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Description of ALHOSN UAE

The ALHOSN UAE app is the official COVID-19 testing channel for health authorities in the United Arab Emirates, by the Ministry of Health and Prevention.

By using the app, everyone can help stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep their family and friends safe.

You can receive your COVID-19 test results directly on your phone with a unique QR code that is proof of your status and that of everyone else around you who also have the app, giving you peace of mind that you can safely interact.

Put your health in your hands with 3 easy steps:

1. Download the ALHOSN UAE app

2. Authenticate with your Emirates ID/Unified ID and phone number

3. Add your family members and view your test result anytime, anywhere

Download the ALHOSN UAE app today and share it with your family and friends.

Together, we can stop the spread of COVID-19

Protecting yourself protects your community.

If you have any questions or feedback, kindly leave a comment or email us: info@alhosnapp.ae

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:3.3.9 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Ministry of Health and Prevention - UAE

User Reviews


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Bilal B Shakeel Ahmed 2020-06-04

Dowloading was smooth, I was hoping to see my results , i was tested in April and had received my results...the app say i have no results. I was hoping to see if anybody near me has positive through the app. I though that was the whole purpose of the app to know it. To keep know whether to stay away from specific location. Kind of disappointed so far. Hopefully there is an update and this app is of some use.
Catalina Necula 2021-02-04

Application is terrible. And customer service is the same. I called for 6h customer care and they are not able to find solutions. The app shows wrong credentials. There is no consideration. App is not user friendly. Is very frustrating that this is the only option to enter Abu Dhabi and at the border they don\'t understand. Is no other way you can escalate the issue, no one listen, you just speak with a robot and a lady she says \" I cannot do anything \". Shame.
Charanjeet Singh Soni 2020-06-01

Hi Team, I am trying to login into the app. But not getting the OTP. I have changed the mobile number, ibhad restarted my mobile too. Yet problem it not solved. ( Above issue has been solve, but further this is ti inform you that the results option for COVID-19 tests are not functioning well. I had gone through 2 tests, at the time of first test it showed in the app, but after 2nd test it\'s not been updated and first test result is also been deleted. Please do something to rectify this issue).
Luthien 2021-01-03

Opened up the app and the first thing its asking for is: Push notifications(okay cool, I understand that) Location(to send a simple test result? Yeah... no) Bluetooth access(?????? For what???) Battery optimisation(?????? For what???) I\'m not even putting this on my phone, sorry. I dont see why this is necessary to simply send a test result through to my phone.
Gaz Watson 2021-02-25

Terrible app, rarely works. It takes 4 days for test results to show up on it. I was told that we needed to use this app to get across the border control to Abu Dhabi, but the police told me not to bother, and just used the pass test results, the way I\'d been doing it prior to the app. Because they were aware how terrible the app is. Half the time the app won\'t even load properly, I get a blue screen showing a shield, and it never goes beyond that. What a farce.
Run-Nhiel Arrow-Men 2020-06-07

This was advice apps to download to check the status of Covid test results BUT unluckily the pop up message \"your credentials is wrong\". From the beggining of getting schedule to SEHA for the test I\'ve used the same phone number and register to my EID. So, it is confusing, while feeling worried on that result. Any other option to know the result?
Faisal Azhar 2021-02-07

I downloaded it but it doesn\'t work. It says an error has occurred, please contact customer support. I tried to call customer service, technical support but the number rings once and hangs up. I emailed them several times but never received any reply. I contacted National Call Centre and they logged the call and email the Al Hosn app customer service but even they didn\'t get any response.
ricky firdiansyah 2020-06-09

I downloaded the app and registered successfully with my emirates ID and mobile number. When I want to check my test result. It didn\'t show, It said My mobile number is wrong and need to log out. I had only one mobile number, and the mobile number that they show on the app is not mine. How is this possible?
Janis Lobo 2020-12-08

The app keeps saying wrong credentials even after I kept logging out and added the mobile number that I provided at the test center. It tells me to log in with some random number. The DHA portal is working fantastically well but this app is giving me issues. I need this problem rectified immediately as I\'m a University student and I have my finals on campus coming up soon. If I still have this problem, I wont be able to write my exams. I hope this problem can be solved as soon as possible.
One 7047 2021-01-03

I know people using this app have way worse problems than I have but here is my take, I have one problem with the app why does it need my Bluetooth and location data all the time and why can\'t I make the choice if I want to get notified to know if there is anyone positive near me. The Bluetooth and location permission seems kinda creepy like they are trying to track your devices connected via bluetooth and track your location. That Is my problem with the app.