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Description of Alibaba.com - B2B marketplace

What is Alibaba.com?

Alibaba.com is one of the world’s leading B2B ecommerce marketplaces. Our app allows you to source products from global suppliers, all from the convenience of your mobile device.

Purchase with confidence

Our Trade Assurance service protects your orders and payments on the platform, letting you purchase securely and conveniently with extended support.

Customizable products

Meet suppliers with years of customization and order fulfillment experience for sellers on Amazon, eBay, Wish, Etsy, Mercari, Lazada, and more.

Easy sourcing

Discover millions of ready-to-ship products in every industry category. Tell suppliers what you need and get quotes quickly with Request for Quotation services.

Fast shipping

Alibaba.com partners with major freight forwarders to provide land, sea, and air shipping solutions with on-time delivery services, end-to-end tracking, and competitive prices.

Livestreams and factory tours

Interact with manufacturers in real-time via product demos and tours of manufacturing facilities, providing insight and oversight on how your products are made.

Popular categories and trade shows

Source a wide range of popular items – from trending consumer goods to raw materials – and join our annual trade shows for niche product highlights and discounts.

Quality control

Choose Alibaba.com Production Monitoring and Inspection Services to reduce production delay and quality risks.

Discounts and promotions

Unlock new discounts and promotions from featured manufacturers and suppliers.

Stay updated

Use the Alibaba.com app to stay up to date on new products and promotions from your favorite suppliers.

Language and currency support

Alibaba.com supports 16 languages and 140 local currencies. Use our real-time translator to communicate with sellers in your mother tongue.

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lable: Shopping - Apps Current Version:7.58.0 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Alibaba Mobile

User Reviews


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Stephen Buah 2021-02-28

It\'s a very great app, my little suggestion is that, in order to spot for fraudulent activities, suppliers who usually expect a new customer to perform transactions and payment outside the app must be spotted and blocked. Because new customers at always face such problems.. At times the new customer won\'t get to know that he\'s to make all communication and transactions in the same app. The warning must be in a red or danger caution which flashes every 5minutes during sourcing. Thanks 👍
Makky Nassar 2020-12-04

The app is alright. But it doesn\'t make it easy for us to report sellers who are fraudsters. And we are given a time limit to write a review so if the time elapses before you receive your package, it doesn\'t matter if the seller pulled a fast one on you... he or she gets away with it! Also, it\'s very frustrating giving feedback to the alibaba team on alibaba. And these 2 issues are such major problems so I cannot give 5 stars. Otherwise it is an excellent app.
Angela Campbell 2020-12-29

Terrible app. DO NOT use and DO NOT waste your money. For starters the constant security checks are ANNOYING. The verification code never sends to your cell making it impossible to login. Imagine spending a lot of money on supplies just to not be able to sign in to your account after purchase. DO NOT RISK IT. Customer support is AWEFUL. It\'s impossible to reach any customer support when their is an issue. Also it\'s says vendors are verified but a lot of \"verified\" vendors are FRAUDULENT.
Ray Calladine 2020-11-16

I am so tired of uninstalling this app (6 times so far this week), it is worse than a virus. I never asked for it, dont want it and cant apparently get rid of it. So my advice - avoid it like the plague. If I could find a good way to complain about this unwanted invasion of my phone I would. Another 20 uninstalls later. Google should ban this app.
Gregor Heuer 2021-01-30

Most of the time it works very well and is incredibly responsive. However it is difficult to share links/photos of products in the chat easily which maies negotiating tedious. The bigger problem is that the app has trouble connecting after viewing products so i cant chat or sent images and i have to close the app and reopen it. Since this is the main function for me it becomes very cumbersome to use.
Obert Zuka 2021-02-18

Could have five stared you but when I downloaded the app I tried to log in and it asked to verify using a phone code. I waited for ages for the code to get in my phone of which it didn\'t until now. What\'s wrong with this app, why can\'t it send a verification code to my phone. Am greatly disappointed let alone to mention that I have an important order to make. Please fix this!
Daisy Bootz 2020-12-29

The pictures of items that I\'m interested in purchasing don\'t show up, just a blank page or screen. I\'ve Uninstalled it several times in order to sign in. Sometimes it works & Sometimes it doesn\'t. Very frustrating. 😕 😑 😒 😤 Updated: 12-29-20 Still having the same problem with it not showing pictures & messages.. apparently the creators of this app is clueless when it comes to working out the bugs in this app..
Musab Kilani 2021-02-17

Everything will be perfect till the first moment you have an issue with supplier. They don\'t stand by you or even try to make it right. I ordered gloves and all the sizes came very small XL as S and large as XS and the quality was terrible as well. I sent videos and proves and they still stood by the supplier even though was very obvious that the supplier was mistaken.
J H 2021-03-12

Not happy with my experience. I have purchased many things on this site and it\'s a gamble everytime! The items don\'t match the photos what a complete scam!!! When I try to get a refund the Supplier declines and Alibaba is on the Supplier side everytime and the Buyer has to take a loss . There needs to be some changes. The Supplier needs to be band for stealing photos and trying to copy and create the item because it never comes out like the photo! Unbelievable !!!!
lei liu 2020-12-03

It\'s overall a well structured and functioned B2B platform. Some improvement I think now is the communication message will be lost in one device if you switch from another device which is really a pain for communication. Another issue is some business are not putting real information on their products especially for the price that is intentionally much lower than its reality in order to attract more attention. But this false behavior will make the market untrusted.