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All in One Toolbox :Smart Tools & App utility Tool



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Description of All in One Toolbox :Smart Tools & App utility Tool

No waste of time, no waste of money ...

Tool Box is a handy toolbox app with more than 50 utility tools, smart carpenter and metering useful tools like bubble level,PDF Converter, ruler, distance meter, Unit Converter,Video compressor,pedometer,zip/unzip file ,Currency Converter,Image Recovery,Media trimmer,battery saver , bar and QR code reader... Use device's in-built hardware and sensors in all in one toolbox app.

👉Best Features:

⭐Measure tools

✦ Ruler: Includes three rulers:simple ruler,camera ruler and angle ruler

✦ Bubble level: Check surface level. Bubble level can be calibrated

✦ Speedometer: Measuring your speed (walking, running, biking, driving, ...)

✦ Pedometer: Track workouts. Choose the type of sport you would like to track and just start running, cycling or hiking

✦ Bmi calcularor:You can calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) based on the two

information on body weight, heigh

✦ Stopwatch

✦ Unit Converter : converts Imperial, Metric, Weight, Length, Area, Fuel, Mileage, Power,

Time, Pressure, Speed, Temperature, Volume, Data.

✦ Calculator : Scientific Calculator with many functions

✦ Vibrometer : uses accelearation sensor to measure vibration or an earthquake, and it

shows a reference as a seismic detector.

⭐Sensor tools

✦ WiFi speed tester

✦ Compass

✦ Location (map) : map and weather conditions

✦ Battery Cleaner: memory optimizer, battery optimizer , cpu cooler , Phone Storage

Status, cpu monitor.

⭐Camera tools

✦ Magnifier

✦ Flash Light : Use it as a manual torch light, strobe light or a sound driven light show

✦ Mirror

✦ Media trimmer: Includes video trimmer and music trimmer

✦ Video compressor and resizer :Use it to reduce video size

✦ Image Compressor

✦ Crop Image

⭐Other Utilities

✦ PDF Converter:JPG to PDF Converter is an easy-to-use app to convert multiple JPG

files to one PDF file offline.

✦ Image Recovery

✦ Zip and Unzip file/folder

✦ Audio Converter

✦ Backup & Restore app

✦ Translator: a tools for translate your voice or text

✦ Barcode Reader

✦ Barcode Generator

✦ Time zone

✦ Voice recorder

✦ Date calculator

✦ Finger paint

✦ Currency:Currency Converter for more than 30 currencies with live exchange rates

✦ Counter

✦ Color Detector

✦ Piano

✅ Support Languages

English, Deutsch, Español, 日本語, 한국어, हिंदी, Magyar, Ελληνικά, Nederlands, Polski, Português, Românâ, Pусский, Türkçe, Bahasa Indonesia, 简体中文, 中文(香港), 中文(台灣), српски, Italiano, فارسی, Shqiptar, hrvatski, ไทย, tiếng Việt, български, Azərbaycan, Norsk, Svenska, العربية

💡The app supports all device brands (Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Huawei, Lenovo, Toshiba and others). However, not all models have the appropriate sensors to support all the tools. It is tested mostly on Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Huawei, Lenovo and Toshiba.

Download All-In-One Toolbox now and get a virtual all-around-tool for your Android. Thanks!

Also if you suggest other tools, you can send us the name so we can add it to the toolbox.

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User Reviews


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Santosh Iyer 2020-04-29

The app is nice with many productive items in the toolbox. But it shows too many ads, the moment we select any item, currency does not all countries currency like OMR(Omani Rial). Needs improvement. The currency item is looked after, even ads are looked after, except the audio converter to like AAC to MP3 shows error, needs attention.
Michael Harrop 2020-07-02

Ruler only goes to 9cm (because it doesn\'t take up the whole screen), isn\'t completely accurate and can\'t be manually set. Compass and noise tester worked ok. Moto x4, Android 8.1.
HiMANsHU SiNGH 2020-04-01

Only nice User Interface for some users but I dislike it,👎👎👎 full of Ads, not only before opening and after closing the app but it shows ads each time whenever i switch to another tool before using the tool while continuously using App without closing. People use tools in case of emergency but Oh no! Wait! First you must watch Ads before you try.👎👎👎
jacob ewald 2020-04-17

Paid for the no adds version, and I\'m still getting adds! Everytime i open the app, adds! Use a tool, adds! Lying bunch of crooks!!!!!!!!! I want my money back right now!!!!!!! Are you kidding me? How can you not understand what i said? I paid for the so i wouldnt have to watch adds while using your app. But im still getting adds everytime i use it! Either fix it today or refund my money.
Saeid KhajehVand 2019-12-17

Interedting App which gathered several very usefull daily needs in an App. !
David Kinlay 2020-04-16

I have just received a message from the security Malwarebytes app that this app contains some form of malware and don\'t install. Edit : I have sent screenshot to you. Could you please reply to this email, seems to be a false positive? I have subsequently whitelisted and adware is blocked. Evaluating the content, seems to have a panoply of useful tools
Ralph Brand 2020-10-03

BY FAR, The best undelete app, that I have Ever Seen, on Any Android Device. I would rate it 10 Stars, Compared to Any Other Undelete Program, on any Android Device app, that includes Unselete, that I have ever seen, \"BY FAR\", If I had that option. Thank You CoCo, :-)
Dinky Twinkie 2020-03-18

Im LOVING this app so far!!! It is so easy to use and i had so much fun checking out all the different tools there are!
Raymond Kilfoyle 2020-10-12

All-In-One Toolbox said that out of the three or four dead currently available any Wireless good they all seem to have theit act together and when they
Amin Mazaheri 2019-12-18

amazing tools in one pack thank you