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Description of Almost a Hero — Idle RPG

Want to be a hero? The one who saves the world? The bravest knight of all knights? Well, then this game is not for you.

We have heroes. Almost. The ones who try to battle, to defeat enemies and be brave. Almost.

What will you have if you dare to join the Almost a Hero team?

⚡ Evolve deeply flawed and emotionally broken characters. We have a bold blonde, a night thief, a rich goblin and a granny. Everyone needs a granny, right?

⚡ Turn absolute zeroes into slightly good heroes. Who knows maybe one day they will save the world?

⚡ Enjoy huge, thrilling boss battles. Adventure mode, seasons, mysterious gates of GoG and more!

⚡ Adopt pets. This cute poisonous spider? Why not!

⚡ Develop ancient magics. Our alchemist has some powerful artifacts for you.

⚡ Get killed a lot. What? It’s an idle RPG game.

Want to discuss your almost victories? Join us on social media and let’s see what you have:

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/AlmostAHero/

Discord: https://discord.gg/almostahero

Twitter: https://twitter.com/almostaherogame

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lable: Role Playing - Games Current Version:5.0.2 Publish Date:2022-01-15 Developer:Deca_Games

User Reviews


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Jonathon Corey 2020-10-23

I give up, wasted my $ and time. The game end up feeling like work after a few days. Extra point for great art style and audio design, but too many parts of the game simply aren\'t fun. The longer you play the more frustrating the grind! Cursed Gates are terrible, devs artificially create difficulty, limit resources and nerf abilities. The game is devoid of any strategy and possess almost zero player interaction. Do not play this game!
Xavier Noé 2020-05-22

Dear reader, If you\'re in the market for an active idle-clicker I can recommend this one. They keep things interesting, I\'ve not yet felt stuck and \'forced\' to buy microtransactions and the prices are fair if you do decide to get something. PS: The ADS are also quite sparse. This is the first mobile game in years that I\'ve felt was worth my time to give a review and 5 stars. Good luck.
Cailyn Whitney 2020-09-14

I\'ve been playing this off and on for over two years and still enjoy it. They update the content enough to keep it interesting, the animations are endearing, and I\'ve never once felt I -needed- to pay for anything to advance. They provide ample opportunities to get game currency through watching ads, but the ads aren\'t forced on you. It\'s a true idle game, you can invest attention into it as desired without worrying about losing rewards because you didn\'t log in. Truly, props to the entire team.
Rafael Salazar 2020-05-17

It\'s a great game, i just wish i could do anything else other than just plainly assigning heroes, rings, trinkets, etc., I wish i could do more. It was fun and addictive at first to be honest, but when i reached level 4000, the game went harder and has less access to upgrade which made it even harder, i wish there was another element to this game for me to acquire resources without having to wait longer and play too hard levels.
Josh Parkinson 2019-09-17

Easily the best game on mobile. There are micro-transactions, but the game gives you so much free stuff that they\'re completely unnecessary. The heroes are all unique and can be levelled, upgraded and combined in loads of different ways. Really deep and fun game. Devs are pretty quick with big fixes and they\'re few and far between (see their reply :)))))
Connor Robertson 2019-05-05

One of the best idle games I\'ve ever played. It has tons of unlocks and the characters are all very distinct from one another. Voice acting is fairly good for a mobile game though one or two could have been way better such as \'V\' who delivers lines with little to no emotion. I\'m usually bored of mobile games after a few days but I\'ve been on this for a few weeks now. Cleared all the time challenges and now trying to clear the Gates of Gog. it\'s very fair too
Tiffany Clark 2020-11-04

It\'s so rare to find a game you don\'t have to pay to advance and yet are still thoroughly entertained. The ads are 100% optional, unlike most games, and also supply you with needed/wanted items. Each character has their own perks that blend well with one another. Every time you hit a milestone, which again-don\'t need to pay to play-you get ridiculously helpful rewards, too. Wendle, Nanna, and Handsum Jim are my favorites so far!
Mark Schroeder 2019-03-30

Lower Rating because support told me I shouldn\'t be having a problem. Again great game if starting from scratch, but totally screwed over previous players with the new update by taking away artifacts without a way to level new ones and not awarding new quest rewards for in game currency to supplement the loss. So frustrating to have to grind all over again just to get to the level the game thinks I should be.
Walking Marshmallow 2020-05-22

this cartoony little game deserved another shot, and its much easier to progress and just keep going at it, and evolving your heros is a good thing to build up to. EDIT: i\'ve been playing this game everyday since this review, and i just want to say that this is still great, i\'ve been grinding for my heros, and they\'ve been doing great. this game doesn\'t lose its sense of replay value.
Joshua Vega 2018-12-24

Absolutely love the game. Everything about it is awesome, the concept of misfit heros is especially cool. I want to see this game have more charicters and rings tho, like a succubus or a siren that changed sides from bad to good or maby a valintines special ring that charms enemys to fight for you for a short while. Anyway, love the game, having a wonderful experience playing it, and merry Christmas, since its Christmas eve when im writing this.