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Alhambra, winner of the German „Spiel des Jahres 2003“ award, now available for Android!

Granada at the beginning of the 13th century - work has started on building the Alhambra The best master builders in the whole of Europe and Arabia want to demonstrate their skills Employ the most suitable teams of Builders and make sure that you always have enough of the right currency. Because no matter whether they are stonemasons from the north or horticulturists from the south - they all want a proper wage and insist on their "native" currency.

Play exciting games against the computer in 4 difficulty levels. Or compete locally with your friends on one Device. Or play online with other players all over the world. The interactive tutorial makes it easy to start even without knowing the rules. If you already know the game start directly against the AIs. Adjust the game speed by selecting the right level of animations for your style of play.

Gain Achievements by building a supreme Alhambra!

Play your way to the top of the Ranking!

Enjoy the classic tile view or a brand new isometric view of your Alhambra!

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lable: Board - Games Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-05 Developer:Queen Digitals

User Reviews


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T4C00C4T 2018-11-25

The app is functional, but definitely not efficient. There are a few bugs I\'ve run into on a consistent basis. Restarting the app usually fixes, but if i were playing online it would be unbelievably frustrating. Oh, but there\'s no online population here. So maybe it works with friends in private matches?
Peter Cudmore 2017-01-14

Excellent game I hesitated before buying this due to the negative reviews, but glad I did as most of the complaints are unfounded. For example lots of people have said that it\'s hard to see and select your cards when you have lots of them but they are wrong, you simply hold your finger on them and they expand so its easy. I\'ve had no trouble playing this and really enjoy it.
Glenn Cranston 2018-01-21

Playing against 5 hard AI. Game freezes when the money runs out. AI will not overpay for a tile (even though ALL the AI players have 10-20 money cards)and has no money cards to pick from....so it does nothing. Have to abort game time after time. Add on expansions are WAYYYYY overpriced.
Patrick Baur 2016-05-21

Great game with minor exceptions The base game is fantastic, but I\'ve found that the expansions have added less than I expected to the gameplay. The overall layout is very clear, though when you have more than 7 or 8 cards in hand they become difficult to see and select. Other than that, I have two complaints. First, the AI seems to freeze periodically when playing with the currency exchange extension. Second, there is no good way to consult the rules in the middle of a game. Oh, and a way to save games would be nice.
Mike Brenyo 2018-04-11

A fun recreation of the board game that is unfortunately riddled with bugs and issues. I have encountered problems during multiple plays. Even with that said, the game is still fun when it works and provides a great experience with interesting graphics. The AI is also challenging to play against. DLC is available and although it is mostly $.99, there is a lot of it and I am uncomfortable buying something when the game has not been updated in so long. Highly recommended as long as you don\'t mind the rough edges.
VintageDougers 2016-07-24

Good game, could use work First off, anyone saying that this game would be better if you could rotate tiles has obviously never played Alhambra. The interface could use updating.
Chris Wilson 2020-03-05

Can\'t save a profile because it says you must ever a name, even though a name is there. Freezes whenever attempting to register a profile for online play. Several spelling errors and just minor issues. Needs a lot of work.
ian watson 2021-01-12

irritating!!!!! When playing online a box appears which blocks your view asking you to opt for lobby or new game. This is very annoying. It blocks your view of the tile values and is totally not needed. Not an enjoyable experience. Connection fails, screen freezes. Should ask for money back on app. You can never quit multiplayer games, it continues to ask you to finish them even though you may have aborted them many times..
Jaco Gunter 2016-01-24

Great update! Got the game and tried to play it on a Note 4. Every tile and button were minute, had to use the stylus with some success. It was very frustrating, even though the game engine followed the rules to the letter. Playable, but with lots of swear words. But that was then. The layout of the new upgrade is way better. No need for a stylus. Well done devs.
Jordan Longstaff 2016-04-02

I have one major complaint... I can\'t move this app to my SD card. It\'s stuck on my phone, taking up a lot of the limited space on my phone. With all the apps and all the data that I want to install, there\'s not enough space on the phone. I need to be able to move it to the SD card.