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Altimeter (offline true altitude above sea level)



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Description of Altimeter (offline true altitude above sea level)

Altimeter is an handy Android application allowing you to get true altitude above sea level (MSL) at your current location or any location on earth. It requires access to your device location to get raw altitude from the GPS signal. True altitude above mean sea level is determined using EGM96 Earth Gravitational Model. Main features are :

• No network required (works offline and in flight mode)

• True altitude above sea level (AMSL using EGM96)

• Use Barometer or GPS Satellite

• Address at current location

• Save altitude at location

• Altitude accuracy estimation

• Horizontal accuracy estimation

• Altitude at any location

• Pick location on a Map

• Open photo geotags to display associated altitude

• Search for a location by name or address

• Universal Transverse Mercator coordinates (UTM)

• Military Grid Reference System coordinates (MGRS)

• Home screen widget to display altitude at current position

Network access is required to get the altitude of a location picked from the map.

Height above mean sea level (AMSL) is the elevation (on the ground) or altitude (in the air) of an object, relative to the average sea level datum. Normal GPS elevation considers the entire Earth as an ellispoid and differences up to 100 metres (328 feet) can exist between this ellipsoid height and true mean tidal height. The alternative, which is what we use in Altimeter PRO, is a geoid-based vertical datum such as the global EGM96 model.

Altitude vertical accuracy is defined at 68% confidence. Specifically, as 1-side of the 2-sided range above and below the estimated altitude reported, within which there is a 68% probability of finding the true altitude.


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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:3.3.3 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:PixelProse SARL

User Reviews


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Mike Davidson 2020-02-15

I wrote down the longitude, latitude and the altitude of several different places and went back and rechecked them and they all read within a couple of feet of what they did the last time. This is a great tool when used when racing your motorcycle in the mountains with much varying altitudes you can make a quick fuel air ratio change in a straight away and consistently win the races with full power while the competition grows quite weak as the elevation rises. This seems to be a very good app!!
Bob Ricci 2020-07-24

I don\'t buy applications from people that won\'t show me what I get by paying extra. I\'ve been a programmer for 40 years. I started with shareware - something you\'re not even familiar with. Shareware then became crippled where were the main features were turned off - something you are familiar with. Either show us a features and limit the number of times they may be used or you don\'t get my money. As it is you only need three satellites to get my location in five to get elevation. Get it right.
PiroChu 2020-07-07

Clean and simple in doing what it is intended to do, without additional extra junky features too clutter - just what I wanted. (It\'d be even better for me, if both feet & meter info was displayed together right there on main page, or at least having an easy-tap/toggle switch on right main page, instead of burried in Settings.)
Tom Spowart 2020-08-15

No bad but seems to measure altitude by position rather than actual altitude. It returns the same altitude at the bottom of a very steep, hlgh hill as out does at the top. I don\'t really know how to overcome this problem unless satellite measurements could be used. I know that can be done but at what cost??
Ryan Ogle 2020-02-29

No ads is awesome !! Seems very accurate, L&A adjusts as you move around and checked good against my Garmin. I cant see the address at bottom but that might be my screen settings ? Keep the Simple, easy to read/use, & NO AD apps coming !!
Utisz Reza 2020-06-26

I was hesitant to even try it. But we hike in the mountains a lot so I was tempted and went ahead. Very pleased with it so far. And yes it is accurate. There is a brass placque at the peak with the altitude. Yes same as the app within 6 feet. Good enough for me. I rate it 5 stars.
Francisc Neagu 2020-07-16

On a small mountain top, there was a landmark on which was written the altitude. Also, that peak is described on wikipedia with the same altitude as on the mark. The application indicates 100 m less... Throughout the hike, my application indicates a significantly lower altitude than the others
Jay Yarm 2020-02-09

Does exactly what it promises. No maps, just altitude, address and coordinates. Like that it shows the error range. I live very near the coast, and both my Garmin GPS and my phone apps always read 5-20 feet BELOW sea level when I\'m safe on dry land - this app matches reality!
Doug Willard 2020-03-28

I feel like it\'s pretty accurate, we were on the Blue Ridge Parkway and would stop at the overlooks and it was usually within 50 or 100 feet of the posted signs, assuming those are accurate. Fun app
Berny Montgomery 2020-12-28

I like others have had other altimeter apps. This one is the most accurate one I have tried. Really like the extra features that the others don\'t !