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Alertify - Notification Sound Filter & Manager



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Description of Alertify - Notification Sound Filter & Manager

Manage notification sounds from one place.

Get a sound alert (from a short beep to a full alarm tone) when your name is mentioned in a group chat, or when a specific person out of the whole group posts a message.

Alertify plays a customizable sound alert upon receiving (specific) notifications from other apps based on keywords within each notification.

Allows customizing notification tones for apps with little to no notification sound Options.

Can play a sound tone even if Notification volume is currently zero/muted (this option is turned off by default). You will only get audio alerted when you receive an important notification based on its content.

NEW: Read internal storage permission is required and will be requested only if you use non-system / custom notification sounds.

Alertify has no internet access and does not share any data.

! On some devices, a reboot may be necessary after an update (if main-menu does not show any of the chosen apps).

*All apps & their icons present in the screenshots are for demonstration of potential use only and are not affiliated with Alertify & Nebruary. Please contact me if you wish any of them changed/removed.

UPD: Xiaomi devices no longer supported as MIUI is incompatible with Notification Listeners.



Added an option to prioritize keywords.

'Any Notification' keyword will not replace existing keywords anymore - it will get the lowest priority instead.

When switching between NOTIFICATION & ALARM modes, volume controls for the respective mode will show briefly.


Support for custom / non-system sounds (requires read storage permission).

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:Live 2.6b Publish Date:2022-02-09 Developer:Nebruary

User Reviews


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Chris J 2019-08-17

I had high hopes for the app, setting a few notification sounds for certain specific apps\' push notifications. My experience was the app failed to trigger the notification sound altogether in some cases, and in other cases the phone\'s default notification sound played simultaneously to the alertify notification for that given app. I have a pretty bare bones new Android phone (Z3 Play) so not sure why the app doesn\'t seem to work the way it should be.
Josh Montee 2020-10-30

Outstanding app! This is such an *incredibly* useful clever tool, it\'s only a matter of time before it gets the attention it deserves! Works great, excellent set of features, easily 5 stars! Thank you dev! And thank you dev for putting it back on the Play Store!
Angelo Dipino 2020-11-04

Excellent tool to have notifications function as an alarm. I use it so my important email app wakes me up in the middle of the night, all the while keeping my phone on silent mode
Stephen Azeh 2021-01-27

Sometimes it works, other times, it doesn\'t. Even after enabling Alarm type notifications. It has actually alerted just two messages, since I installed it.
Charlevoix 2019-04-29

Best app that simply allows you to customize audible alerts. No visuals just simply audible alerts. My only suggestion would be to allow \"any notification\" to be listed. If you add a keyword you can no longer list \"any notification\", only keywords would get custom sounds. I found that entering space \" \" as a keyword works. Now I\'m able to get a custom sound for the app, and a different sound for a specific keyword mentioned. Also it\'d be nice to have an option to easily prioritise the keywords.
Alyssa Millen 2019-07-30

The Dev was extremely helpful. I wanted notifications from a particular app to sound even when my phone was on \"Do Not Disturb\". After setting Alerify to \"Alarm\" and setting my phones \"Do Not Disturb\" to allow alarms, I was able to get it to sound. This app worked for my purposes and I expect it would work for other uses as well.
John Walker 2019-07-29

Crazy useful! I use it with another app, Talking Ringtone Maker, to get notified of important things by text instead of tones. No more wondering which tone is for which app or its meaning.
Deividas Kazlauskas 2019-10-11

Must have app if you want to have different notification sounds for text, email, viber messages. Works well so far
Sidd Gould 2021-02-17

NEEDS POPUPS!!!!@Please include pop ups with your app cuz there\'s no way to tell from the sounds what is providing the notification 👎 have a good app if you had a few more things to it don\'t be stubborn..and boring 💤
Steve Day 2019-12-26

Google has removed similar apps that I used to use. So glad to have found one still working! My wife sometimes needs me to go get her when I\'m sleeping and my phone is on silent - this overrides it with a special keyword via text message. This app can do so much more than I presently need. It would be very handy for sys admins.