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Description of Alpha Guns 2

Welcome to the future, metal soldier!

Our Hero Max is back, the long-awaited sequel of Alpha guns is here with a lot more exciting levels including various types of enemies and strong bosses. Be careful though, the enemies and bosses have got some serious new equipment.

In this metal shooting game, the enemies and bosses are all around and you are an alpha soldier who has to protect everyone from this major mayhem!

Game Features :

+ Classic arcade gameplay

+ Challenging levels & addictive game-play.

+ Lots of bosses and tanks to fight.

+ Easy to use smooth control scheme.

+ Amazing graphics, cool music and sound.

+ Classic action game.

What is Alpha Guns 2 all about?

Alpha Guns 2 comes among the top platform shooting games and action adventure games, where you are a Contra soldier named Max who has to save the Earth from extinction! And how will you do that? By using machine guns, enemy chaser, wide guns, metal slug, and so much more!

You will deal with different armed enemies in this metal shooting game, so shoot them down before they come close to you with your heavy machine guns, wide guns, metal slug, and much more! Remember one thing contra soldier, pick up guns on your way to get additional ammo!

This metal shooter game has an action-packed world war gameplay, which is easy to learn but tough to master!

Try to compete with other players on the leaderboard and with achievements to show everyone who is the best.

Be a hero and save the world in Alpha Guns 2 where you can jump and shoot all the various enemies like tanks, drones, powerful bosses, sentries, and much more. They have many weapons that they can use such as shotguns, grenades, rocket launchers, laser guns, and other dangerous weapons.

Use special powers such as an airstrike, heavy machine gun drone, light machine gun drone, and syringes which make you immortal for the duration. Switch your weapons and carry multiple powerful weapons like a Chaser gun, Phoenix machine gun, Nuclear blaster, Weapon X and more to continue the fight as a mini militia!

With original missions to explore and many achievements to complete you will always have a new challenge waiting for you. The game is very easy to play and is completely FREE! It can also be played offline when necessary. While being a mini militia we can provide good support in the war!

One of the best action games for Android with metal slug! If you love action adventure games then Alpha Guns 2 will suit you best! As it comes among the top action games on Android!

Be the force of a mini militia and protect the world against dangerous foes.

Download this metal shooter game and put an end to this major mayhem happening around!

Note: More Updates coming soon

Contact us on support@renderedideas.com if you need any help!

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More Information Of Alpha Guns 2

lable: Action - Games Current Version:11.1.0 Publish Date:2021-10-21 Developer:Rendered Ideas

User Reviews


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Raj Baridun 2020-09-21

Adding 1 more star as developers are very responsive, but below issue in Mission 3-2 is still there. Overall game is fine, easy to move forward with the levels. Game\'s current issue is in mission 3-2 where if you defeat second last flying mecha without crossing cactus then final boss doesn\'t appear, instead hero is faced with non-stop air strike with no way to end it but just quit the level. Could you please fix that issue in game.
B uNEXPECTED 2020-07-13

Game is excellent.. but the only and main thing is that its sound problem.. it loses its sound frequently when a new level come ups and this irritates and makes sad.. without sound effects game is not that much enjoyable.. please fix it and also try to make the game completely offline. Also enlarge the size of the character a bit and the game is then rock!
Sashwata Kayal 2021-02-01

This game is really awesome. The controls are simple, yet with varieties. There is a wide range of guns but I see no point in using melee weapons😅😅. Also, it improves our reflexes which I really like. Also, the guns can be easily bought and it\'s not like other games where you have to pay real money to buy guns. Overall love this app ❤️👌 P.S. Only con is that doesn\'t have multiplayer mode. Make sure to make it available ASAP.
Daniel C 2020-10-14

Gamepad dead zone is too tight. I tried a few gamepads and they work but the joystick has to be exactly in the middle or the character will move around without touching the joystick. If possible make the deadzone a little bigger so it\'s not so sensitive. ( using Xbox one S gamepad )
Gabriel S. 2020-05-20

Really cool, love the weapons and the interaction with vehicles and various lifts and levers in the game. Only sucky thing is the price of EVERYTHING! Seriously, I\'m not EVER gonna spend $8 for a gun in a phone game that will probably be uninstalled as soon as something better comes along. Sorry, but that\'s truth. For all y\'all that have it like that spend away, cause in this game you will.
Enan Louise 2020-07-26

Great action platform game. It keeps the player engrossed and having to be alert, as there\'s multiple enemies and giant robots to shoot and blow up, with the variety of weaponry available. 😁
A Google user 2021-02-15

Alpha Guns 2 is a fantastic game. Great graphics, simple controls and awesome game play. The levels and enemies are visually stunning and creative. I downloaded this game on an Android based GPD XD+ and it runs beautifully. Mapping the controls to the thumbstick and buttons was really easy. Rendered Ideas did an incredible job with this game.
Jackie Chan fan 2020-11-17

Very very awesome game, the game which remind you your child hood, it is like contra that we use to play but lot easier than to play with very good graphics and very enjoy able with not so Long stages, love this game
Shubham Bishoyi 2020-10-24

It\'s very good game and graphics are so good. It would be more better if more levels will be added and more characters will be added to this game and please don\'t do business keep some hard tasks or events do obtain gold.
Ali Adel 2020-09-10

this game is cool what i most like about it is that you can play it with a game pad but if tried to use a game pad you will be able to do everything but you will not able to shoot yes you will not be able to shoot so you can\'t really use a game pad but other than that its awesome i give it 5 stars # ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐