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Description of Alley Bird

One day, Little Bird decided to sneak out of their nest to explore the world.

Out of luck, poor Little Bird got lost in an alleyway and can't get back home!

Help her escape before Mama bird finds out! (Mind you, she'll be in big trouble!)

Just tap once or twice to make her fly!

Collect coins and gems to meet new chirpy friends along the way!

Sounds easy, right?

Oh, one problem though... stray cats are on the loose!

Be careful, GRUMPY CAT is grumpy; better not get caught!

Have a safe trip back home!

Alley Bird is developed by Orangenose Studio, the team behind the #1 game — Hardest Game Ever 2!

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More Information Of Alley Bird

lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:1.2 Publish Date:2021-08-05 Developer:Orangenose Studio

User Reviews


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Vickie Payne 2015-11-04

Great game! I\'m really hooked on this game. I\'m not too good at it but I\'m sure that will change since I play it daily. You should give it a try!
Takeshi Okukawa 2015-08-02

Couldent make me play!!!! I opened the app and it started loading the game by filling the white bar to orange only a tiny bit to go and went back to the home menu. I haven\'t even played the game but i rate it1.
Cai 2016-07-24

It\'s okay. I will be 100% honest with you all; I don\'t think this is that great of a game. However, all who give a 5 star review gain 100 in-game tokens. That\'s pretty low imo, but hey, might as well.
Andrew Zuniga 2015-10-16

When unlocking a character the gui crashes I had gotten to 50 and unlocked the pink bird but now when i go to characters the all button functionality crahes and i need to kill the current instance of the game and reboot the app and even then that doesnt work most of the time.
Adam Cohen 2015-08-23

Easy and simple and addictive I just wish there was an exit button so that I didn\'t have to hard close the app every time and then have to change my sound preferences when I reloaded it.
Prema Kumari 2019-08-07

it is amazing so adorable I love cute 🐦 and,🐈 keep up the good work
periodt luv 2016-05-09

I love it!! This game is so fun!! And it is so easy!!! You can also unlock REALLY funny birds!!! One made me crack up so hard I almost dropped my iPhone!!! You should definitely download this great app!!! :)
Samantha Titus 2019-08-02

this is one of the best games I\'ve played in a very long time I recommend this game to anyone who is into arcade games that keep you on your toes and also very addictive!!!!!
edwarley campos 2019-10-22

I think this game is a very fun game to play offline, the only problem that I have is that there should be a way to watch ads or pay coins to get on the floor you died on again, it\'s very hard to get back to you\'re hughscore and pass it.
Melanie Mccarty 2019-03-18

I love this game it is so fun