USED to be efficient. After the \"upgrade\", it is IMPOSSIBLE to use. It\'s a constant loop of upgrade and failure to authenticate! I don\'t have time, or the patience, to spend 10 minutes TRYING to get into the internet banking, each time I want to check payments and balances. Tried getting in through the longer method, registration code etc, no luck either!
Niall Brennan 2021-03-17

For those seeing problems with a required security update and then authentication failed: 1 - use the website to log in instead, you won\'t be able to send money to new accounts but can at least pay bills, etc... 2 - the problem is the idiots are authenticating us on a faulty server that keeps going down, hence the new browser tab the app opens in the background and \"miraculous\" fixes with no actual app update, nothing (uninstalling & reinstalling, etc...) on our end can fix it.
J Kelly 2020-11-11

The app worked fine on my Samsung Galaxy tablet until the recent update and now I\'m stuck in a continuous loop of updating for improved security, that can go on for 5/7 mins until I close it down. If it eventually let\'s me access the app, it says phone is optimized but then goes back to the continious security loop So frustrating.
Micaela Paz 2021-01-19

Since the last update it has been absolutely impossible to log in. It\'s a constant loop of \"updating security\", I have to try around 10 times until (maybe) it lets me log in. And now it doesn\'t let me go into my account at all. It\'s a banking app, not a game, you should be more on the ball with this, absolutely shameful. It\'s been a long time since this started, I guessed they would\'ve fix it by now, but nothing good has come out of it yet. Please fix it
Wai Yean Look 2021-02-06

The recent update is really bad, so basically, I cant log into the phone as normal and cant see anything and what also makes it worse because the phone app and the website log in are link I cant use it on the website. Is a real nuisance and has been going for tad too long. I\'m genuinely losing my patience over it. I cant pay my bill and I cant transfer money, and going to the bank is a hassle due to the current situation with covid. Please fix this, o see others are also affected...