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Description of Alchemia Story - MMORPG

◆Design your character freely!◆

Create the character you really want!

Adjust your character's hairstyle, height, body structure, eyebrow length, eye color and more!

◆You are not alone, explore with YOME◆

Explore with the help of "YOME"!

YOME will quide you to your destination, support you in battles and help with synthesizing items!

Customize you YOME like your character, and create your ideal partner!

◆Solo-Player Mode◆

Use the Solo Player Mode feature to play by yourself!

If you feel you wouldn't fit in with MMORPG community, it's okay!

Use this mode to play more casually by yourself!

◆Easy communication with Like and Stickers!◆

Send a "Like" for those players who you want to be friends with!

Also, "Sticker" function will make communication faster and easier!

Let's make many friends!

◆Battle hard with easy commands!◆

Simply choose your commands to fight!

Cooperate with your "YOME" and defeat the enemies!

Challenge the strong enemies with your friends! Maximum of 8 players can join the battle!

◆Unforgettable story and characters!◆

You will be able to join in this fantastic world with unique characters!

Enjoy the fascinating RPG story!

◆Ride your Mount and start new adventures!!◆

Get on a Mamono, explore the world and grow stronger together!

The Mounts are not just monsters, but also carpets and macarons...!?

★This game us for you if...★

・You like MMORPG

・You often play MMORPG games

・You like customizing your character

・You enjoy games where you have various Avatars


A world where magic meets alchemy.

Its the eve of the Industrial Revolution.

People gather in the city

avoiding "Mamonos",

and the young must

go on an adventure.

And also the Heroes

depart on a journey

to defeat "Maou" around the world

and to find where they belong...


Title: Alchemia Story

Genre: MMORPG that allows you to create the character you really want!

◆Official HP: https://en.alchemiastory.jp/

◆Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/alchemiastory

Please contact from ( https://en.alchemiastory.jp/contact/index/ ) if you have any concerns or inquiries.

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lable: Role Playing - Games Current Version:1.0.104 Publish Date:2021-10-01 Developer:Asobimo, Inc.

User Reviews


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Bobbi Kass 2020-05-03

It\'s obvious this game is only a cash grab at this point. The new mount feature is clearly geared towards paying players, as you can only use paid gems for the 5 times lotto! Those using free gems can only pull the lotto once a day! And that\'s not the only thing that\'s exclusive to paying users, either. Shop items like HAIRSTYLES and FACES are EXCLUSIVE to paying players. Lottos are also clearly rigged to be guaranteed to drop the themed avatars ONLY when you use paid gems, as well.
Iforgottoread thescriptdidn\'tI 2020-12-24

An outstanding game with many flaws. Simple controls and combat, and the story is interesting so far. Confusing and difficult sometimes but possible to overcome. However a lot of this game can be unfair. It takes a long time to get enough of any currency and EXP. But if you ignore the paid purchasing stuff, this game can bring a pretty fun experience. I\'ve had my struggles, playing for almost a year by now, but I\'m thoroughly enjoying myself. The translation has greatly improved as well!
Rui Masaki 2021-01-27

Honestly I don\'t have high hopes in online games like this. But man, this game is lit! Graphics are good while not taking up a huge space on your phone. And it\'s not a pay-to-win game, this game gives both paying and non-paying players an almost equal treatment. The english yeah it\'s a bit sketchy, but still understandable. And yeah the YOME, I really love the concept(and my YOME too). This deserves more than 5 stars.
Chris Lones 2019-11-03

The graphics are good but everything else about the game lacking. Between the server connection errors, the ridiculous amounts of dialog and constant loading screens it\'s taken me 2 days to get through the tutorial and I\'m honestly not even 100% sure I\'m done with the tutorial. For the amount of dialog there is there seems to be no depth to the story. It\'s like is a filler episode of an anime that was turned into a game.
Seth Neal 2020-12-22

I\'ve given this game another shot, and must say it\'s been well worth it. 4 to now 5 stars. Incredibly well done, devs.
Francesca Jalabhay 2021-02-13

This is the best RPG in the world! Controls are easy, the quests and conversations are fun, you can personalize your character and the gear and weapons are beautiful! The monsters are also very interesting, and every fight is fun. While I still have this opinion, please give us back multiple skill decks. I used to be able to switch between three skill decks to equip more skills. I now only have one deck and am significantly weaker. Why is this? Other than that, it\'s great.
I HATE SNAKEU 2019-06-10

this game is so great😍...the art style fantastic and the quests are kinda interesting🤔 in a way.(btw the animations are cute😊💜)one problem...i tried to pay for the newest hairstyle pack which was 1000gems but it would tell me that the number i had was insufficient (which is not true.)
Kayne Alexis 2020-12-02

I really love this game!! I have some quick suggestions 1. Can you make the models more..OUTSTANDING? It\'s awesome now but if you make them have more expressions than this version, I absolutely sure that almost everyone will be delighted to play this game! 2. Can you make their fighting movements more interesting? Like I said, everyone will play this game and your other games.. I\'m sorry if I\'m being too bossy for you or forcing you to do it. Just giving some suggestions..
Rich Boy Winston 2019-12-22

Bad RNG rates and rising prevalence of paid gem lottos. Events getting grindier and grindier by the month. Not to mention the mass ban of its player base for a bug on a new dungeon that has long since existed in older dungeons that veterans and new players alike have thought that it was something normal. I\'ve lost many friends to the mass ban and my friends were the main reason I\'ve stayed playing in the first place.
Lost The Unknown 2021-02-25

Basically one of the best MMOs I have played. I even tried it on a mobile emulator on my PC instead of my phone to try it out. In a case, it worked like a charm. Just keep improving on this game and give it more content for players to get involved in in the future. This is a great game and I love it. I want some more added to the game like more outfit costomization with dyes, making a more unique character. I would also love to have other fun activities in the game.