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Description of Alliant Mobile Banking

The Alliant Mobile Banking App makes it easy for you to manage your finances on the go, with only the tap of a finger. It’s quick, convenient and all-around smarter banking! Tap. Bank. Smile.

Use your existing Alliant Online Banking login to get started or, if you’re a first time user, create your login credentials right from the mobile banking app.

Use the Alliant Mobile Banking App to:

• Deposit checks instantly

• Securely check account balances and view recent banking activity

• See transaction history, including credit card transactions

• Transfer money between accounts and set up external accounts

• Report cards lost or stolen with our tap-to-call feature

• Pay monthly bills and set up new payees

• Find ATMs in our 80,000 surcharge-free network as well as ATMs that accept deposits

• Create, receive and respond to secure messages

• Keep track of your finances via powerful personal financial management tool

Highlighted mobile app features include:

• Fingerprint authentication. Log in to the banking app with the touch of a finger

• Balance preview. View your balance prior to logging in.

• Customization. Easily reorder your accounts

• Built-in help. Find the answers you need instantly


Alliant Mobile Banking works with devices using Android 5.0+

Transfer Limits

• Checking accounts: There are no limits on the number of transfers you can make in a calendar month.

• Savings accounts: You can make up to six total transfers to another account or a third party in a calendar month per federal regulations. We may refuse or reverse a transfer that exceeds these limits; we may also assess fees, suspend or close your account.


All transactional data is encrypted and no sensitive account information is stored on your mobile device.


• Location permissions are needed to determine your location in order to find ATMs.

• Camera permissions are needed to deposit checks.


Deposit limits and other restrictions apply. Alliant’s Mobile Check Deposit Service is subject to eligibility. Some features are available for eligible members and accounts only. There is no charge from Alliant to use the mobile app, but message and data rates may apply.

Surcharge-free ATMs include: Alliant-owned ATMs and ATMs that are part of the Alliance One, Allpoint, CO-OP Network, Credit Union 24, CU Here and Publix Presto networks. Transactions performed at other ATMs may be subject to the ATM owner’s surcharge fee. Not all ATMs accept deposits.

All deposits are subject to the Alliant Credit Union’s Funds Availability Policy. Refer to Alliant’s Account Agreement and Disclosures for more information. Please retain your check for 90 days before destroying.

Contact Us


800-328-1935 (24/7)


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User Reviews


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The Poet 2020-07-02

This is app is constantly breaking down one way or another. Mutliple accounts have been listed as one so I couldn\'t properly transfer, its down weekly for updates, the account numbers are listed incorrectly and now for some reason my transaction history is just not there. You would think an online only bank would have better software than normal ones but this is the worst banking app I\'ve ever used.
Naa Marteki Reed 2019-09-21

Changing my five star review to a two star one, since it\'s impossible to do mobile deposits under Android 10. It tries to use the front facing selfie camera, then the whole app crashes. Great bank and app otherwise, but this is not the level of software quality I expect as a long-time member of Alliant (and someone who works in IT).
Allen Keys 2019-02-24

This is probably one of the most useful banking apps out there. Almost everything i can do online can be done in the app. I only wish they had a better bill pay system with electronic payments instead of mailed payments.
Joseph Brassard 2021-01-22

Mobile Deposit is abysmal. Really the only reason I have the app at all! It always fails. Literally always. I have a Pixel 5 phone, fully up to date, and the difficulty in taking two simple pictures is astonishing. \"The back of the check is too light!\" What the hell does this even mean? Checks are written on white paper! I tried it on a pure black surface and it still didn\'t work. When I try to retake just the back photo...it forces you to retake both! Why on earth? I had no idea it was asking for the \"front\" photo because I had tapped on the back photo, and instead I snapped a photo of the back when it was asking for the front. Hilariously, it didn\'t complain about the check being \"too light\" in this case. Lesson learned: never deposit checks with Alliant. Ally Bank gets all my new funds from now on. Incredible how poorly designed this is. The auto capture doesn\'t work right, the flash doesn\'t work right. For some reason it won\'t just TAKE the damn photo. This is technology that\'s a decade old at this point! tl;dr: buggy and frustrating. Ally Bank\'s app works with no problems, ever. Alliant\'s app has problems every single time I open it.
Mark Cline 2018-06-17

They have fixed the prompt for fingerprint login. It now pops up automatically when enabled. Still can\'t access the ATM locator unless you\'re logged in, or have balance preview enabled. If I\'m driving and want someone to find an ATM for me I don\'t particularly want them seeing my bank balance. It used to be outside of the login, I don\'t understand why it can\'t be now. Overall, a really great app. Everything works really well.
Drew Gorman 2019-09-23

Not sure if it\'s android 10 or a new app version, but the app crashes quite a bit, especially when trying to do mobile deposit.
Evan Coverdill 2021-01-23

The most recent changes to this app have caused it to be even slower than it already was. Transfers aren\'t immediately noticable like they were before. The app keeps disabling my biometric login because it\'s saying my fingerprints have been changed (which they haven\'t). One of the largest credit unions in the country should have some developers that know what they are doing.
Riannon Delanoy 2019-12-16

The mobile deposit has been very hit and miss over the years and that\'s 80% of the reason I have this app at all. No telling if it\'s going to actually deposit, or force the pictures of the check to be out of focus, or just refuse to take pictures at all. Extremely frustrating.
Melissa Greenwald 2018-06-06

Going on a week of not being able to deposit checks on my Android phone. When I called customer service they acted like this was my issue alone. Obviously based on these reviews and a message I later received from you on Facebook others are having the same problem. With a bank that has very few physical locations this app feature isn\'t a nice-to-have but a must have. If this isn\'t fixed by the end of the week you\'re losing our business altogether. I\'ve never had a problem like this with other banks. Hours of my time wasted.
Drew Evans 2020-07-02

I really enjoy the layout of the app as well as the customer service over the phone. However, the app crashes constantly. I reinstalled the app multiple times to no avail. Please fix this issue. It is very irritating. If the crash issue gets fixed I will change my review to five stars. Thank you.