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Air Attack

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Description of Air Attack

The full arsenal of modern war equipment is unleashed upon you in this breathtaking arcade game! Burn in napalm, suffocate in gas or be nailed to the ground with depleted uranium shells!


★ 3 different game modes

★ Infinite islands to play on

★ Destructible terrain

★ 9 different enemy aircraft and soldiers

★ Power ups

★ Nuclear bombs

Differs from the free version in that there are no ads. Thanks for your support.

Android TV users: a compatible gamepad is strongly recommended to play.

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lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-05-21 Developer:Four Pixels Games

User Reviews


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Brandon Edwards 2019-06-05

Lovely game. Simply interesting. Paid for the full version and works great. Thanks to Four Pixels team.
Doug Campbell 2018-12-24

I enjoyed or used to enjoy this game. The the last couple of months it seems the developer has made the easy play the most difficult play of the game! I used to do fairly well l, at least getting to level 100. Don\'t play it that much now a days due to up grade of difficulty. At age 58 there not many action mobile games for us to play. Game use to be fun, but now, no. I always believed if not broken don\'t fixed it. But was fun to play the last 4 years!
Yemi Adewusi 2019-10-13

A simple old game that\'s fun to play. And addictive.
IcYPaTh 2020-01-21

Highscore not getting posted even though location is turned on. Otherwise would give 5 stars.
Bobo The Clown 2020-09-30

I play using a ps4 controller and you can\'t use the up on the dpad to jump or at least x but you need to use the analog stick to jump up and it\'s just weird to play that way.
A Google user 2015-11-22

Was a nice, addictive game! Now becoming old hat Reminiscent of 80s arcade game but now in need of a major refresh with more and different content. UPDATE....... Graphics now awful on modern screens. They are so blocky I don\'t think it even measures up to the 80s arcade games I mention! UPDATE....... Game crashes out since latest update! UPDATE......... Still awful graphics. I\'m uninstalling as I haven\'t been able to persuade myself to play it for over 2 years now so it\'s just a waste of space!
Mark Khurana 2015-12-28

Air attack They need to change a couple things. When I lose a man, don\'t take away one of my upgrades. It can end the game right then and there. Make the terrain indestructible so I can dig tunnels and stay in a bomb shelter when there\'s too much action up above
A Google user 2015-05-07

Arcade style fun Good, clean fun. Unfortunately the small bouncing blue bombs and white bullets are quite often invisible on AMOLED screens. The background colour of the game and bullets are too close to each other. Please provide better colour distinction.
Matt Homburg 2018-08-13

Loved this game for a long time, ad version. Saw the new update and had to purchase it. Great to see developers keeping up with newer phones. Great fun game!
Wayne Riley 2016-06-06

Air Attack is a great game! The game still cannot register my location in scores with wifi and/or GPS turned on! Please fix.... :-) **Are you going to fix this problem?! Apparently not........